The 5 Best Solar Companies in Arizona to Save You Money

Arizona is one of the best states for solar power. With over 300 sunny days per year on average and high electricity prices from fossil fuels, more Arizona homeowners are seeing the benefits of switching to solar energy. This article looks at the top solar companies in Arizona to help you choose the right installer for your needs.

Why Go Solar in Arizona?

There are many compelling reasons to go solar if you live in Arizona, including:

Sunshine: Arizona gets sunshine approximately 85% of the time year-round. This abundant solar resource means solar panels can produce a large amount of clean energy.

High Electricity Costs: Arizona has some of the highest electricity rates in the Southwest at over 12 cents per kWh on average, with costs continuing to rise. Solar power locks in low electricity rates for decades.

Financial Incentives: Federal and Arizona state tax credits and rebates can discount 30-65% off your solar panel system cost. This saves you thousands upfront.

Environmental Benefits: Solar energy generates clean power from the sun and reduces your home‘s dependence on fossil fuels. This lowers your carbon footprint.

With the economics now clearly favoring solar power, dozens of solar companies operate in Arizona. But which one is right for your home? Below we outline the top 5 solar installers in the state to help make your decision easier.

1. SunPower – Premium Solar Panels

Founded in 1985, SunPower is one of the most experienced solar panel manufacturers and installers nationally, having completed over 500,000 installations worldwide. Their high-efficiency panels consistently rank as the most efficient on the market and come with robust 40-year product and 25-year power output warranties – the longest coverage available.

While SunPower systems tend to cost more upfront, their superior efficiency and solar production can generate 50% more lifetime energy savings compared to standard panels. So you recoup your investment faster through more solar power generated.

SunPower handles your entire solar project directly, from custom design to installation, and offers flexible financing including loans, leases and PPAs. They also have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, reflecting their commitment to transparent pricing, customer service and support.

SunPower‘s Key Attributes

  • Highest efficiency panels up to 22.8%
  • 40-year product/25-year power warranties
  • Direct ownership and financing options
  • Superior energy and cost savings
  • Excellent customer service reputation

2. Tesla – Solar Shingles and Batteries

As the leading electric vehicle maker globally, Tesla has leveraged their solar division and branded clean energy products to position themselves as an innovative market leader. Their sleek high-tech solar tiles – which replace your existing roof – integrates seamlessly into home architecture and modern aesthetics.

For battery backup, Tesla‘s 14kWh Powerwall home battery delivers reliable energy storage for nighttime and emergency use. What sets Tesla‘s solar solution apart is the integrated design of their panel, battery and monitoring technology, enabling optimal energy management and savings through your home.

While Tesla Energy is a younger solar provider, their solar roof and battery package is truly differentiated in the industry. Their strong technical capabilities and integrated solar approach make them worth strong consideration.

Tesla‘s Key Attributes

  • Beautiful low-profile solar tiles
  • Integrated Powerwall home battery
  • Enhanced energy independence
  • Cutting-edge integrated technology
  • Strong warranties and performance guarantees

3. Sundevil Solar – Local Experts

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Phoenix, Sundevil Solar has deep roots in the Arizona solar market with over 15,000 local installations. As a homegrown startup, they know the regional climate and electric grids best, letting them customize systems to optimize energy savings for homeowners.

Sundevil uses high-efficiency panels from top manufacturers like REC, Silfab and Mission Solar paired with smart monitoring tech. While Sundevil may not be a household name outside Arizona, their decade of local experience, 5-star customer service and transparent employee-owned structure has earned tremendous trust and happy customers across the state.

As a local company, Sundevil makes it easy to receive quotes, compare solar financing terms like PPAs and leases, and understand the turnkey installation process. If you want solar expertise with Arizona-specific knowledge, Sundevil Solar delivers exceptional value.

Sundevil‘s Key Attributes

  • Locally owned Arizona solar experts
  • 15,000+ installs across Arizona
  • Stellar customer service and reviews
  • Clear solar financing options
  • Locally customized system design

4. Positive Energy Solar – Community Focused

Founded in 2009, Positive Energy Solar is known as one of Arizona‘s most community-focused solar companies. Dedicated to providing solar education and empowering energy choice, Positive Energy‘s founder Sandy Bahr previously led the Sierra Club‘s Grand Canyon chapter before starting the company.

Positive Energy stands out through their emphasis on community education, hosting many solar workshops that help Arizonans understand how solar works, available incentives and making sound decisions as a smart energy consumer.

For the install itself, Positive Energy is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau, uses high-grade equipment in their solar panel and battery options, and has robust warranties. Customers praise their installers‘ professionalism, clean work, and attention to every project detail.

If you value working with a transparent solar company committed to community education, Positive Energy delivers a reputable local solar solution.

Positive Energy‘s Key Attributes

  • Founder led AZ Sierra Club chapter
  • Community solar workshops + education
  • Premium solar equipment
  • 5-star BBB accredited rating
  • Employee-owned company structure

5. American Solar and Roofing

For over 25 years, American Solar and Roofing has provided both solar panel and roofing services to customers across Arizona as a family-owned company. This dual home improvement focus gives them expertise in ensuring proper roof readiness before solar installations.

American Solar maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and uses high-efficiency solar modules from LG, Panasonic and Mission Solar paired with smart microinverters. Customers consistently praise their professionalism, attention to detail, cleanliness and workmanship.

As an Arizona-based solar provider working directly with homeowners, American Solar simplifies your transition to solar energy while educating you each step of the process. And you can feel good supporting a local family small business.

American Solar and Roofing‘s Key Attributes

  • Family-owned 25+ year company
  • Solar and roofing services
  • Premium equipment from LG and Panasonic
  • A+ BBB accredited rating
  • Professional local installers

What To Look For In a Solar Company

While there are many factors that determine which solar company is the best fit your home, here are the key considerations for properly vetting installers:

Company Heritage: An experienced local or family-owned company with strong community ties often delivers better service, workmanship and assurances.

Equipment Quality and Warranties: High-efficiency panels and microinverters paired with 25-year equipment coverage ensure greater long-term solar output and savings.

Installation Professionalism: On-time performance using project managers, clean crews, and post-job followup ensures an optimal customer experience.

Financing Options: Loan, PPA and lease terms should provide you savings from day one without hidden fees. The process should be transparent and easily understood.

Customer Service and Reviews: Solar sales consultations should educate you properly without pressure. Happy customer reviews validate quality installation work and support.

Financial Incentives for Arizona Solar

Given solar power‘s increasing cost advantages, federal, state and utility incentives can now cover 50-65% of your total system cost. These incentives make going solar extremely affordable:

Federal Solar Tax Credit: The 26% (for 2023) federal investment tax credit covers nearly one quarter of your entire solar project cost. No cap exists on system size.

Arizona Solar Tax Credit: State income tax rebate incentive offering up to $1,000 back or $500 per kW installed.

Salt River Project: Local utility SRP offers a monthly bill credit up to $1,800 for installed solar capacity, lowering payback period.

Flexible Financing: Solar loans, PPAs and $0 down leases can eliminate upfront costs so you just pay monthly as you save money.

With incentives now covering half of solar costs or more, Arizona homeowners can capitalize on our ideal solar resource at very manageable price points and maximize energy savings for decades into the future.

Solar Power: A Sustainable Choice

Beyond the clear economic benefits, solar panels give Arizona residents the ability to directly lower their environmental footprint by generating abundant clean energy from the sun.

As climate change concerns grow globally, transitioning from finite fossil fuels to renewable-powered homes reduces dependency on unsustainable energy sources that pollute our atmosphere. Through energy efficiency and harnessing Arizona‘s plentiful sunshine, we can build a more sustainable future locally.

Given solar energy‘s compelling financial, operational and environmental advantages, there has never been a better time for Arizona homeowners to make the switch by working with one of the reputable local solar companies outlined above.

Take control over your energy costs for decades to come while also doing your part to build a cleaner energy future for the Grand Canyon state.

Arizona Solar Key Facts

  • Over 300 days of sun per year on average
  • 4th most installed solar capacity nationally
  • Over 3 gigawatts of solar power currently online
  • Over 25,000 solar jobs in the state
  • Over 350,000 homes powered by solar energy
SunPowerStatewide37 yearsPremium panels 22.8% efficiency40-year product/25-year powerA+ BBB
TeslaStatewide13 yearsIntegrated solar shingles + Powerwall battery25 yearsA+ BBB
Sundevil SolarStatewide11 yearsREC, Mission, Silfab25 years5 stars Facebook
Positive EnergyPhoenix, Tucson13 yearsLG, Panasonic25 yearsA+ BBB
American Solar & RoofingStatewide28 yearsLG, Panasonic, Mission25 yearsA+ BBB

Frequently Asked Arizona Solar Questions

How much do solar panels cost in Arizona?

For a typical 6 kW home system, average solar installation costs range from $14,000 – $18,000 in Arizona before incentives. With the 26% federal tax credit and other incentives, out-of-pocket costs fall to between $8,000 – $12,000 for homeowners. Then through solar loan financing, your monthly payments are less than your average electricity bill.

Will solar panels work with my roof?

Your solar installer will inspect if your site and roof meet requirements, such as proper azimuth, pitch, age, shading effect, etc to optimize solar production. Most asphalt shingle and concrete tile roofs work fine for panel mounting and penetrations.

How long does a solar panel system last?

Modern solar panels have a useful life of 25-40 years. With solar company warranties averaging 25 years and equipment usable life beyond that, your system can provide free renewable electricity for decades after installation.

When do solar panels pay for themselves?

For a $14k system in Arizona and today‘s electricity rates, a home solar energy system recoups your investment in 6-8 years on average through utility savings. With incentives factored in upfront, payback time can fall to just 4-6 years before you hit "ROI breakeven", enjoying 20+ more years of pure profit.

What maintenance do solar panels need?

Solar PV systems need little maintenance except clearing debris/snow occasionally and having professionals check connections/inverters every few years. Their durability, lack of moving parts and weather/corrosion resistance gives them minimal servicing needs overall.

We hope this outline of Arizona‘s top 5 solar installers – SunPower, Tesla, Sundevil Solar, Positive Energy and American Solar & Roofing – gives you the information needed to explore solar today. With abundant financial incentives bringing initial solar costs down substantially, now is the time to invest in solar panels for your home alongside energy storage solutions.

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