Hello North Dakota! Your Definitive Guide to Going Solar and Slashing Electric Bills

As an experienced solar analyst tracking renewable energy markets across the U.S., I want to commend you for considering solar in North Dakota – a state with abundant solar potential that only continues getting more cost-competitive each year thanks to growing incentives.

This definitive guide provides everything you need to capitalize on North Dakota‘s solar revolution. We‘ll survey the state solar landscape, breakdown what to look for in an installer, and reveal the 5 best solar companies to help North Dakotans like you lower energy bills while supporting broader climate goals.

North Dakota Poised for Solar Boom

While North Dakota has historically lagged leading solar states, market dynamics are shifting fast. According to 2020 data from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), North Dakota currently ranks:

  • 13th nationally in technical solar energy potential
  • 36th nationally in solar installed per capita

This leaves massive room for growth. North Dakota averages 200+ sunny days yearly and most regions receive 4.5-6.5 peak sun hours daily – making solar a technically and economically viable clean energy source.

Favorable policy trends and incentives also boost the case for solar:

  • Added net metering options enable customers to redeem surplus solar energy as bill credits
  • State solar tax rebates up to $5,000 further reduce payback periods
  • The federal solar tax credit offers 26% system cost reductions through 2032

Consequently, over 8,600 North Dakota homes have already installed solar – capacity is doubling annually. By 2026, the SEIA expects over 250 megawatts of cumulative solar capacity. As these adopters reap the rewards, interest in solar electrical generation can only continue accelerating across North Dakota.

Just How Much Can North Dakotans Save by Going Solar?

North Dakota Average Electricity Costs: $0.11/kWh

According to 2021 data from EnergySage, the cost of solar in North Dakota ranges from $2.30-3.60 per watt. For a typical 6 kilowatt residential system, that equates to $13,800-$21,600 before tax credits and rebates.

Factoring available incentives, including:

  • 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • North Dakota State Solar Rebate
  • Utility Rebate

Out-of-pocket installation costs calculate to $8,000-$14,000.

These systems in North Dakota can produce 7500-9000 kWh of electricity from the sun annually, meeting 50-90% of the average home‘s needs. Assuming the current ~$0.11/kWh utility electricity rate, solar adopters can thus slash annual bills by $800-1,000 through zero-emissions energy.

Accounting for system lifetimes (25-30 years), total North Dakota solar savings range from $36,000-$54,000 – not to mention the hedge against rising utility costs.

Given installation outlays of $8,000-$14,000 after incentives, solar systems pay for themselves in under 10 years and deliver 20+ years of free renewable power.

As positive economics make solar ever more compelling, North Dakota electrical generation could feasibly turn majority solar within 20 years. But solar is about more than just the bottom line – it advances climate action and energy independence. The choice is clear – solar provides a win-win-win for household budgets, communities and the planet.

Now let‘s move on to examine what to look for in a leading North Dakota solar installer capable of seamlessly planning and activating your money-saving home solar system.

Choosing the Best North Dakota Solar Company: What to Look For

While payback periods are accelerating across North Dakota‘s maturing solar market, realizing projected savings hinges on choosing the right installation partner. Be an informed buyer – not all solar companies are equal when it comes to trustworthiness, technical capabilities and quality of service.

I advise North Dakota residents to carefully evaluate prospective solar partners across five key benchmark criteria:

1. Demonstrated Solar Experience and Qualifications

This expanding industry attracts entrants lacking solar-specific expertise. Prioritize establishedinstallers with robust track records flawlessly executing projects comparable to yours in scope. Market veterans adeptly navigate intricacies like permitting, grid interconnection and component selection.

Verify core staff hold advanced NABCEP certification denoting non-profit-administered technical solar competency testing. Well-credentialed teams build systems delivering optimal safety, performance and ROI.

2. High-Efficiency Equipment

Solar modules (panels) directly transform sunlight into electrical current. High-efficiency panels (19-23% range) wring maximum energy from the sun, enhancing cost competiveness, especially in northern regions.

Similarly, microinverters tailor energy harvest from each panel while smart monitoring tools like Enphase Envoy enable granular production tracking and management.

Favor installers employing premium tier 1 equipment – it pays dividends over decades. Leading solar manufacturers include REC, LG, Panasonic and Sunpower.

3. Comprehensive Warranties

Reputable manufacturers back solar gear with 25-year performance guarantees, covering defects and deteriorating output. Meanwhile, workmanship warranties from installers protect against flaws in initial construction, like leaks or wiring issues.

Verify warranties meet industry standards, ensuring the best backup plan for your substantial solar investment.

4. Diverse Financing Options

While buying systems outright is simplest, solar loans and power purchase agreements (PPAs) spread costs over years to align with energy savings. The payoff timeline and structure fitting your budget depends on factors like system cost, electricity rates and goals.

Choose a solar provider offering flexible financing plans like:

  • Full purchase
  • Loans
  • PPAs
  • Leases

This allows tailoring solar acquisition to your economic situation.

5. Local Service and Support

While retaining periodic maintenance in-house, extensive repairs would necessitate technicians revisiting your property. Nearby operations enable faster response and lower fees. What‘s more, established local players better understand permitting nuances and utility requirements across North Dakota jurisdictions.

Now let‘s explore five exemplary solar companies checked against these benchmarks to simplify your vendor selection process.

The Top 5 Solar Installers in North Dakota

The following table summarizes core capabilities of our top 5 recommended solar providers in North Dakota across key purchasing criteria. Detailed profiles of each company then follow.

CompanyExperienceEquipmentWarrantiesPurchase OptionsService AreaWhy We Recommend
GenPro Energy Solutions15 years, 200+ partnersTier 1 panels, microinverters monitoringPerformance, workmanshipCash, Loans, PPAsStatewideTurnkey service, competitive pricing
Lightspring SolarSince 2017, 500+ installsHigh-efficiency panels, Enphase microinverters, Tesla Powerwalls25-year performanceCash, LoansStatewideLeading local solar + storage installer
SolarCity300,000+ installs nationally, A+ BBB ratingPremium panels, Tesla Powerwall integration25-year performance, 10-12 equipmentCash, Loans, PPAsRegionalTop quality equipment from national solar leader Tesla
Solar Energy World10,000+ installs, 25 years in businessPremium panels from REC, Hyundai etc. + microinverters25-year performance, 10+ equipmentCash, Loans, PPAsStatewideCustom designs perfectly tailored to your property
Sand Creek SolarHundreds of regional installs, prominent local presenceTier 1 Panels (REC, Hyundai), Enphase microinverters25-year performance, 10+ equipmentCash purchaseRegionalReputable local owner-operated company

Now let‘s look at key capabilities and strengths of each of these leading North Dakota solar professionals:

GenPro Energy Solutions

With over 15 years of solar experience and 200+ partners globally, GenPro Energy Solutions leverages immense expertise to deliver turnkey solar solutions to homeowners statewide. Having installed thousands of systems already, GenPro streamlines the transition to low-cost solar energy.

Customers praise GenPro‘s polished, attentive service and robust post-installation support. Their NABECP-certified technicians expertly incorporate high-caliber equipment into tailored systems maximizing energy independence. Ongoing monitoring and proprietary analytics provide actionable insights into system performance.

GenPro further stands apart through competitive pricing and financing flexibility – solar adopters can elect plans best aligning costs to energy savings, whether via:

  • Full purchase
  • Loans
  • PPAs

For North Dakotans seeking seamless solar energy cost savings backed by ironclad service guarantees from a large yet locally-focused solar expert, GenPro Energy Solutions is a premier selection.

Get Your Free Quote from Industry Leader GenPro

Lightspring Solar

Lightspring Solar meets North Dakota‘s unique solar challenges with customized solutions pairing sun-harnessed electrical generation with backup battery storage for continuous power supply. Founded in 2017, Lightspring already has over 500 installs demonstrating their technical design and implementation capabilities.

This local company offers premium equipment packages including high-efficiency solar modules from REC, Longi Solar and others paired with smart Enphase microinverters for maximum solar harvests. Where Lightspring truly shines is adding Tesla Powerwall batteries enabling power retention for overnight/outage usage – promoting rigorous energy resilience. Sophisticated yet user-friendly monitoring tools provide device status, usage statistics and control functions via mobile app.

Homeowners applaud Lightspring‘s punctual, tidy installation process and find the integrated solar solutions transformative for taking greater command over energy use/costs – even without grid power as backup batteries seamlessly kick in. Though batteries do add upfront price premiums, the long-term rewards manifest through continuous clean power utilization and insulation from blackouts.

For top-notch solar+storage solutions facilitating energy cost savings alongside elevated property resilience, Lightspring Solar is an outstanding choice to electrify your piece of North Dakota.

Connect with Leading Storage Integrator Lightspring Solar


Boasting over 300,000 solar projects spanning three decades nationwide, Tesla-owned solar giant solarCity is one of America‘s most recognized and reputable solar brands – now providing best-in-class renewable power solutions to North Dakota homes and businesses as well.

Through cutting-edge proprietary technologies and immense economies of scale as part of the Tesla ecosystem, solarCity delivers exceptional end-to-end value. Customers gain access to premium high-efficiency solar modules from proven manufacturers like REC, Panasonic and Sunpower engineered into robust systems by world-class designers. Expert local install teams handle on-site implementation while 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting leverages national oversight capabilities.

Where solarCity truly differentiates is via integrated Powerwall home batteries from Tesla allowing collected solar energy storage for continuous usage, including overnight and during outages. This solar+storage combination unlocks maximum savings and resilience. National solar leader Tesla also boasts strong financing options including cash purchases, loans and PPAs.

For North Dakotans seeking the premium equipment, sophisticated innovation and exceptional support representative of one of America‘s elite renewable energy providers, solarCity empowers low-cost, high-quality solar independence.

Connect with Renewable Energy Trailblazer solarCity

Solar Energy World

Counting over 10,000 flawless system installations coast-to-coast and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Solar Energy World delivers bankable customer solar success – now available to North Dakotans courtesy of recent expanded regional operations. For over 25 years, Solar Energy World has designed and implemented high-ROI solar solutions uniquely customized to address the environmental dynamics, usage patterns and cost sensitivities of customer properties via premium equipment.

Solar Energy World‘s tailored North Dakota packages incorporate top-tier solar modules from proven manufacturers like REC, Hyundai and SolarWorld for maximum sunlight conversion efficiency and long-term reliability. Equipment know-how combines with granular on-site energy consumption metrics and infrastructure considerations collected by expert local energy advisors to inform system specifications – ensuring suitably sized solar installations delivering substantial, lasting bill reductions.

Solar Energy World customers praise the consultative yet streamlined solar activation process as well as responsive ongoing support. For North Dakotans seeking custom home or business solar solutions optimized by energy experts leveraging premium technology, Solar Energy World is a smart selection.

Contact Solar Tailoring Specialist Solar Energy World

Sand Creek Solar

Since forming over 15 years ago, North Dakota-based Sand Creek Solar has completed hundreds of regional solar deployments with rave reviews from homeowners around maximum return on investment. Sand Creek stands apart through extensive community relationships nurturing a robust understanding of localized solar electricity dynamics.

This tight regional focus translates to accountability in ensuring responsive service plus rapid repairs or troubleshooting if ever necessary down the line – no dealing with disconnected national call centers. Equipment-wise, Sand Creek utilizes workhorse components from leading brands like REC, Hyundai and Enphase tailored to North Dakota‘s variable climate conditions for resilient performance.

Customers highlight Sand Creek‘s strong front-end design consultations making best-fit solar recommendations accounting for home layouts and obstructions that could affect panel placements. For North Dakotans prioritizing community-focused solar guidance from a prominent regional industry veteran, Sand Creek is a stable choice.

Contact Local Solar Specialist Sand Creek

It‘s Time to Reap North Dakota‘s Solar Rewards!

I hope this guide has shown you why NOW is the time for North Dakotans to capitalize on-once-in a generation solar savings opportunities before incentives phase down and utility rates inevitably rise. With short payback periods, 25+ years of free renewable power generation and booming state market dynamics in your favor, going solar is truly a no-brainer with outstanding risk-adjusted returns.

The solar companies profiled herein offer proven expertise guiding North Dakota properties onto the solar expressway. I encourage you to reach out to your preferred options for quotes and assessments clarifying potential project parameters and economics. There are no obligations – but eye-opening revelations about achievable solar savings await!

Here‘s wishing you monumental energy cost savings and pride in leveraging your property to produce clean, renewable power for years to come. North Dakota‘s solar revolution is on – join it!

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