Finding Your Perfect PS5 Keyboard & Mouse in 2023

The standard DualSense controller bundled with every PlayStation 5 console seems perfectly suited for couch gaming. Its ergonomic curves, adaptive triggers and integrated microphone keep your hands happy through endless gaming marathons while enabling seamless voice chat.

But for certain genres like shooters, real-time strategy and MOBAs, mouse and keyboard setups unlock speed, precision and customization exceeding any gamepad. That‘s why many console gamers add these accessories to maximize their skills.

Yet the range of competing models makes selecting your ideal match confusing. Do you want wireless flexibility or wired performance? Compact minimalism or full-sized features? This guide explores all considerations when buying a PS5 mouse and keyboard to match your space, budget and priorities.

Why Keyboard & Mouse?

Before examining suitable PS5 peripherals available, let‘s consider what benefits this kind of input setup adds for console gamers.


Gaming mice enable exact aiming control impossible on small thumbsticks. Their high sensitivity sensors combined with ample mousing surface space heightens accuracy for targeting distant opponents or navigating cramped user interfaces.


Specialized mice and keyboards are customized to suit specific game genres and player grip styles. Their durability also exceeds mass market peripherals allowing intense daily use without failure.


Adjustable sensitivity levels, contoured mouse shapes, mechancial switch types and removable wrist rests better support long gaming sessions minimizing fatigue.


Wired connections guarantee lag-free inputs registered instantly on-screen. Competitive players favor this reliability. Yet cutting-edge wireless technology nearly eliminates this difference if desired.


Unlike singular-purpose controllers, full featured keyboards retain their usefulness for web browsing, messaging friends and other everyday computing tasks.

Now let‘s explore outstanding keyboard and mouse recommendations guaranteed to interace flawlessly with your PS5.

Best Overall: Razer Turret Wireless

Razer dominates recommendations for high-performance gaming mice and keyboards thanks to precision ergonomics, vibrant RGB lighting and feature-packed software. The Turret Wireless Combo consolidates their excellence into an integrated living room solution.

Both keyboard and mouse connect via a single 2.4GHz USB dongle for low-latency control crucial during fast-paced online matches. Compared to cluttered Bluetooth pairing procedures, this greatly simplifies setup.

Battery life also impresses with the keyboard lasting over 40 hours on a charge(and 11 with all lighting enabled). The ambidextrous mouse manages 30 hours. Their intelligently entering sleep mode when not active contributes to these excellent endurance estimates.

For controls, the Turret keyboard uses proven Razer mechanical switches enabling 80 million clicks. At just 50g of actuation force, your hands avoid fatigue after marathon sessions. Per-key RGB backlighting invites extensive personalization.

The included gaming mouse charges magnetically when docked keeping everything together. Its durable 50 million click buttons retain precision aim through years of battle royales and sniper duels.

Like all Razer gear, sync everything through their Synapse software suite to program macros, custom animations and game integrations. With the entire system designed expressly for couch gaming, the premium Razer Turret Wireless Combo represents the pinnacle of living room keyboard and mouse play.


  • Extremely long battery life
  • Responsive low-latency wireless
  • Fully featured Razer software integration
  • Rugged 80 million keystroke keyboard


  • High price tag
  • No kickstand for adjustable typing angle
FeatureRazer Turret Wireless
InterfaceSingle 2.4Ghz dongle
Keyboard battery life30-40 hours
Mouse battery life15-20 hours
CPI Range100 to 16,000
Onboard ProfilesUnlimited via Synapse cloud sync

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Runner Up: Corsair RGB Bundle

Corsair‘s gaming gear represents an outstanding value/performance mixture thanks to cost savings from vertical integration and intelligent engineering. This matched keyboard/mouse pairing provides their signature innovations at a mid-range price point palatable for most gamers.

The K55 keyboard lacks full mechanical switches but still enables smooth key presses. Five dedicated macro keys activate complex commands at a touch. Per-key RGB backlights make finding vital keys easier in dim rooms while lending customizeable flare.

Matching colors and effects happens effortlessly by connecting devices into Corsair‘s powerful iCUE software suite for granular control. Synchronized lighting changes dynamically reacting to in-game events when properly configured.

The HARPOON RGB Pro mouse included weighs only 85 grams aiding swipe precision. Its optical sensor reaches 12,000 DPI for pixel-perfect accuracy. An ergonomic shape accommodates claw and fingertip grips during frantic firefights.

Bundled with a plush detachable wrist rest, this affordable combo contains everything needed to elevate your PS5 games through responsive controls and vivid RGB effects.


  • Plug-and-play instant gaming
  • Customizable synchronized lighting
  • Comfortable textured wrist rest


  • Keys louder than premium mechanical boards
  • Limited onboard profile storage
FeatureCorsair K55 & Harpoon
InterfaceUSB + iCUE
RGB ZonesPer-key keyboard. 3 zone mouse
Onboard Profiles1
Polling Rate1000Hz

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Best Budget: RedThunder Compact

This 60% shrinks mechanical keyboards to just essentials retaining arrow keys while maximizing mousing space. Five onboard lighting presets color its doubleshot injection keycaps. These durable transparent pieces reveal glittering RGBs underneath for unlimited custom looks.

The included honeycomb gaming mouse concentrates weight over your palm without touching fingers. Improved airflow prevents sweat building up during marathon sessions. Its 7200 DPI optical sensor provides pinpoint precision rivaling premium brands.

Given extremely affordable pricing, RedThunder‘s combo punches far above expectations. The compact keyboard offers impressive heft and typing feel belying costs. While flashy Razer options cost far more, this bundle‘s smart ergonomics aid victory across FPS and MOBA battlefields.

Just beware of limited multi-key support inherent to 60 percent layouts. But for focus fire using one hand this layout rocks. The savings also leave budget for gaming headset or squad pizza night!


  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Compact 60% keyboard footprint
  • 7 color backlighting themes


  • Only single keypress recognized
  • Spongier key feel than premium mechs
FeatureRedThunder Combo
Base Price$55
Switch TypeRed linear optical
Mouse Buttons6
Backlight Zones14 modes

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Things To Consider

From tiny tenkeyless models to full size towers with numpads, today‘s marketplace contains limitless keyboard varieties and sizes. Selecting your perfect match means factoring in intended use, grip style, special feature requirements and the all-important budget. Let‘s explore essential factors guiding your buying decision.


UnlikeWindows PCs accepting nearly any peripheral, PlayStation consoles require strict hardware verification before allowing input. Seek out PS5-compatible devices to guarantee full support for system commands and game controls without needing cludgy workaround software.

Cross-functionality allowing dual use with Xbox or Nintendo Switch makes a nice bonus. But the keyboard and mouse must interface flawlessly with your PS5 first and foremost.

Wired vs Wireless

Gaming mice and keyboards come in both wired USB and wireless Bluetooth/RF models. Wireless options provide greater living room flexibility by reducing cord clutter. Yet most competitive esports players still rely on wired connections to eliminate potential interference or battery life limitations.

Cutting edge wireless technology like Logitech Lightspeed produce extremely fast 1ms report rates rivaling wired expectations. If confident your gear‘s wireless performance suffices, ditch the cords.

Form Factors

Console gaming keyboards come in 60, 80 and 104-key layouts to match available space. Minimal 60% boards conserve room for mousing by condensing arrows/navigation into a function layer. Num-pad-retaining 104 models allow physical number entry favored by some users. Measure the exact desktop dimensions for your PS5 setup before deciding.

Mechanical vs Membrane

Modern mechanical keyboards dominate recommendations thanks to springy, precise key presses and excellent durability. Premium mechanical models even enable per-key adjustments to actuation force, travel depth and sound.

Cheaper membrane keyboards lack this customization and crisp sensation but cost far less. For most gamers, mechanical boards justify their premium, but weights personal budgets accordingly.

Maximize Your PlayStation 5 Performance

Elevating your PS5 gaming above DualSense-imposed limitations unlocks speed and control improving skills across genres. But only compatible keyboards and mice seamlessly channel your reflexes into the virtual world.

Choose wireless or wired models suited for available space and grip style. Seek mechanical boards with durable, specialized switches if chasing victory on the virtual battlefield. Per-key RGB and macro customization also personalizes the experience to your exact needs and preferences.

By carefully applying the knowledge explored above, selecting gear that flawlessly channels your focus into every precise mouse flick pays competitive dividends. The only limit becomes your ambition. Now set forth conquering new genres armed with cutting-edge controls!

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