The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

Vermont, nestled between the picturesque Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, is rapidly emerging as an unexpected tech hub. While better known for maple syrup and artisanal cheese, Vermont‘s tech industry is experiencing impressive growth thanks to burgeoning startups and established players seeking an optimal blend of lifestyle and opportunity.

Key factors propelling Vermont‘s tech success include:

  • Innovation in niche industries: Vermont has carved a niche in areas like healthcare IT, green tech, fintech, robotics, and cybersecurity. Homegrown companies and startups are driving cutting-edge R&D.

  • Supportive startup infrastructure: Incubators like the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies provide critical backing for early stage companies through funding, facilities, and connections.

  • Academic excellence: Institutions like the University of Vermont, Champlain College, and Vermont Technical College nourish local tech talent pipelines across computer science, engineering, data science and more.

  • High quality of life: Vermont‘s natural beauty, vibrant communities, excellent schools and low crime rates make it appealing for tech professionals seeking work-life balance.

This formula has paved the way for an estimated 5% tech industry workforce contribution and $2.3 billion impact on Vermont‘s economy.

For those seeking both career opportunity and lifestyle fulfillment, joining Vermont‘s flourishing tech landscape can be a savvy move. This guide covers the seven best-paying tech jobs in Vermont along with salary ranges, responsibilities, requirements, and growth prospects.

Highest Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

1. Lead Data Scientist

Salary Range: $144,000 – $227,000

As data permeates every industry, top-notch data scientists who can derive powerful insights are invaluable. Lead data scientists manage end-to-end projects from data mining to building advanced models that influence key business decisions.

You‘ll utilize cutting-edge techniques like machine learning and statistical analysis while mastering tools like Python and Hadoop. Solid communication skills are key as you‘ll translate data findings into executable plans across departments.

With Vermont‘s tech sector booming, lead data scientists play an integral strategic role. Those looking to elevate their analytics careers will find the Green Mountain state fertile ground.

2. Senior Information Architect

Salary Range: $143,000 – $234,000

Senior information architects design the very blueprints shaping user journeys through websites, apps and other digital touchpoints. Blending science and art, you‘ll analyze research and craft experiences optimized for engagement and conversion.

Your responsibilities span information structure, user flows, wireframing, prototyping and conveying vision to development teams. You‘ll also coordinate with various internal stakeholders from product managers to the C-suite to translate business needs into cohesive interactions.

For those who find thrill in harmonizing technology with design principles to forge digital masterpieces, senior information architect positions represent the pinnacle.

3. Senior IT Manager

Salary Range: $141,000 – $226,000

In rapidly evolving tech environments like Vermont‘s, senior IT managers serve as mission-critical helmsmen. You‘ll steer overall infrastructure strategy from cybersecurity to systems integration while managing daily IT operations.

Overseeing technical teams, liaising between departments, optimizing service delivery and ushering change are all part of the job. Budget and vendor management also fall under your purview.

For natural-born IT leaders looking for new challenges in one of America‘s hottest emerging tech geographies, senior IT manager roles represent the ultimate destination.

4. Senior Linux Engineer

Salary Range: $134,000 – $203,000

With Unix and open source at the heart of modern infrastructure, senior Linux engineers are indispensable. You‘ll architect Linux environments from the ground up spanning on-prem, hybrid and cloud.

Ensuring optimal performance, stability and security of complex systems while leading junior engineering teams is par for the course. You‘ll also stay on top of latest advances across Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE along with orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

For Linux devotees passionate about pushing platforms to their limits, Vermont presents open roads to build, innovate and lead.

5. Cybersecurity Manager

Salary Range: $125,000 – $211,000

Cyberthreats represent billion-dollar business risks demanding ever-vigilant defense. As cybersecurity manager, you are the leading gatekeeper overseeing complex infrastructure safeguarding critical systems and data.

Your responsibilities stretch across software lifecycle oversight, hardware upgrades, resource allocation, vulnerability monitoring and remediation. Regulatory compliance including ISO 27001 and incident response planning also fall under your purview.

With cybercrime exponentially escalating, qualified security leaders are scarce. Vermont presents fertile proving grounds to implement robust cyber strategies ensuring ironclad yet agile protection.

6. Senior Network Engineer

Salary Range: $123,000 – $192,000

Senior network engineers design and actualize the connectivity fabric powering modern tech infrastructure. You’ll architect networks spanning LAN/WAN capabilities, wireless, security and more with availability, speed and future-readiness in mind.

Working alongside CTOs and IT directors, you’ll also develop long-term roadmaps and lead junior engineering teams while keeping latest network advancements like SD-WAN and 5G in view.

Those desiring to push their network engineering prowess to the next level will find welcoming frontiers in Vermont ripe for exploration.

7. Technical Sales Manager

Salary Range: $104,000 – $179,000

Technical sales managers fuse critical people skills with engineering savvy to match emerging innovations with market opportunities. Your responsibilities span opportunity analysis, demand forecasting, customer mapping and consultative proposal development.

Deep subject expertise is mandatory as you must compellingly demonstrate ROI across intricate SaaS, mobility, security and other solutions. Building authentic customer relationships and advocating on their behalf is also critical.

For hybrid sales and tech professionals seeking new frontiers offering quality of life and revenue possibilities, Vermont‘s soaring tech industry beckons.

Education & Certifications to Boost Your Prospects

Vermont’s tech landscape presents unlimited possibilities. Bolstering your skillset through education and credentials can significantly advance your career.

Popular pathways include:

Formal Education

  • Bachelor‘s degrees (computer science, IT, engineering)
  • Master‘s degrees (for specialized roles like data science)
  • MBA (for managerial roles)

Alternative Training

  • Immersive coding bootcamps
  • UX/UI design programs
  • Cybersecurity workshops


  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Cybersecurity (CISSP, CISA)
  • Project management (PMP, CSM)
  • Data/Business Intelligence (Tableau, Qlik)
  • IT infrastructure (CCNA, VMWare)

Leveraging Vermont’s academic network along with abundant online options offers flexibility for charting your own course based on interests and aspirations.

Navigating Your Tech Career Voyage

Vermont’s thriving tech ecosystem provides varied pathways for advancement across industries from startups to healthcare.

Potential Career Progressions

  • Software developer → senior developer → director of engineering
  • Data analyst → data scientist → head of analytics
  • IT support specialist → systems administrator → IT director
  • Sales engineer → product manager → CTO

Development Opportunities

  • Mentorships: Local tech firms actively foster talent through technical and managerial mentorships.
  • Conferences & events: Annual Vermont Tech Jam together with meetups facilitate invaluable peer networking and learning for technicians and leaders alike.
  • Workshops & continuing education: Upskilling opportunities span tech-specific as well as general career-accelerating areas like communications, emotional intelligence and more.

Vermont’s interconnected yet growing landscape enables well-charted courses staying ahead of industry trends.

Reasons Why Vermont Rules for Tech Pros

Seeking fulfillment beyond lucrative compensation? Vermont brings together an enticing blend of career excitement and lifestyle prosperity.

Work-Life Balance
Vermont offers invigorating four-season recreation from skiing to hiking alongside top-rated public schools and low crime.

Cost Savings
Housing, taxes and other costs are roughly 15% below the national average while salaries rival major metros.

Community & Networks
Vermont offers an unparalleled sense of community making for valuable connections. Local tech associations foster abundant networking and growth possibilities across various specializations.

The state nicknamed the “Green Mountain State” presents a compelling overall package merging culture, scenery and career opportunities placing it firmly on the US tech map now and for years to come.

Summary: Best Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

RankJob TitleSalary Range
1Lead Data Scientist$144,000 – $227,000
2Senior Information Architect$143,000 – $234,000
3Senior IT Manager$141,000 – $226,000
4Senior Linux Engineer$134,000 – $203,000
5Cybersecurity Manager$125,000 – $211,000
6Senior Network Engineer$123,000 – $192,000
7Technical Sales Manager$104,000 – $179,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is propelling tech innovation and jobs in Vermont?

Vermont has established thriving tech hubs in niche areas like healthcare IT, cybersecurity, robotics, renewable energy and more. Homegrown startups together with support from academic institutions and startup incubators are driving rapid jobs growth. Vermont‘s high quality of life and lower cost of living are also attracting top talent from pricier metros.

What opportunities exist for women and minorities?

Many tech companies are prioritizing DEI commitments providing mentorships, internal development programs and partnering with local organizations like Change the Story VT to improve women representation in particular. Continued progression in this direction is key to nurturing a welcoming, diverse tech community.

How can I keep updated on emerging tech jobs and trends in Vermont?

Staying plugged into local tech networks like the Vermont Technology Alliance will keep you looped in through newsletters, job boards and events. Following leading employers and startups on social media together with attending annual conferences like the Vermont Tech Jam also provide visibility into the latest developments.

Do I need a 4-year college degree to land a high-paying tech job in Vermont?

While a bachelor‘s degree in a relevant field like computer science or information technology can be advantageous, emerging bootcamp models focus exclusively on gaining in-demand technical skills for landing that first job to jumpstart your career. Many employers emphasize competency over credentials with alternate pathways like online certifications available.

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