The Best Tools to Schedule YouTube Shorts

The concept of short-form video content has taken social media quickly, and YouTube Shorts is one of the most popular ones. YouTube Shorts are captivating, vertical videos under 60 seconds, designed to compete directly with TikTok and Reels.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface for creating and editing short videos, complete with fun features like music, filters, and text overlays.  But YouTube Shorts goes beyond just entertainment. It leverages the immense reach of the YouTube platform, allowing creators to tap into a massive existing audience. But with the pressure to stay consistent and deliver fresh content, creators face a challenge: maintaining a regular posting schedule.

Here’s where a YouTube Shorts scheduler comes in. These tools streamline your workflow, allowing you to pre-schedule your videos and ensure consistent engagement. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or a newcomer to the short-form game, a scheduler can be a game-changer.

So, let’s look at our list of the top YouTube Shorts schedulers and discover the perfect tool to elevate your short-form video strategy!

1. Circleboom:


Circleboom is a comprehensive and intuitive social media management platform that offers robust scheduling capabilities for YouTube Shorts. Schedule your videos in advance, add captions, and even manage comments – all from one central hub.

Circleboom not only lets you schedule your Tweets, Instagram Reels, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Posts but also boasts advanced analytics to track video performance and optimize your content strategy.

Circleboom’s Trustpilot Score is 3.8*


Circleboom Publish plans start at $24.99/m, for 5 social accounts.

2. Sendible:


Sendible focuses on simplifying social media management for agencies and businesses. Its user-friendly interface lets you schedule YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos in seconds. Sendible also offers bulk scheduling, social listening tools, and team collaboration features for a streamlined workflow.

Sendible’s Trustpilot Score is 3.6*


Sendible plans start at $29/m, for 1 user.

3. MavSocial:


MavSocial caters to social media teams and agencies, offering comprehensive scheduling and management solutions for various platforms, including YouTube Shorts. Schedule your content, collaborate with team members, and track performance metrics – all within the MavSocial platform.

MavSocial has no reviews on Trustpilot.


MaavSocial plans start at $29/m, for 1 user.


Publer is a social media management tool with a user-friendly design, perfect for both beginners and experienced creators. Schedule your YouTube Shorts effortlessly, add captions and thumbnails, and even schedule the first comments to spark discussion. also offers engagement tools and analytics to track your progress.

Publer’s Trustpilot Score is 4.9*


Publer’s unlimited starts at $35/m, for 5 social accounts.

5. Zoho Social:

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is another feature-rich social media management platform for businesses and teams. It allows you to schedule YouTube Shorts, manage other social media accounts, and collaborate with team members. Zoho Social offers social listening tools, engagement features, and detailed analytics for a comprehensive social media solution.

Zoho’s Trustpilot Score is 4.3*


Zoho’s YouTube scheduling is included only in its Premium plan which costs $70  per month.

6. Loomly:


Loomly is a visual social media management platform that allows you to create a visual calendar of your content. Schedule your YouTube Shorts, visualize your posting schedule, and collaborate with your team. Loomly also offers built-in Canva integration for easy video editing and graphic creation within the platform.

Loomly’s Trustpilot Score is 3.7*


MaavSocial plans start at $42/m.

7. Later:


Known for its Instagram scheduling features, Later now offers YouTube Shorts scheduling as well. Upload your videos, set your publishing date and time, and even schedule your first comment to encourage engagement. Later also offers analytics to track video performance and identify areas for improvement.

Later’s Trustpilot Score is 2.0*


Later plans start at $25/m for 1 social set.

8. Buffer:


Buffer is a popular social media management platform with a user-friendly interface. Schedule your YouTube Shorts content, manage other social media accounts, and track performance metrics. Buffer is for beginners and small businesses looking for a straightforward scheduling solution.

Buffer’s Trustpilot Score is 2.6*


Buffer plans start at $30/m for 5 social accounts.

9. Hootsuite:


Hootsuite is a powerful social media management platform used by large businesses and agencies. Schedule your YouTube Shorts alongside other social media content, manage multiple accounts, and collaborate with your team. Hootsuite offers advanced features like social listening, brand monitoring, and detailed analytics for a comprehensive social media strategy.

Hootsuite’s Trustpilot Score is 2.1*


Hootsuite plans start at $107/m for 10 social accounts.

10. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another social media management platform built for agencies and large enterprises. It allows you to schedule YouTube Shorts, manage all your social media accounts, collaborate with your team, and track performance. Sprout Social offers social listening, engagement tools, and in-depth analytics for a data-driven approach to social media marketing.

Sprout Social’s Trustpilot Score is 2.1*


Sprout Social plans start at $249/m for 5 social accounts.

Choosing the Right YouTube Shorts Scheduler

The ideal YouTube Shorts scheduler for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Features: Do you need only basic scheduling or advanced features like social listening and analytics?
  • Platform compatibility: Does the tool support various platforms besides YouTube Shorts?
  • Pricing: Does the tool fit your budget? Most platforms offer free plans with limited features and paid plans with additional functionalities.

Final Words

In conclusion, YouTube Shorts allows creators to tap into the short-form video trend while leveraging the established reach and features of the YouTube platform. It’s a chance to reach new audiences, build stronger communities, and unlock new avenues for monetization. By leveraging a YouTube Shorts scheduler, you can free up your time for content creation and focus on engaging with your audience.

Explore our options, evaluate their functionalities, and discover the perfect tool to propel your short-form video strategy to new heights! Remember, consistency and quality are key to success on YouTube Shorts.

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