The Top 5 Must-Play PlayStation 5 Games

Hi there! The PlayStation 5 represents a massive leap forward that enables incredibly immersive experiences. I‘ve played and extensively analyzed the top titles to help fellow gamers determine which PS5 games are worth playing. Let‘s dive in!

Introduction to PlayStation 5 Capabilities

Before highlighting standout titles, it helps to cover what makes PS5 games special from a technical perspective. Compared to last-gen, the CPU and GPU provide way more processing power. This enables richer visual effects and physics along with enhanced AI.

But the ultra-fast SSD storage is actually the secret weapon. By virtually eliminating loading times, developers can craft huge interconnected worlds and design games without compromise.

The PS5 also features cutting-edge haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support within the new DualSense controller. This lets you literally feel gameplay whether it‘s the tension of pulling back a bowstring or terrain textures beneath tires.

I weighed these innovative capabilities along with critical reception and personal experience to curate this list of must-play PS5 games that truly showcase the platform‘s strengths.

1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Insomniac Games knocks it out of the park once again with their inventive interdimensional adventure Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. This charming sci-fi platformer tops many PS5 game lists for good reason.

Traversing Rift Apart‘s visually resplendent worlds is an utter joy thanks to the SSD. Hopping between realities takes seconds rather than minutes of staring at loading screens. Reviewers at IGN praised this, saying "Rift Apart uses the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD to make gameplay more exciting at every opportunity."

The alien weaponry you wield feels wonderfully realized too. Game Informer described how, "The adaptive triggers expertly emulate each gun‘s unique feeling with great haptic feedback." From the Negatron Collider‘s steady thrum to the Topiary Sprinkler‘s schwicking vines, combat stays fresh and inventive.

Add in epic set pieces against towering bosses, vibrant alien vistas, and charming new characters like resistance fighter Rivet, and Rift Apart fires on every cylinder imaginable. This game flaunts the PS5‘s strengths magnificently.

Key Pros

  • Virtually no loading times when teleporting
  • Haptic feedback makes weapons feel incredible
  • Vibrant, detailed alien worlds


  • Story is somewhat predictable
  • Occasional invisible walls

2. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West builds upon one of PS4’s best exclusives, realizing a staggeringly beautiful post-apocalyptic America for Aloy to explore. developer Guerrilla Games leverages PS5 capabilities to fill this open world with an unprecedented density of detail that engrosses you fully into its vision of the 31st century.

DF Direct’s graphics analysis praised just how, “This is a 4K game that delivers excellent image quality, cutting no corners.” Review outlet GamesRadar agreed, saying "As one of PS5‘s first built-for-next-gen games, Forbidden West is staggeringly pretty at times."

From intricate character animations to storm-ravaged shorelines to flocks of glowing birds fluttering among trees, Forbidden West’s graphics showcase what’s attainable only on cutting-edge hardware. Even small touches like inventory item models or terrain destruction physics demonstrate astonishing fidelity powered by PS5 specs.

This awe-inspiring tech serves gameplay just as excellently. Navigating terrain and battling elaborate animalistic machines feels fluid and refined. Add in compelling characters and tribes to meet across this sprawling frontier, and Horizon Forbidden West earns its accolades as a must-own PS5 game.

Key Pros

  • Jaw-dropping fidelity with immense detail density
  • Satisfying traversal and combat
  • Well-realized post-apocalyptic open world


  • Narrative takes a while to gain momentum
  • Side quests vary in quality

3. Elden Ring

Legendary studio FromSoftware ventured into open world gaming for the first time with Elden Ring – and the results are nothing short of magical. The expert combat, cryptic lore, and imposing boss fights the team perfected in the Dark Souls trilogy mesh astoundingly well with explorable realms rich for adventure.

Elden Ring garnered universal acclaim as 2022’s highest rated game, currently sitting at a 96 average on Metacritic. Reviewers unanimously praised its scope and ambition. GamesRadar said “Elden Ring might just be FromSoftware‘s magnum opus” while Polygon described it as “a triumphant open-world epic.”

This astonishing achievement simply wouldn‘t be possible without the PS5’s technological advancements. The gorgeous lighting and environmental details immerse you wholly into its haunted landscapes. Towering, screen-filling demigod boss fights weaponize scale thanks to power well beyond PS4‘s capabilities. Elden Ring flaunts what modern gaming can achieve.

Key Pros

  • Massive yet tightly designed open world
  • Precision-based combat with outstanding enemy variety
  • Jaw-dropping vistas only possible on PS5


  • Very challenging for newcomers
  • Storytelling is cryptic

4. God of War Ragnarök

2018’s God of War reboot surprised many with its new emotional depth and Norse setting. Developer Sony Santa Monica could have coasted on a safe sequel, but instead ambitiously grew its semi-open world and invested heavily into further characterization with God of War Ragnarök.

You once again journey as Kratos alongside his son Atreus. Only this time, threats of apocalyptic prophecy strain their relationship through concealed secrets. It‘s a remarkably poignant narrative brought to life through outstanding voice acting and cutting-edge motion matching.

Reviewers praised this emotional core combined with the exponentially large world. Game Informer said "God of War Ragnarök caps off the Norse saga with an outstanding voyage," while GamesRadar raved “This incredible sequel raises the bar for narrative action games.”

The PS5 enhancements also amplify combat to new visceral heights. Kratos’ Leviathan Axe feels bone-crunchingly weighty when slamming into enemies thanks to exemplary haptic implementation. And the richly detailed environments paired with buttery smooth 60 FPS gameplay makes even simple traversal a wondrous delight.

Key Pros

  • Emotionally resonant story with great performances
  • Massive world filled with secrets and optional bosses
  • DualSense haptics add tangible force to combat


  • Certain boss fights overly reliant on adds
  • Lacks memorable new weapons

5. Gran Turismo 7

When Playstation launched in 1997, original Gran Turismo stood beside landmark titles like Final Fantasy VII as console defining. 25 years later, Gran Turismo 7 sets a new gold standard on PS5 for showcasing bleeding-edge racing realism through visual beauty and technology.

Series director Kazunori Yamauchi has always chaseed uncompromising accuracy. GT7 leverages PS5 power to model vehicle handling, tire dynamics, aerodynamics and more with custom physics calculations faster than ever before.

This combines with unparalleled car models, ray traced lighting, weather effects, and 3D scanned tracks to achieve unmatched immersion. Haptic feedback conveys tangible sensations of your tires gliding across rainy tarmac or screeching around corners. By every metric, GT7 sits at the pinnacle of achievable realism this hardware generation.

The stunning result earned acclaim from critics, including a 10/10 from VGC who said “Polyphony Digital makes a truly next-generation racing simulator.” Destructoid agreed, saying “I am blown away by just how good everything looks…the PS5 is really getting one hell of a workout here.” Treat yourself to Gran Turismo 7 to experience the literal cutting edge of high-fidelity gaming made possible by PS5 power.

Key Pros

  • Incredibly realistic and detailed vehicles
  • Class-leading weather, physics and damage simulation
  • Remarkable haptics increase driving immersion


  • Light on single player career mode content
  • Microtransactions push some GT7 aspects too heavily

What To Consider When Buying PS5 Games

With so many outstanding titles across varied genres releasing for PS5, it helps narrow down your options by factoring preferences around:

Preferred Genres: Not everyone will love punishing action-RPGs like Elden Ring or artsy adventures such as Stray and its kitty protagonist. But do adore open worlds to lose yourself in for hours? Horizon and Elden Ring are sensational picks. Analyzing genres helps inform ideal choices catered to your tastes.

Art Style: Thanks to the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD and powerful GPU enabling sumptuous graphics, games flaunt wildly varied aesthetics. The colorful alien vistas of Ratchet & Clank stand worlds apart from GT7’s photorealism tech showcase. Factor which visual styles resonate while assessing titles.

Focus on Single or Multiplayer: Some may desire emotionally impactful solo experiences chronicling Kratos & Atreus in God of War Ragnarök over competing against others online. But plenty crave challenging friends in fighters like Street Fighter 6 or uniting to siege castles in medieval RPG Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. Determining key priorities around multiplayer early helps inform smart PS5 game picks.

Accessibility Considerations: Gaming provides joy to everyone, so factor particular accessibility needs while weighing options to determine playability. Difficulty adjustments in stirring adventures like Sifu or customizable controls to overcome mobility challenges means more can experience fantastic PS5 games.

The Future of Gaming Shines Brightly

We’re only scratching the surface of what visionary developers can achieve harnessing bleeding-edge PlayStation 5 architecture. As studios refine expertise coding for unique capabilities like ray tracing and SSD asset streaming, fathoms more immersive worlds await filled with AI driven stories or computing previously impossible.

Upcoming experiences螺 like action-platformer Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or emotional narrative shooter The Last of Us Part 1 Remake in late 2022 already promise to raise benchmarks. And with PSVR 2 bringing virtual reality to PS5 in 2023, innovation feels unbounded.

The creative potential from synergizing lightning-fast performance, custom controller technology and more empowers developers to shatter preconceived notions. We’ve only glimpsed the beginnings of a new gaming renaissance. The days ahead shine brightly thanks to PlayStation 5 capabilities in brilliant minds’ hands – I can’t wait to experience revolutionary projects on the horizon!

Let me know if you have any other questions about making the most of the PS5 and its amazing library!

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