Hello Neighbor! Here‘s the Best Way to Save with Solar Power in Massachusetts

Interested in slashing your electricity bills while helping the environment? You‘re making a smart move researching solar power in our great state!

Installing solar panels allows typical Massachusetts homes to eliminate 85% or more of electric expenses over time. And thanks to generous state incentives, you can recoup panel purchase and installation costs in as little as 5-10 years.

Plus, with nearly 500 solar companies now operating in MA, you have ample options for finding the perfect fit. But who offers the best value in our corner of New England?

I‘ve done the research for you to spotlight the top 6 solar installers in MA based on experience, warranties, financing, pricing, and more. Read on to see who came out on top!

Overview of Featured Massachusetts Solar Companies

Before diving into the details, here‘s a snapshot of the stellar solar providers making the list:

CompanyLocationsYears in BusinessInstallations
Boston SolarMA, Southern NH20115,000+
Summit EnergyNortheast, South20094,500+
Solaris RenewablesMA, NH20102,100+
Future Energy SolarMA only20151,200+
Northeast SolarWestern MA20111,000+
All Energy SolarNew England, Midwest20097,600+

I spotlight what sets each company apart in the sections below. First, let‘s look at the solar landscape here in Massachusetts.

Solar Power is Booming in Massachusetts

While we don‘t have year-round sunshine, Massachusetts generates over 4,000 megawatts of solar power across the state. For comparison, that‘s six times more than New Hampshire produces.

We owe much credit to forward-thinking renewable energy initiatives in our state government. MA features strong net metering laws enabling solar homeowners to earn credits for excess power supplied to the grid. Sweetening the deal are generous financial incentives:

  • Save 26% off solar installation costs through federal tax credits
  • Slash expenses another 15% via MA state tax deductions up to $1,500

With the economics clearly favoring a switch to solar, over 125,000 MA homes now utilize solar panels, with many more expected to follow suit.

I‘ll explain below how partnering with a reputable local solar company makes it a smooth, rewarding process for your home too. First up…

1. Boston Solar: The Local Solar Powerhouse

With over 5,000 home solar power systems to their name so far, Boston Solar ranks among the most prominent installers serving MA residents.

In Business Since: 2011

Service Area: Most of Massachusetts + Southern NH

I recommend Boston Solar to neighbors thanks to:

✅ Free Consultations: Their solar experts will survey your home‘s conditions and energy needs in order to custom-design a solar system that‘s just right for you. This on-site analysis is invaluable.

✅ Top-Tier Warranties: Equipment like solar panels and inverters come with 25-year coverage. They also guarantee workmanship for 10 years – that‘s peace of mind!

✅ Flexible Payment Options: Buy your system outright or take advantage of their $0 down, low monthly solar loans. This makes going solar very budget-friendly.

Boston Solar earns bonus points for actively supporting the local community. They routinely participate in fundraising drives for ALS research. The company also spearheads solar accessibility campaigns to help more regional households make the switch.

Customer Experience

"Outstanding customer service from start to finish. Every person I dealt with took the time to answer all questions without making me feel rushed." – Jen S. from Lowell, MA

Clearly, you can count on Boston Solar for a smooth, rewarding home solar experience.

Let‘s check out another top option serving both MA residents and beyond…

2. Summit Energy: Premium Protection for Your Solar Investment

While headquartered locally in Mansfield, MA, Summit Energy has expanded operations across Northeastern and Southern states alike.

In Business Since: 2009

Service Area: MA, TX, SC, NH, more

What really sets Summit Energy apart is their generous system protection packages, including:

  • SolarInsure Advantage: Protects against weather and equipment-related repair expenses for up to 30 years. This covers items your homeowners insurance won‘t.

  • Enhanced Roof Warranties: Ensures any roof penetrations from solar panel installations remain sealed and watertight following project completion. This alleviates concerns over potential leaks down the road.

They also offer a tremendously helpful online Solar Savings Calculator. Just enter your address and Summit instantly provides a property analysis along with estimated solar savings custom-tailored to your home.

In a matter of minutes, you‘ll know precisely much money solar panels can save based on highly accurate simulations.

Customer Experience

"Our system produces more energy than we use! Plus Summit handles all our net metering paperwork with the power company." – Sam T. from Boston, MA

Through robust solar protection plans and digital tools simplifying the transition process, Summit Energy makes for a great choice to power up your largest household investment.

Let‘s head over to the North Shore now to visit award-winning solar provider Solaris Renewables…

3. Solaris Renewables: Premium Products & Customer Service

The premier solar installer based in Danvers, MA, Solaris Renewables holds distinctions as both our longest tenured company on this list while also the smallest in terms of overall projects completed. However, their 2,100+ solar systems installed to date certainly makes them plenty experienced for bringing reliable green energy solutions to your home.

In Business Since: 2010

Service Area: MA, NH

What truly sets them apart is commitment to:

⚡️Cutting-Edge Solar Equipment: Through partnerships with the solar industry‘s top manufacturers, Solaris installs premium panels and inverters for maximum productivity. Efficiency gains of 20% over standard products is achievable. This equates to bigger savings for you over time.

🔋 Lengthier Equipment Warranties: Their baseline coverage spans 25 years. But upgrading to high-efficiency equipment like Solaria panels or Maxeon Solar modules means benefitting from respective 40-year guarantees! That adds tremendous long-term financial protection. Peace of mind goes hand in hand with solar power cost savings when opting for Solaris Renewables.

💰Customized Financing: Their solar finance consultants help guide clients through selecting optimal payment and pricing structures tailored to household budget needs. Buy outright or take advantage of flexible lease options – the choice is yours.

And for those still uncertain which direction works best for their property, Solaris provides free educational solar assessments clarifying available paths forward for smoothly transitioning to solar in Massachusetts based on your specific situation.

Customer Experience

"I highly recommend Solaris Renewables to anyone considering solar installation. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none." – Lyle D. from Newburyport, MA

With nearly 40 combined years of proprietary solar advances behind their work, Solaris delivers best-in-class products converting sunlight into electricity day after day. A wise investment bringing welcome savings for decades ahead!

Now let‘s find out why newest company on our list is already generating quite a buzz around Massachusetts…

4. Future Energy Solar: Cutting-Edge Solar Research Perks

Launching operations locally in 2015 solely focused on serving MA homeowners and businesses, Future Energy Solar takes great pride in their active solar panel efficiency research activities. While completing 1,200+ installations statewide, they never stop striving for that next solar breakthrough!

In Business Since: 2015

Service Area: Massachusetts

What does their future-forward focus mean for prospective customers like you?

  • Access to the latest cutting-edge solar advances before nearly anyone else in the nation thanks to trailblazing panel optimization testing

  • Strong 25-year workmanship + equipment warranties provided as testimony to promising breakthroughs outperforming industry norms

  • Flexible financing programs including $0 down solar loans up to 15 years in length letting you seize savings without delay

Becoming an early benefactor from field-leading proprietary solar research gives this relative newcomer a massive upside. Expect bigger power production and greater savings harnessing truly elite solar technology.

And going with a strict local-only installer means keeping more of those solar dividends circulating right here in our communities. That‘s a win-win for all!

Customer Experience

"Future Energy Solar provides elite-level products while simplifying the process for us. I‘m so glad we went solar powered!" – Paula B. from Malden, MA

Position yourself today to maximize savings tomorrow selecting Future Energy Solar as your premier solar partner.

For our next outstanding installer option, we‘ll be looking at a company whose experience bridges both residential and commercial solar projects…

5. Northeast Solar: Solar Solutions Benefitting Homes & Businesses

Trusted by homeowners across Pioneer Valley plus surrounding MA areas for over a decade, Northeast Solar holds rare distinctions installing solar systems powering houses, companies, and even local farms!

In Business Since: 2011

Service Area: Western Massachusetts

Northeast Solar shines thanks to:

🏠Diverse Clientele: From rural homesteads to urban office towers, Northeast Solar has worked extensively with residential, commercial, and agricultural customers alike to install productive solar solutions.

🔋Expanded Services: Beyond their solar panel expertise, they also handle electric vehicle (EV) charger installation, backup electrical work, heating/cooling system maintenance and more!

💵Referral Rewards: For every customer you refer to Northeast Solar resulting in a confirmed solar project, collect $500! No cap exists on how many friends you can bring aboard.

Their extensive experience bridging solar demands from private citizens and companies means Northeast Solar promises ideal guidance whether your budget is big or small.

Customization reigns king with Northeast Solar. They help both modest families and major corporations harness the power of the sun!

Customer Experience

"We could not be happier with the whole experience. You made going solar easy for us – thank you Northeast Solar!" -Althea S. from Pittsfield, MA

For your final excellent solar installer option, it‘s time to welcome a nationally-recognized solar leader helping over 20,000 homeowners nationwide join the solar movement…

6. All Energy Solar: Award-Winning Customer Satisfaction

This family-owned solar provider holds roots dating back to 2009 across cold Midwest winters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fast forward 14 years later through brisk New England seasons, and All Energy Solar now responsibly oversees successful solar systems activation across 17 states and counting…with over 7,600 completed residential and commercial projects!

Their focus remains resolutely fixed on satisfying customers, while advancing community solar access.

In Business Since: 2009

Service Area: New England, Midwest, East Coast

Here‘s why I suggest All Energy Solar may offer an ideal solar solution for your home:

✅ Unwavering Quality Standards: Staff strictly adheres to rigorous installation methods and safety practices certified by the NABCEP solar training board. This helps ensure smooth, effective performance for the full lifespan of your system.

✅ Guiding Clients Through Financing: Project managers help you select optimal solar loans or purchasing options based on your family‘s unique financial needs and constraints. Customization and education drive positive outcomes.

✅ Strong Equipment Guarantees: Invest confidently knowing you‘ll benefit from 20-25 year solar panel coverage in addition to 5-10 year workmanship warranties on labor.

Extensive knowledge overcoming obstacles transitioning thousands of homes to solar power means this award-winning installer offers tremendous resources to guide you on the journey as well!

Home transitioning to solar power means joining an expanding community leveraging limitless sunlight each day to drive energy independence and cleaner living. Allow All Energy Solar‘s expertise to convert your home into a power plant producing pollution-free, renewable electricity for decades to come!

Customer Experience

"Your crew was so great to work with. We‘re already seeing major savings just months after having our solar power system installed!" Thank you All Energy Solar!" – Barb D. from Concord, NH

Let‘s Review Key Solar Provider Factors:

Now that you‘ve got the complete profile on all 6 recommended local solar companies, how do you select the best match among outstanding contenders?

Here‘s a summary snapshot of major decision criteria to consider:

Boston SolarSummit SolarSolaris Renewables
Years in Business11 Years14 Years13 Years
Locations ServedMA, NHNortheast, SouthMA, NH
Warranty (Equipment)25 Years25 Years25 Years (+40 years for Maxeon panels)
Warranty (Workmanship)10 Years30 Years25 Years
Purchase/Lease OptionsBothBothBoth
Future EnergyNortheast SolarAllEnergy Solar
Years in Business7 Years11 Years14 Years
Locations ServedMA OnlyWestern MANew England
Warranty (Equipment)25 Years25 Years20-25 Years
Warranty (Workmanship)25 Years10 Years5-10 Years
Purchase/Lease OptionsPurchase OnlyBothBoth

While no "wrong" decisions exist among these stellar solar providers, carefully weighing factors like years in business, warranty coverage, service regions, available financing terms, and past customer experiences will prove useful for finding your ultimate match!

And thanks to generous solar incentives unique to Massachusetts, you stand to save thousands of dollars over time by installing panels, regardless of which company you select from this list!

Let‘s Go Solar and Save, Neighbor!

I don‘t know about you, but after all this research, I‘m convinced now is the time to embrace solar power for my own home here in Massachusetts!

With companies like these streamlining the transition for residents across the Bay State, there has never been a better opportunity to:

🌞 Slash expensive electric bills
🌞 Access unique tax incentives exclusive to MA
🌞 Reduce your carbon footprint

司 Save tons of money over the long haul!

I encourage you to reach out and schedule consultations with your favorite solar providers profiled here. Get personalized quotes and system recommendations tailored exactly to your household‘s constraints.

Within as little as one month, you can have affordable, reliable solar panels installed and immediately start harnessing free power courtesy of the sun‘s rays!

Here‘s to many years ahead of sustainable energy independence AND fat savings for both our families! All thanks to the expanding solar landscape right here in our Massachusetts neighborhoods!

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