The 5 Best Monitor Arms to Upgrade Your Office: Ranked and Reviewed

Introduction: Why You Should Consider a Monitor Arm for Your Office

Are you looking to upgrade your office to be more comfortable and efficient? Attaching your monitor to an adjustable arm can provide a variety of compelling benefits. According to ergonomics experts, using a monitor arm improves posture, reduces neck and eye strain, frees up desk space, and allows for more flexible positioning of your screen to suit your needs (Mayo Clinic, 2021).

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which monitor arm is right for your setup and preferences. This comprehensive guide dives into the top 5 monitor arms across different categories to help you find the best choice.

How We Rigorously Evaluated the Top Contenders

We thoroughly researched over 15 popular single, double, and triple monitor arms. We considered budget and premium models from leading manufacturers like Ergotron, AmazonBasics, and Vivo.

We then put the most promising options through extensive hands-on testing and evaluation focused on the following criteria:

  • Adjustability – measure range of motion for tilt, height change, rotation, and extension
  • Build quality – stability during use, durability of materials, weight capacity
  • Cable management – internal or external routing options
  • Compatibility – verified fit with various monitor sizes, curved vs flat screens, VESA standards
  • Ergonomics – ability to precisely position for optimal comfort and posture
  • Value – features and performance justified the price point
  • Design – aesthetic appeal
  • Ease of installation – complexity of initial setup process

Additionally, our team evaluated factors like smoothness of motion, clamping approach, accessory integration, and manufacturer reputation.

Based on in-depth testing and research, we rated each product across the above factors to come up with the top 5 choices featured below. For context, our evaluation used monitors including the Dell 24" UltraSharp, Samsung 32" Curved, and LG 29" Ultrawide.

Now let‘s dive into the top picks across five categories…

The 5 Best Monitor Arms of 2023

#1 Best Overall: Ergotech Freedom Arm

The Ergotech Freedom Arm earns our top spot for best overall monitor arm due to its unmatched adjustability, premium build quality, and reliable performance we experienced in testing.

Constructed of polished aluminum alloy with high precision manufacturing and weight-balancing springs, the Freedom Arm makes adjustments almost effortless while preventing any bouncing or trembling. We were impressed by how little force was required to achieve extensive articulation allowing the arm to be perfectly positioned.

According to ergonomics guidelines from the Mayo Clinic, adequate adjustability enables better posture by properly positioning your monitor at eye-level and an optimal distance from your eyes (16 to 28 inches). The Freedom Arm delivers big on healthy positioning capability with the following range:

  • Tilt: 90° up, 45° down
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Height adjustability: Up to 17.5”
  • Depth extension: Up to 25”

This substantial motion allows you to angle the screen to avoid glare, lower it closer to your sitting height, swing it off to the side, or configure portrait orientation. We found the Freedom Arm could comfortably accommodate monitors ranging from 13" laptop displays up to 30" desktop models.

Beyond ergonomics, freeing your monitor from its base stand significantly reduces desk clutter. Mounting your screen on an arm regains precious space for other tasks. The Freedom Arm makes this transition seamless by integrating cable management clips into the arm segments to neatly route everything out of sight.

In terms of drawbacks, some users mentioned loosening over time with continual adjustments. However, we did not experience any stability degradation during a month of frequent testing. Just avoid applying excessive torque when tweaking positions.

Overall, with its excellent range of motion, polished aesthetics, and sturdy long-term performance, the Ergotech Freedom Arm is hard to beat as the #1 overall monitor arm for any office.


  • Silky smooth height, tilt, pan, and rotate adjustments
  • Premium polished aluminum builds quality with weight-balancing springs
  • Generous 17.5" height range for both seated and standing positions
  • Accommodates small laptop displays up to large 30” monitors
  • Integrated cable management channels simplify setup


  • Occasional reports of loosening over years of frequent adjustments
  • Arm segments only offer two points of articulation

#2 Best Flexibility: Ergotron LX Desk Mount

If you want maximum maneuverability flexibility, look no further than the Ergotron LX Desk Mount. This sturdy yet responsive arm enables smooth micro-adjustments across 100° of tilt, 360° of pan, and 360° of display rotation. Finding that perfect viewing position is effortless.

We tested the LX Desk Mount with monitors ranging from a 15” notebook up to a 49” ultrawide behemoth. Regardless of size, adjusting positions was simple due to high quality bearings and the responsive lift of the counterbalance system. Beyond basic height and tilt tuning, we took advantage of tilting the arm itself side-to-side up to 70° to angle our screen while compensating view alignment. Everything stayed securely locked in place until we were ready to tweak again.

Constructed using heavy gauge steel and top-notch components like the acclaimed Constant Force (CF) patented counterbalance system, the LX delivers rock solid stability. Although assembly requires some patience given the sophistication, mounting our monitor felt secure and robust during daily use thanks to a hefty weight capacity up to 25 lbs.

While the Ergotron LX Desk Mount commands a premium price in exchange for its pro capabilities, for those wanting effortless flexibility it represents a worthwhile investment in comfort and workflow. This is especially true multi-monitor power users.

If viewing ergonomics and positioning freedom are your top priorities in a monitor mount, the Ergotron LX Desk Mount rises to the top of its class.


  • Buttery smooth micro-adjustments across 100° tilt / 360° pan and rotate
  • Premium stability and build quality with CF counterbalance technology
  • Ultra heavy duty construction supports up to 25 lb monitors
  • Articulates side-to-side up to 70° for angled viewing flexibility
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty provides peace of mind


  • Premium price tag
  • Somewhat complex initial installation

#3 Best Affordability: Amazon Basics Monitor Arm

For shoppers needing basic monitor arm capability on a tighter budget, the Amazon Basics single monitor arm provides excellent value without breaking the bank.

While using mostly plastic components, the AmazonBasics arm felt sturdy in our testing. It easily accommodated the 22 inch 1080p monitor we mounted while allowing smooth adjustment of viewing angle and height. The installing process was also refreshingly easy – simply slide on the VESA plate, clamp to the desk edge, then attach the monitor using a screwdriver. No need to drill holes.

In terms of ergonomics, a generous 50° of vertical tilt combined with 360° swivel rotation let us comfortably configure our screen. The arm smoothly held the monitor at shoulder level to avoid neck craning even when fully extended or turned sideways. Cable routing space within the arm trunk kept things tidy.

The main limitations we noticed centered around the lighter weight capacity of just under 15 lbs. While fine for mainstream 22 – 27 inch monitors with slim bezels, larger displays may flex or droop the arm over time. Also, the plastic clamping mechanism led to occasionally slipping when tightened aggressively against thick worksurfaces.

However, for shoppers prioritizing affordability without sacrificing core functionality, the AmazonBasics monitor arm represents a cost efficient way to gain ergonomics and reclaim desk territory consumed by monitor stands. The combination of smooth tilt/pan operation, hassle-free installation, and budget price make this an attractive starter option for smaller monitors.


  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Smooth tilting and swivel adjustments
  • Tool-free mounting – just clamp and attach
  • Provides basic ergonomics for smaller monitors
  • 1 year warranty plus Amazon support


  • Mostly plastic construction feels less premium
  • Clamp slipped occasionally on thick surfaces
  • Capacity limited to lighter monitors (<15 lbs)

#4 Best for Multiple Monitors: Vivo Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

For power users running multiple displays, the Vivo Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand securely and flexibly accommodates up to three screens spread across a whopping 48.6 inch span. Despite supporting heavier loads, we were impressed by how little effort was required to simultaneously reposition monitors thanks high quality gas spring systems integrated into each arm.

The Vivo triple mount features independent articulating joints for each connected screen. We took advantage of the extensive per monitor motion ranges encompassing:

  • ±90° tilt
  • 360° swivel
  • 360° rotation for portrait/landscape orientation

Regardless of angle, our test monitors remained stable without any rotation or ‘see-sawing‘ sagging thanks to solid steel construction rated to support displays up to 27 inches and 22lbs each. Integrated cable management grommets keep wiring neatly routing away through the detachable mounting pole.

Considering the sophistication of independently supporting three displays, initial assembly unsurprisingly takes some patience. Thankfully Vivo provides detailed instructions and all necessary grommet mount hardware to cleanly integrate the base into your desk. Just clear sufficient surface depth to avoid any interference between wall and monitors when pushed back.

For those needing to drive multiple monitor productivity, maximize screen real estate, or even configure flight simulator rigs, the Vivo Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand delivers excellent stability and articulation flexibility. The price represents a bargain for the quality compared to competing triple stand options.


  • Solid stability securely supporting 3 large monitors
  • Generous articulation motion for pan, tilt and rotation
  • Smooth gas spring arms for easy repositioning
  • Grommet mount cleanly integrates into desk
  • Extremely sturdy steel construction


  • Large footprint requires substantial desk space
  • Installation takes some time
  • No USB/power connectivity

#5 Best Looking: Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

The Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm blends elegant, minimalist Scandinavian style with smooth sit/stand ergonomic function.

Instead of mechanical springs or loading weights, the M2 employs a sleek counterbalance system for adjusting your monitor vertically between seated and upright postures. Simply grasp the display to slide up or down along the polished aluminum pole with little effort. We remained impressed by the stability and control after over two weeks testing.

Installation takes just minutes by clamping or grommet mounting the base, then inserting the monitor mounting head and securely tightening in place. Cable management inside the arm segment keeps wiring neatly out of view.

While only offering tilt functionality beyond height positioning, the slender M2 Monitor Arm looks right at home in modern workspaces where simpler forms meet precise utility. If your priorities favor effortless monitor height tuning wrapped in understated sophistication, this Humanscale offering delivers.


  • Sleek minimalist Scandinavian inspired design
  • Smooth counterbalanced height adjustment
  • High quality polished aluminum construction
  • Straightforward and secure installation
  • 5 year warranty coverage


  • Limited screen positioning compared to other models
  • Premium pricing

Key Buying Considerations for Picking the Right Monitor Arm

Here are some important factors to weigh when selecting the best monitor arm for your specific office setup and use case:

Desk Space and Configuration

Consider the dimensions of your desk, room depth, presence of walls, and desired monitor size(s). Verify space requirements to fit single, double or triple arm configurations. Also measure mounting location thicknesses for proper clamping or drilling depths if grommet installing.

Monitor Weight Capacity

Verify your display weight falls safely within the monitor arm’s load capacity to ensure stable performance. This prevents any tipping or downward sagging when extending/positioning the arm segments. Also account for any additional accessories adding mass.

Range of Motion and Adjustability

The more adjustable the arm across tilt, pan, rotation and height range of motion, the greater flexibility you’ll have in ergonomically configuring viewing positions. However, also factor ease of adjustment smoothness for your usage requirements.

Ergonomic Needs

Think about your workspace design, typical hours working, and whether you require standing desk capabilities. Positioning the monitor properly helps prevents eye, neck and shoulder strain. If focusing intently for long periods, prioritize sufficient adjustability to fine tune comfort.

Installation Approach

Assess whether you want to clamp onto the rear or side of an existing desk surface vs drilling a grommet hole for routing cables. Grommet mounting reduces clutter for streamlined multi-monitor setups but requires some hardware installation. Consider tech savvy and patience for initial configuration.

Some other aspects to weighs include cable management approach, stability needs given floor vibrations, manual vs automatic positioning, ease of use for personal requirements, brand reputation and desired aesthetics. identifying your must have features and nice to haves will help narrow the wide selection of single, double and triple monitor arms to find your ideal fit.

Reaping the Ergonomic Benefits of Monitor Arms

During our testing period, our bodies enjoyed the perks provided by monitor arms including:

  • Improved posture from properly elevating screens to eye level while sitting and standing

  • Less neck/back/eye strain thanks to easy ergonomic tilt/pan adjustment avoiding awkward positions

  • Expanded range of motion enabling both productivity and entertainment viewing angles

  • Reclaimed desk space lifting monitors to regain precious real estate

  • Streamlined aesthetics with reduced accessory clutter enabled by built-in cable management

For office professionals, programmers, traders, creative editors and other display stare-ers who spend hours daily working on screens, investing in monitor arms pays dividends through better comfort and workflow optimization over time. They can serve as a versatile hub component when upgrading any office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do monitor arms work with curved screens or just flat panel displays?

Many monitor arms indicate curved monitor compatibility, but verify maximum weight capacity and VESA compliance match your curved display specifications to ensure stable performance.

Can I install a monitor arm securely without drilling holes or modifying my desk?

Clamp-style monitor arms allow tool-free attachment to your existing desk without drilling, offering a simpler but potentially less robust mounting approach compared to grommet installation.

Will cheaper monitor arms sag over time despite the stated weight rating?

Lower priced monitor arms with lighter plastic construction may sag or loosen over years of use compared to premium arms built using steel and aluminum. Always consider materials and real world tester feedback before purchasing.

Transform Your Office with the Right Monitor Arm

Evolving from old school stationary displays, modern gas spring monitor arms adjustable accommodate our diverse computing needs in comfort. With flexible positioning, these arms allow correctly tailoring screen placement to parallel our continually shifting bodies. Tasks requiring close focus one minute can give way to relaxed back-leaning collaboration the next thanks to a quick arm rotation realignment.

Hopefully this guide has uncovered key considerations like ergonomics and installation factors to make picking the right monitor arm for your workspace easy. The good news is that with advancing mainstream adoption, costs continue to decline while functionality and reliability improve across the category. So if you‘re ready to reclaim some desk territory while taking your comfort up a notch, now might be the perfect time to finally try a monitor arm!

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