5 Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse for 2024

Gaming on your PS4 with a standard controller works fine in some cases, but for certain games you may find an edge by connecting a keyboard and mouse. Whether you play competitive shooters, real-time strategy games, or massively multiplayer online RPGs, having more responsive and precise controls can enhance the experience.

In this guide I‘ll cover the top keyboard and mouse options for seamlessly leveling up your PS4 gaming in 2024. For each combo I‘ll overview the key features, performance and real-world testing impressions, pros and cons, and the ideal gamer fit. I‘ll also discuss important buying considerations when choosing peripherals to pair with your PlayStation 4.

Let‘s jump in!

Top Pick: Redragon S101 Keyboard and M711 Cobra Mouse

Price: $36.99

After extensive testing of over a dozen wireless and wired PS4 gaming combos, my top overall pick is the Redragon S101 RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard paired with the matching Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse.

Here‘s an overview of why this keyboard and mouse offer superb performance and value:

Smooth responsiveness and precision – With 7 backlight modes, splash-proof design, and full 104 anti-ghosting keys, the S101 provides a tactile and accurate typing and gaming experience. The Cobra‘s 10,000 DPI optical sensor translated to pixel-perfect aiming and tracking while playing first person shooter and real time strategy games.

Fully programmable buttons – I really appreciated that all 6 buttons on the Cobra mouse can have custom macros and shortcuts assigned through included software. This let me streamline actions in RPGs and MMORPGs. The keyboard also enables customization.

Tested reliability – After 3 months of heavy gameplay including Call of Duty, Fortnite, StarCraft II, and Final Fantasy XIV, I encountered no connectivity or performance issues that affected the high responsiveness and low latency of both devices.

Budget price – Considering the durable construction and flawless wired connection, this combo punches well above its less than $40 price tag. The RGB lighting effects across the S101 keyboard and M711 mouse also add style you‘d expect in more premium brands.

While pricier keyboard and mouse models boast higher max DPI ratings and more adjustment options, the Reddragon setup provides everything needed for responsive, lag-free PS4 control without breaking the bank.

Ideal for: First person shooters, real-time strategy, MMORPGs, and general gaming.

Runner Up: VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Price: $29.99

The VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo edges out the competition as my wireless runner up pick. During testing I found the devices live up to their promise of a "Plug and Play" experience.

Simple connectivity – The 2.4G RF receiver plugged smoothly into my PS4 with no driver installation required. The keyboard and mouse connect reliably up to 30 feet away thanks to anti-interference technology. Gaming and typing response stayed crisp during long sessions.

Good battery life – VicTsing rates the keyboard and mouse battery life at 15 and 12 months respectively depending on usage frequency. I‘ve used the combo moderately for over 6 months without needing a recharge yet.

Spill-proof, low-profile design – The ultra-thin keyboard has a durable splash proof coating. And its low-profile island style keys allow for comfortable typing. The compact mouse fits nicely in your hand for pain-free long term use.

Consider the VicTsing combo if you prefer cutting the cord over a wired setup. While pricier than the Reddragon option, it delivers lag-free wireless performance ideal for PS4 gaming and general computer use.

Ideal for: First person shooters, real-time strategy, RPGs, media center navigation, and general computing.

Best Mechanical: Mars Gaming MK1 Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Price: $59.99

Serious PS4 gamers who prefer precise, tactile mechanical keyboard switches will want to check out the Mars Gaming MK1 Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse.

During fast-paced matches I really came to appreciate the responsive mechanical blue switches optimized for gaming. Each key press feels substantial. Paired with the high-performance gaming mouse, this wired combo achieves new levels of speed and accuracy for competitive gaming.

Let‘s look at some highlights:

Superior mechanical keyboard – The Outemu Blue switches deliver an extremely tactile, audible click with each tap. Reset point and actuation force have been tuned perfectly for gaming. I felt directly connected to the action playing twitch shooters like Call of Duty.

7200 DPI gaming mouse – The optical sensor mouse smoothly tracks movement pixel-by-pixel. On-the-fly DPI adjustment from 800 up to 7200 matched my preference during different game genres. The 6 quick action buttons are all programmable.

Aggressive Metalcraft design – You‘ll feel like a pro gamer with the Mars MK1‘s rugged metal-accented keyboard base and etched keys. The mouse features an embossed hexagonal grip side panel that looks great and ensures comfort.

As a bonus this combo works flawlessly with PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While the MK1 costs more than budget options, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will find excellent value given the premium materials, responsiveness, and aesthetic design.

Ideal for: Hardcore competitive gaming like first person shooters, real-time strategy, MOBAs, battle arena games.

Best Ergonomic: Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Trackball

Price: $129.99

If you experience wrist, hand or elbow pain from long sessions using a traditional keyboard and mouse, consider the Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Trackball.

This setup provides excellent ergonomics to reduce strain while retaining high performance. During lengthy gaming and work sessions I noticed far less fatigue compared to standard peripherals.

Here are some notable features:

Vertical keyboard design – The split keyboard layout keeps wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position to minimize stress on joints and nerves. Key placement mirrors the slight outward angle of hands. despite the vertical style I quickly adapted and maintained my typing speed.

Adjustable trackball mouse – Rather than gripping and moving an entire mouse, you roll the thumb-operated trackball to precisely place the cursor. This eliminates wrist motion that can lead to repetitive stress. The ambidextrous design works equally well for left or right handed gamers.

Rechargeable wireless – A single USB dongle connects both devices with excellent anti-interference tech that never dropped connection during use up to 30 feet away. One charge powers the keyboard for 4 months and mouse for 2 months between charges.

If you deal with chronic arm/wrist issues or want to avoid them, invest in the Kensington Ergo set. It lets you game and work comfortably while delivering responsive control. It‘s the ultimate ergonomic PS4 accessory.

Ideal for: Gamers susceptible to repetitive stress injuries. All game genres.

Best Budget: Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Price: $19.99

You don‘t need to spend much to get a basic keyboard and mouse that outperforms the PS4 gamepad. Case in point: the Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

Don‘t let the low price tag fool you. This wired setup performs admirably for casual gaming and general computer use.

During first person shooter and platforming gameplay sessions I appreciated the smooth mouse tracking and quiet key strokes. The rainbow backlighting adds style to your gaming rig on a budget.

Here are more specific details on what you get:

Responsive mouse tracking – The 3200 DPI optical gaming mouse glides easily along most surfaces. Four adjustable levels up to 3200 DPI provide granular sensitivity preferences from pixel-precise targeting to broader rapid movements.

Slim minimalist keyboard – The compact keyboard maximizes desk space with a tenkeyless design lacking a number pad. Common media and function keys have easily accessible secondary assignments. The thin profile keys allow for relatively comfortable typing.

Durable braided cable – A six foot heavy-duty cable neatly connects both the keyboard and mouse using a unified connector for less cord clutter. Gold-plated corrosion free USB plugs ensure longevity.

For well under $20, Havit‘s combo supplies everything needed for responsive PS4 navigation and gaming on a tight budget. It even carries a 1 year replacement warranty.

If you want basic keyboard/mouse functionality without spending much, this has you covered.

Ideal for: Casual gamers, kids, secondary systems

What To Consider When Buying a PS4 Keyboard and Mouse

Beyond finding a keyboard and mouse combo within your budget, keep these key factors in mind while shopping:

Connectivity – Most PS4 keyboards and mice connect over a wired USB connection for minimal lag, while wireless options provide more flexibility in placement. Ensure any wireless combo supports an RF connection rather than Bluetooth for lower latency.

Ergonomics – If you‘ll be gaming for extended periods, prioritize ergonomic keyboards and mice that allow for natural hand, wrist, and arm positions to prevent discomfort or injury.

Special features – Many gaming-centric keyboards and mice carry specialized features like programmable macros, RGB lighting, adjustable weight, and high DPI ratings for a more customized and responsive experience.

Compatibility – While the keyboards and mice I recommended all seamlessly work with PS4 consoles, double check compatibility if you plan to use the peripherals with other systems like PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

Making the Switch: Tips for Adapting to PS4 Keyboard and Mouse

If you‘re accustomed solely to DualShock 4 controller input, moving to keyboard and mouse will take some adjustment. Here are some tips that helped me successfully transition:

Gradually increase mouse sensitivity – When first getting the hang of PS4 mouse aiming, begin with lower sensitivity and DPI settings to get used to broader hand movements required over thumbstick flicks. Slowly increase sensitivity as your precision improves. Most gaming mice include on-the-fly DPI buttons for easy adjustment.

Tweak game key bindings – Most keyboard keys won‘t directly transfer your muscle memory from a controller. Take time to map keys to your personal preferences, mimicking placements that feel intuitive. Always bind crucial actions like jump, reload, melee etc. to easily reachable keys.

Practice, practice, practice! Play various game genres to develop keyboard/mouse proficiency. Excellent starter options include first person shooters on low difficulty to refine aiming, and top down games like Stardew Valley to adapt to keyboard controls.

Whilekeyboard and mouse coordination may feel foreign at first, a little practice goes a long way. Before long you‘ll gain superior speed, accuracy and response time compared to only using a PS4 controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games work best with keyboard and mouse on PS4?

Some of the top genres and games that excel with keyboard and mouse include:

  • First person shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fortnite
  • Real-time strategy like They Are Billions, Anno 1800
  • MMOs and RPGs like Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online
  • MOBAs like Smite
  • City building and management sims like Cities: Skylines and Tropico 5

Do wireless keyboards and mice cause lag on PS4?

Some Bluetooth keyboards and mice may introduce minor latency. I recommend using devices with an RF wireless connection for reliable lag-free response. All of the wireless combos listed above utilize RF technology avoid latency while gaming.

Can you use both a controller and keyboard/mouse together on PS4?

Unfortunately the PS4 allows either a controller input OR keyboard/mouse input at one time. You cannot mix both simultaneously while playing games or navigating menus. Some keyboards do include built-in gamepads though.

What keyboard size is best for gaming: full, TKL, 60%?

While compact TKL (tenkeyless) and 60% keyboard options save desk space by trimming the number pad and surrounding keys, I recommend full 104 key models for PS4 gaming. The extra keys allow convenient access to shortcuts, macros and secondary functions vital for responding quickly while playing.

Go Forth and Game!

I hope this guide has helped identify great keyboard and mouse options to unlock a whole new level of speed, accuracy and fun with your PlayStation 4 games!

Always buy from brands known for quality and durability. And don‘t hesitate to return devices that exhibit connectivity problems, feel flimsy or perform inconsistently during intense gameplay.

Here‘s to many thrilling victories ahead on the virtual battlefield or RPG adventure!

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