The 4 Best Investing Podcasts to Level Up Your Financial Knowledge

Have you ever wished you could get personalized advice from Warren Buffett? Or learn investing strategies straight from billionaire portfolio managers? Podcasts deliver this insider access into the minds of financial experts – for free!

Whether you‘re a curious beginner or seasoned investor, podcasts enable learning investing fundamentals or market news through entertaining audio conversations. The key is finding shows aligning with your goals and interests.

This guide uncovers the top 4 podcasts to transform your investing competency:

An Investing Podcast for Every Listener

With the sea of investing shows available, how do you determine which are truly worth your limited listening time?

Here are vital factors to consider when choosing podcasts for educating yourself financially:

Your Needs

Are you looking to grasp basics like how stocks work, or seeking ideas to grow your portfolio? Clarify your aims so shows delivering that angle get priority.

Host Knowledge

The ideal hosts boast investing success themselves or facilitate smart discussions with influential expert guests.

Listener Resonance

Find hosts whose personalities and perspectives hook you in for the long haul. An unpleasant listening experience saps any educational benefits.

Production Polish

High-quality recording, editing and preparation distinguish the best investing shows worth subscribing to.

Now let‘s reveal this guide‘s top picks spanning beginner-friendly to niche shows! Discover which pique your interest…

1. Animal Spirits – Most Well-Rounded Investing Podcast

For a superb balance of humor, data-driven analysis and digestible financial lessons, Animal Spirits stands out as your single best podcast subscription.

The Appeal

Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson created Animal Spirits to feature unscripted debates about investing current events mixed with interviews from Wall Street insiders.

Rather than drab lecturing, Michael and Ben‘s quick wit and chemistry make discussions flow entertainingly whether simplifying complex themes or scrutinizing market bubbles.

By The Numbers

  • 200,000+ monthly listeners
  • 4.9 star rating with 4,200+ Apple Podcast reviews like "This is everything you want a finance podcast to be."
  • Publishing weekly since 2017
  • Named Apple‘s Best Business & Finance Podcast of 2020

You‘ll Love If…

  • You‘re seeking an all-around investing show covering macro trends, stocks analysis and personal finance dos and don‘ts in a fun format.
  • Listening to experienced yet laidback money managers swap ideas appeals more than stuffy lectures.

Consider Elsewhere If…

  • You require strict beginner guidance – Animal Spirits suits intermediate to advanced investors best.
  • Any slight irreverence around finance rubs you the wrong way.

So if you want amusing, unclouded market insights to carry you through routine chores, Animal Spirits proves the prime companion.

Let Michael and Ben enhance your money savvy across stocks, crypto or global markets with personality!

Listen to Animal Spirits for free on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

2. We Study Billionaires – Best Investing Podcast for Beginners

Dream of growing your wealth but don‘t know where to start? We Study Billionaires neatly packages investing, business and life lessons for aspiring finance moguls.

The Appeal

Co-hosts Trey Lockerbie and Stig Brodersen deconstruct billionaire success stories through interviews focused on mindset and winning strategies.

Unlike textbook lectures, absorbing these life journeys of iconic leaders like Mark Cuban fuels motivation alongside practical tips. Trey and Stig artfully extract the crucial nuggets to replicate in your own financial path.

By The Numbers

  • 395,000 monthly listeners
  • 4.8 stars with 2,100+ Apple Podcast reviews
  • Airing 2-3 episodes weekly since 2016
  • Ranked a top 25 U.S. investing podcast

You‘ll Love If…

  • Warren Buffett‘s wisdom excites you. Learning directly from modern ultra-rich icons does too.
  • You want a supportive kickstart grasping investing, money management and entrepreneurship.

Consider Elsewhere If…

  • You expect complex market analysis – the emphasis sticks to fundamental personal finance and leadership principles here.
  • Any political or ethical debates distract rather than engage you.

While less table-pounding on stocks specifically, We Study Billionaires sells inspiration foremost. Let Trey and Stig prime your financial IQ through the buying and selling of exclusive motivation!

Listen to We Study Billionaires for free on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

3. The Trillionaire Mindset – Most Entertaining Investing Podcast

If typical finance talk bores you to tears, let The Trillionaire Mindset make markets exhilarating again courtesy of endearingly opinionated hosts Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa.

The Appeal

Merging humor with hard truths, childhood friends Ben and Emil tackle economic issues both evergreen and controversial.

From satirizing financial influencers to deliberating bitcoin‘s staying power, the duo‘s carefree conversations retain remarkable substance despite the jokes.

You‘ll gain shrewd perspectives on monetary policy, valuations and behavioral investing deficiencies alike.

By The Numbers

  • 15,000+ monthly listeners
  • 5 stars with nearly 300 Apple Podcast reviews like "Their back and forths are just two friends chatting but they will drop some serious knowledge bombs."
  • Airing weekly since 2021
  • Ranked #16 U.S. investing podcast

You‘ll Love If…

  • Playful rather than stern financial discourse speaks to you.
  • You want market analysis layered with philosophical debates and social observations.

Consider Elsewhere If…

  • You require strict learning structure vs freewheeling thoughts.
  • Strong opinions – even tongue-in-cheek ones – rankle you.

For straight-talking investing insight mingled with irreverent wit, subscribe to The Trillionaire Mindset with Ben and Emil today!

Listen to The Trillionaire Mindset for free on Apple Podcasts.

4. The Investors Podcast – Your All-in-One Investing University

For an abundance of premium investing education spanning multiples asset classes and concepts, The Investors Podcast delivers a complete curriculum.

The Appeal

Co-hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen drill into niches from crypto mining to foreign market analysis while interviewing subject matter experts.

Dedicating full episodes to specializations, The Investors Podcast functions as a library of masterclasses rather than headlines. The extensive archives address nearly any investing knowledge gaps with encyclopedic comprehensiveness.

By The Numbers

  • 185,000+ monthly listeners
  • 4.9 stars with nearly 5,000 Apple Podcast reviews
  • Publishing 5 days a week since 2015
  • Ranked #4 U.S. investing podcast

You‘ll Love If…

  • Mentorship from investors managing millions to billions calls to you.
  • Conquering investing topics piece-by-piece motivates more than big picture advice.

Consider Elsewhere If…

  • You prefer digestible bites over 1-2 hour classes on niche themes.
  • Scrutinizing controversies intrigues you more than best practices.

For the sheer breadth and depth of investing intelligence supplied, The Investors Podcast delivers an education par excellence.

Let Preston and Stig guide your mastery step-by-step until you too attain mogul status!

Listen to The Investors Podcast for free on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Final Takeaways on Finding Your Best Investing Podcast

With peak investing shows matching your personal financial situation and learning style now in your podcatcher, knowledge unlocking wealth awaits.

Just remember as your competency grows to keep reevaluating content against your needs. And diversify recommendations across multiple trusted programs – no single source holds all the answers in investing education after all!

Here‘s to profitable listening. Your enriched money mindset thanks you in advance!

Further Listening

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