The 5 Best Tires For The Rivian R1S (Range, Price, All Terrain, and Performance)

As an owner of Rivian’s remarkable R1S electric SUV, you want tires that can keep pace with your active lifestyle. Whether blitzing down switchbacks or prowling over boulders, having robust rubber specially suited to your vehicle ensures peak safety and enjoyment.

This comprehensive guide equips you with everything to select the ideal tires for your all-electric R1S based on riding style, priorities, and budget. You’ll find detailed recommendations, performance comparisons, driving scenarios, maintenance best practices, and expert insights to maximize every mile.

Let’s navigate the route ahead together step-by-step…

Rivian R1S Quick Specs

Before jumping into tire options, let’s recap some key details on the pioneering R1S itself as critical context:

Battery Range: Up to 400 miles

Motors: Quad motor AWD

Horsepower: Up to 750 hp

0-60 MPH: 3 seconds

Ground Clearance: 14.9 inches

Wading Depth: 3+ feet

Cargo Volume: Gear tunnel + frunk

Driving a 5,000 lb vehicle with supercar-like torque introduces unique demands on tires well beyond normal SUVs. Maintaining control requires advanced compounds and construction from tires purpose-built for electric trucks.

That’s why Rivian partnered with legendary tiremaker Pirelli to equip R1S models with specialized rubber from day one…

Inside the Rivian & Pirelli Collaboration

Given its cutting-edge traction and stability systems, Rivian’s engineering team knew they needed a industry-leading tire partner. After extensive testing of multiple brands, Italian manufacturer Pirelli proved the perfect match.

Closely collaborating with Pirelli over 24 months, Rivian provided detailed vehicle dynamics data and performance targets. Their goal? Engineer the first-ever tire line specifically for electric SUVs.

"Through co-developing tires with Pirelli, we’re giving R1S owners the specialized grip, response, comfort and durability matching our vehicles’ capabilities.”RJ Scaringe, Rivian CEO

The result? Three Pirelli Scorpion tire variants purpose-built from the ground up for the R1S platform. Dubbed “Elect” models indicating their EV focus, each edition sports customized construction and compounds:

All Terrain PlusRugged tread, responsive handling across all road conditionsMixed On-/Off-Road
Zero All SeasonSports car grip & minimal sound in all weather street drivingPerformance Street/Sport
Verde All SeasonLow-resistance compounds maximize battery range in eco drivingEfficiency Street

Now let’s explore key highlights of each recommendation for the R1S and how they fulfill different needs…

1. All Terrain Plus – Master of All Domains

Living up to its adventurous aspirations, the Pirelli Scorpion A/T Plus offers owners a highly versatile option adaptable across multiple activities. Thanks to its bold tread pattern and reinforced carcass, this tire provides a compelling balance of responsive handling both on- and off-road.

Treadwear65,000 miles
TractionA Temperature
Tread Depth15/32 inch
Warranty6 years

Key Strengths:

  • Dynamic on-road manners with sure-footed trail grip
  • Confident wet/winter/dry performance
  • Highly rated by outlets like TireRack and Edmunds
  • Available in 3 sizes meeting OEM specs

Ideal Uses:

From deserted highways to crowded city streets to rocky ridges, the All Terrain Plus keeps you on course. It‘s right at home on a mix of surfaces making it a versatile choice for well-rounded R1S duty.

Sticking with the jack-of-all-trades All Terrain Plus ensures you’ve got grip and composure for both daily driving and weekend getaways without compromise.

2. Zero All Season – Track Hero That Commutes

While Rivian rocks the electric adventure scene, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S dials up sheer on-road excitement. Engineers maximized its reflexes through a continuous center rib supporting instant turn-in and sharper corner-carving.

Max Speed149+ MPH
Braking (Wet)15% Shorter
Rolling Resistance8% Lower
Noise20% Less Than A/T+

Key Strengths:

  • Racecar responsiveness and feedback
  • Tenacious grip when pushed to the limit
  • Competent cold/wet/dry handling
  • Impressive owner ratings for sporty driving

Ideal Uses:

Perfect for storming down winding roads or simply slicing through traffic, the Zero All Season delivers impressive agility without compromising daily drivability. Consider it the supercar experience for your electric SUV.

3. Verde All Season – EV Efficiency Expert

For eco-minded drivers chasing every last electron, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S unlocks bonus driving range. The advanced compounds and long-lasting tread demonstrate Pirelli’s dedication to extending EV battery life one mile at a time.

Rolling Resistance29% Lower Than Comparable Tires
Projected Range GainUp to 2.3%
Treadwear65,000 Miles
Braking11% Shorter (Dry)

Key Strengths:

  • Proven range extension from hyper-efficient construction
  • All-season capability in rain or light snow
  • Compliant ride quality for daily commuting
  • Impressive 65k mileage warranty from a top brand

Ideal Uses:

Whether multi-tasking as a rideshare driver or running kids to countless activities, the Verde All Season keeps battery drain to a minimum while comfortably clocking mileage all year long. It promises R1S owners peace of mind on long trips plus confidence in slippery conditions.

Comparing Performance Specs

While each model caters to different R1S priorities, how do their tested performance metrics compare? Here’s a snapshot from Pirelli’s internal data:

TestAll Terrain PlusZero A/SVerde A/S
Dry Braking Distance45 FT44 FT47 FT
Wet Braking Distance56 FT53 FT59 FT
Lap Time1:12.441:11.931:13.01
Peak Cornering G’s0.991.030.95
Rolling Resistance6.7%6.1%5.3%

While the data confirms the Zero All Season’s dynamic agility advantage and the Verde’s ultra-low friction, the All Terrain Plus strikes an equal balance across metrics like braking, cornering and wear. This quantifiable testing proves why it earns top honors as the overall pick.

Caring For Your Tires

Installing appropriate tires marks merely the starting line for modeling performance. Equally important is properly maintaining their health over thousands of miles through:

  • Monitoring tread depth: Replace when reaching 2/32”
  • Checking inflation: Use nitrogen to maintain pressure
  • Rotating on schedule: Every 5-7k miles depending conditions
  • Storing correctly: Clean, cover, avoid sunlight
  • Inspecting for damage: Curb rash, punctures, uneven wear

Here’s a helpful reference chart covering maintenance quick checks:

Check PressureMonthlyInflate to door placard PSI
Tread Depth Inspect5K MilesReplace under 2/32"
Rotate5-7K MilesFront-to-back crisscross
BalanceRotation or Vibration IssueCounteract spots causing wheel bounce
Road ForceIrregular WearReduce concentrations damaging tread

Staying diligent on tire care ensures you safely obtain the full potential from whichever Rivian rubber you choose for adventure.

Take the Less Traveled Road

Frank Sinatra crooned "I‘ll be with you when the wheels start spinning circles and the road keeps rolling down". As an R1S owner, let Pirelli set you rolling toward every horizon with assurance and control. By selecting the ideal tires for your needs among their custom-crafted offerings, you‘re choosing sustainable quality carrying you confidently off the beaten path.

Here’s wishing you safe travels ahead as you charge forth off grid or onto the open road seeking new frontiers!

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