Hello There! Let‘s Explore the Top 4 Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Before jumping into the podcast reviews, let me provide some quick definitions in case you‘re completely new to the world of blockchain and digital assets:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Digital or virtual currencies secured through encryption (like Bitcoin or Ethereum). They are decentralized and traded person-to-person without banks or governments involved.

  • Blockchain: The underlying technology behind most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It creates a permanent, unchangeable digital ledger of transactions distributed across many computers. This allows digital currencies and assets to be securely traded peer-to-peer without middlemen.

  • Podcast: A recorded audio show, like a radio talk show, that you can download or stream on demand. Podcast topics range from comedy to true crime analysis to cryptocurrency insider analysis, like the shows featured here.

Now, on to why podcasts represent such a valuable way to stay up-to-speed with the fast evolving landscape of digital coins and blockchain projects…

Why Cryptocurrency Podcasts Matter

  • Unlike dense technical explainers, podcasts deliver insights conversationally from those embedded in the crypto space.

  • In a rapidly changing industry, podcasts frequently publish so listeners can access the most timely news, trends and commentary.

  • Podcasts allow multi-tasking, learning about crypto while driving, exercising or doing chores for instance.

  • Hosts often break down complex concepts and translate insider jargon into plain language.

  • Hearing dynamic discussions and interviews brings dimension to issues a written post may lack.

According to one survey from Voxnest, 32% of podcast listeners tune in to learn new information. So if you feel mystified by cryptos, hungry to gain an edge or merely crypto-curious – podcasts deliver.

Now, what should you look for in outstanding blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused shows?

How to Assess Cryptocurrency Podcast Quality

Here are key evaluation criteria to apply as you browse available podcast options:

  • Accuracy – Shows should provide well-researched information and cite sources. Hosts should have credentials and experience in crypto/tech.

  • Insider Access – The best podcasts feature exclusive interviews and insights from crypto luminaries and projects.

  • Beginner-Friendliness – Seek shows explaining complex ideas simply without oversimplifying concepts.

  • Entertainment Value – Engaging hosts and formats prevent dry topics from becoming boring.

  • Production Polish – A well-produced podcast signals quality and professionalism.

  • Regular Publication – Frequent release schedules ensure timely, relevant episode topics.

Now let‘s explore my top podcast picks showcasing these traits…

1. Coin Bureau – Your No-Nonsense Crypto Encyclopedia

Hosts: Guy and Co-Host Mike

Listeners: 1.3 million per episode

Pub. Schedule: 1 full episode weekly

Episode Length: 50-70 minutes

Coin Bureau emerged out of host Guy‘s immensely popular YouTube channel explaining cryptocurrencies. With over 2 million followers, Guy‘s simplistic yet comprehensive style won fans wanting crypto clarity without the hype.

Alongside co-host Mike injecting terrible dad jokes, Guy decompresses broad topics like crypto mining into digestible 25-minute videos. Their podcast provides a deeper exploration of key blockchain players and concepts.

Recent episode topics include:

  • DeFi attacks and threats ramping up
  • Crypto business models like play-to-earn gaming
  • The Ethereum triple halving approaching
  • Untangling Cosmos vs. Polkadot
  • Crypto staking returns and risks

Ideal For: Beginners and intermediates seeking explainers. Those turned off by hype and buzzwords.

Expert Voices: Researchers from across the industry like Linda Xie (Coinbase) or Will Foxley (CoinDesk)

Downsides: Light on current news or events. Host banter isn‘t for everyone.

Where to Listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

2. Unchained – Your Weekly Crypto News Fix

Host: Laura Shin

Listeners: 43,000 per episode

Schedule: 1 episode weekly

Length: 30-60 minutes

Former Forbes senior editor Laura Shin draws on her journalism chops to deliver Unchained – a "no-hype resource for all things crypto". Laura and guests offer level-headed breakdowns of the week‘s top news driving crypto and blockchain.

Recent episodes cover milestone events like:

  • The FTX implosion aftermath
  • Major crypto bank Silvergate‘s meltdown
  • Polkadot dropping 50% over lease slashing worries

Laura also grills prominent CEOs and founders like:

  • Sam Bankman-Fried after FTX‘s collapse
  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on the Ethereum merge
  • The Winklevoss twins on their Gemini exchange growth

For concise, solidly researched crypto current events coverage, Unchained consistently informs. Those seeking more conceptual talk may find episodes skipping strategic discussions. But listeners short on time will discover enough perspective to grasp developments.

Ideal For: Listeners wanting bite-sized news and interviews in under an hour.

Expert Voices: Execs across crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Binance), protocols, VCs and more

Downsides: Surface-level issue analysis. More computer/data talk than cultural.

Where to Listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

3 More Standout Shows You Need to Hear

Beyond Coin Bureau and Unchained, below are three additional podcasts warranting a follow by both crypto newcomers and OG blockchain heads:


The Rundown: Mind-expanding, philosophical deep dives into all things web3 and crypto spanning 1-2 hours. Hosts Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman discuss investing, culture and the decentralized future.

Listen If: You want an intellectual yet entertaining dive into the crypto revolution.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Rundown: Comics Joel Comm and Travis Wright make crypto accessible through banter, games, guest interviews and stories from the front lines.

Listen If: You like learning through humor and personality-driven chat.

Crypto 101

The Rundown: Hosts George Levy and Tyrone Ross Jr. designed this show as the ultimate beginner crash course breaking down blockchain terminology and concepts through dialogue.

Listen If: You want crypto clearly explained through casual back-and-forth rather than monologues.

Which Cryptocurrency Podcast Is Right For You?

While the shows mentioned represent outstanding options, coin and blockchain topics span an endless array of focus areas – regulations, mining, investing, Web3 applications and far more.

Podcast styles range widely as well, from single hosts lecturing to panel banter to long form interviews.

With such variety, what should you consider when selecting shows?

Tailor by Knowledge Level

If completely new to crypto, seek 101 shows like Crypto 101 unpacking terminology clearly. If well-versed already, go more advanced with Bankless.

Choose Content That Captivates

Pick podcasts covering crypto categories of interest rather than generic shows. Prefer crypto news and culture? Choose accordingly. Stay open to making multiple shows part of your rotation.

Factor In Attention Span

Some podcasts like Bankless run 90+ minutes requiring deep attention. Others like Unchained serve quick 30 minute news bursts for busy listeners.

Vet Podcaster Credentials

I emphasize hosts with blockchain expertise and insider access ensuring quality intel and interviews.

Tools like Charlie HR‘s podcast finder wizard allow you to filter shows by topic, style, host background and more. Test drive episodes before fully committing.

Choosing podcasts aligned to your goals and learning style makes absorbing crypto insights infinitely more rewarding.

Let the Learning Continue

Thousands of podcast options await spanning coins, news and tools like NFTs or DeFi. I hope highlighting productions like Coin Bureau and Unchained paves the way for you to keep discovering shows matching your interests.

Maybe you‘ll even launch your own podcast someday! Stranger things have happened in crypto.

I‘m eager to hear what podcasts you currently enjoy. Reach out on Twitter anytime @realName.

FAQs About Crypto Podcasts

What makes a good cryptocurrency podcast?

The best crypto podcasts combine accurate, insider information with engaging hosts and formats helping complex concepts stick. Key hallmarks include hosts with real expertise, exclusive access for interviews, clear communication and regular publishing schedules.

Should I take crypto investment advice from podcasts?

While podcasts represent powerful learning tools, most experts advise against making major financial decisions solely based on shows without doing your own research. Require hosts to disclose conflicts of interest and remember their incentives likely differ from yours.

How do I listen to podcasts as a beginner?

Platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or desktop apps like Overcast all allow free podcast streaming or downloads. Users can play episodes at adjustable speeds, skip forward/back easily. Downloading lets you listen without WiFi. Beginners should start with 101 shows explaining basics clearly before more advanced analysis.

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