The Best Robotic Vacuums of 2022 – A History-Computer Guide

Welcome dear reader! In this comprehensive guide, we take a deep look at 2022‘s top robotic vacuums to simplify your buying decision. Models from industry leaders iRobot, Eufy and Neato are evaluated across different categories and use cases with clear recommendations provided based on key factors.

A Brief History of Automating Floor Cleaning

Before evaluating robotic vacuums available today, it‘s interesting to see how far automated floor cleaning tech has advanced over the past 70 years:

  • 1956 – The very first concept for an automated vacuum cleaner emerged not from an inventor but science fiction author Robert Heinlein in his novel The Door into Summer.

  • 1996 – Engineer James Dyson pioneering vacuum technology unveils early prototypes for a robotic vacuum known as the DC06. However the product doesn‘t reach full commercialization.

  • 2002 – The first mass market robotic vacuum, the Roomba, launches from Massachusetts-based startup iRobot. Founded by MIT roboticists, this disruptive device kicks off the modern consumer robotic vacuum industry.

  • 2009 – After the Roomba‘s success, other major home electronics brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic and more begin releasing their own robotic vacuums. Second mover Neato disrupts the market in 2010 with advanced laser navigation and mapping capabilities.

  • 2014 – Lower-cost robotic vacuum models proliferate, making the devices more accessible to wider range of consumers. Chinese firm Ecovacs brings DJ Roomba-like functionality letting users play music and customize voices.

  • 2019 – Robotic vacuums now commonly integrate WiFi and app control. Some high-end models feature "docks" for self-charging and automatic dirt disposal after months of accumulated debris. New 3D sensor advancements enhance object detection and navigation further.

Today in 2022, features that were once only seen in high-end flagship robotic vacuums have now become standard in more affordable options. You‘ll be hard pressed to find robotic vacuums launching now without:

  • App and voice assistant control
  • Multiple suction modes
  • Drop and collision detection
  • Self-charging
  • Filter cleanliness monitoring
  • Scheduling based on room mapping

Other capabilities previously requiring expensive models like self-emptying dustbins have also migrated down to lower price points.

With so many feature-packed options now available showcasing the latest and great robot vac innovations, choosing the right model for your home might feel overwhelming. Have no fear! In this guide, we cut through the vast array of devices to bring the top recommendations across user budgets and cleaning scenarios.

Key Buying Considerations

While robotic vacuums have commoditized baseline features like app controls, upgraded sensors and programming for mapping, consumers needs still vary greatly based on:

Home Size – Larger spaces demand longer battery life and smarter navigation. Smaller spaces likely clean fine with more basic affordable options.

Square FeetMinimum Recommended Runtime
<150060+ minutes
1500-250090+ minutes
>2500120+ minutes

Floor Materials – Adjust cleaning power and specialized brushes to match needs of carpets vs. hardwood.

SurfaceIdeal Features
Hard FloorsGentler brushes, mop functionality
CarpetsMotorized brush, powerful suction (+2000 Pa), deep reach

Pet Owners – Handle dander and hair with advanced filters, anti-tangle extractors, strong suction for deep carpet cleaning.

Allergy Sufferers – True HEPA filtration captures 99% of pollen and ultrafine particulates.

Smart Home Lovers – Opt for WiFi connectivity, customizable app controls, automation based on usage patterns, voice assistant integration.

Messy Households – Prioritize longer runtimes and self-emptying bases to avoid frequent oversight.

Other aspects like budget constraints, noise levels and particular layout challenges also play key roles in identifying the perfect vacuum match. With so many options and features now available, setting expectations around needs and must-have vs. nice-to-have functionality streamlines picking the right model immensely!

Evaluating the Top Robotic Vacuum Options of 2022

Now that we reviewed market history and set expectations around factors swaying vacuum buying decisions, let‘s directly compare this year‘s top contenders across different categories and price points!

Best Robotic Vacuum Overall

Winner: eufy G30 Hybrid

Combining both vacuuming and mopping, the reasonably priced Eufy G30 Hybrid delivers outstanding hard floor cleaning and superior value.

Runtime100 min (excellent)Enables large homes per charge
Suction Power2000 Pa (excellent)Great for carpets and hard floors alike
MappingYes w/ gyroscope assist (very good)Visual SLAM available in high-end models
Brushes & FiltersDual multi-surface (very good)Good for homes w/ varying floor types
Bin Size0.4L (good)Less emptying vs. smaller dustbins
Noise Level<55 dB (very good)Quieter operation than older models
MoppingYes, electronically controlled pad (very good)Less chance of leaks, applies consistent moisture
Price$389.99 (very good)Substantially cheaper than s9+ or D10

With fantastic all-around performance and equivalent cleaning abilities as pricier options, it‘s tough finding a better robotic vacuum deal in 2022 than the feature loaded Eufy G30 Hybrid!

Best for Carpets

Winner: Neato D8

The Neato D8 stands out with ultra-strong 1500 Pa suction power and Helix Combo brush specially designed for cleaning carpets and challenging dirt. Combined with superior pick up these allow it to outshine other vacuums when cleaning high traffic areas and stains.

Suction Power1500 Pa (Outstanding)70% more than baseline good suction (900 Pa)
Runtime70 minutes (Very good)Enables large home cleaning
Brush TypeHelix combo + spiral multi-surface (Excellent)Made for carpets
Dust Bin Size0.7L (Very good)Minimizes emptying frequency
WiFi/App ConnectedYes (Very good)Enable remote control & scheduling
Noise Level69db (Average)Louder than other models

Best Budget Pick Under $200

Winner: Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX

The Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11S MAX delivers fantastic cleaning power and convenience at a very wallet friendly price point. Costing hundreds less than advanced models with navigation sensors and mapping, it still satisfies essential automation, decent runtime and app controls.

Price$159.99 (Excellent)Hundreds less than other options
Suction Power1300 Pa (Good)Competitive at this price range
Runtime100 minutes (Excellent)Enables larger homes
WiFi ConnectedYes (Very good)Uncommon at prices <$200
Noise Level55db (Very good)Quieter than older or high powered models
Brush TypeStandard single bristleOkay for low/medium pile carpets
Bin Size0.6L (Very good)Minimizes emptying trips

If maximizing value is the top priority, the excellent rated Eufy 11S MAX has powerful cleaning and conveniences rivaling models sometimes 2X+ the cost!

Best Splurge Model

Winner: iRobot Roomba s9+ with Clean Base

Pushing the limits of robotic vacuum technology, the Roomba s9+ pairs high-end smart mapping and dirt detection sensors with a self-emptying base for the ultimate automated floor cleaning experience. Expect fantastic cleaning across all floor types thanks to 40X suction power and multi-surface rubber + spiral brushes.

Suction Power40X Strength (Excellent)Great for carpets and hard floors alike
Runtime120 minutes (Excellent)Enables very large spaces per charge
SensorsVSLAM navigation (Outstanding + exclusive)Uses visual landmarks to precisely map home
Clean Base Auto Dirt Disposal60 Days (Excellent + nearly exclusive)Empties itself for months handsfree
WiFi + App ConnectedYes, with history/scheduling (Outstanding)Most advanced smart features
BrushesRubber extractors + spiral combo (Excellent)Suits all floor types
Price$1,249.99 (Premium)Priciest model tested

While very expensive for most buyers, the s9+‘s combo of advanced mapping and navigation capabilities paired with months of fully handsfree cleaning makes it the undisputed robotic vacuum technology king in 2022!

Optimizing Your Robotic Vacuum Experience

To make sure your shiny new robot vacuum operates effectively so you can conveniently enjoy automatically cleaned floors for years to come, keep these expert tips in mind:

Let it fully map on initial runs – Make sure to let your bot complete multiple cleaning cycles throughout the home before relying solely on automation. This allows it to map layouts accurately. Watch the first few passes take note of any spots missed or needing boundary adjustments.

Schedule cleanings when not home – Less chance of interrupting mapping runs or the device getting stuck. Bonus benefit is coming home to freshly cleaned floors!

Set zones for heavy dirt areas – Use app controls to define zones where shoes get kicked off or pets enter/exit. Your robot will return to deep clean these high traffic areas more frequently.

Place "No-Go Zones" – Want your robot to avoid certain objects or rooms completely? Set up off-limit boundaries so you don‘t have to worry.

Maintain filters – Regularly cleaning or replacing filters ensures optimal suction strength picking up dust and debris.

Occasionally manually vacuum problem areas – Small spaces prone to getting stuck or extra fluffy shag rugs may need an assisting hand despite advanced sensors and programming.

Install navigation assisting accessories – Additional boundary markers, beacons and lighthouses available from brands like Eufy and iRobot provide extra signals to robotic vacuums to problem solve layouts challenges.

Following these tips sets you up for maximizing satisfaction from your robotic vacuum for years of automatic floor cleaning!

Final Thoughts

Today‘s robotic vacuums have evolved substantially integrating conveniences like WiFi-connectivity, smart mapping, increased battery life and self-emptying bases that were once only seen in high-priced premium models. Choices now range widely based on pricing and must-have features.

In this guide we simplified selecting options by:

  • Reviewing the state of robotic vacuum innovations in 2022
  • Outlining key factors to consider based on home cleaning needs
  • Conducting head-to-head comparison of top contenders across budget levels
  • Providing optimization and troubleshooting tips for new robot vacuum owners

While advanced devices like the landmark iRobot Roomba pioneered handsfree cleaning, increased competition from brands like Eufy and Neato offer more choices catering to specific buyer requirements across pricing levels.

Determining expectations around cleaning challenges, navigation complexities, runtime needed and special features most valued streamlines identifying which robotic vacuum best automatically maintains floors. Configuring the device properly with our tips then sets you up conveniently enjoying the benefits for years while avoiding frustrations needlessly.

We hope detailing history and recommendations of Eufy‘s outstanding value focused options, high-end smarts packed within iRobot Roombas and specialized carpet cleaning abilities of Neato D series models assists finding the perfect robotic vacuum for your home and budget! Let us know if you have any other questions – we‘re happy to provide additional guidance drawing from our years of experience using these devices ourselves and evaluating all the latest models hitting the market.

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