The 6 Best Fishing Apps Worth Using: Ranked and Reviewed

Fishing apps have become an indispensable tool for modern anglers. With a robust fishing app on your phone, you can access weather forecasts, maps, social platforms to get insider tips, and even log your own catches. But with hundreds of options to choose from, it can be daunting to find the best fishing app to meet your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we evaluate the top fishing apps available to help you reel in the big one.

Key Factors for Choosing a Fishing App

When selecting a fishing app, there are a few key factors savvy anglers consider:

Reliability: The information and features need to be dependable and up-to-date to be useful. Inaccurate data is frustrating.

Features: The best fishing apps are packed with useful features like weather tracking, maps, fish activity predictions, social platforms, and more. Consider which features will be most helpful for your fishing needs.

Price: While some excellent fishing apps offer free versions, unlocking all the prime features usually requires a paid subscription. Evaluate whether the subscription cost provides good value.

Keep these factors in mind as we dive into the top fishing app contenders.

#1 Best Fishing App: Fishbrain

With its advanced fish activity predictions and treasure trove of insider community intel, Fishbrain stands out as the best overall fishing app available today.

Key Features

  • Uses AI and big data to generate accurate predictions for fish activity hotspots
  • Detailed maps with contours, depth markings, vegetation, structure indications
  • Social community of anglers share tips and fishing spots
  • Log catches, share photos, earn badges
  • Weather, tide, lunar and solar tracking

While the app offers a free version, the $12.99 monthly subscription unlocks the full suite of premium features. Many users find it‘s well worth the cost.


  • Very reliable fish activity forecasts
  • Wealth of community intel
  • Slick interface and UX


  • Expensive subscription fee
  • Some inaccurate user contributed data

For hardcore anglers, the premium version of Fishbrain provides tremendous value with accurate AI-powered analysis and an engaged community. Casual fishermen may not require all the pro features though.

#2 Best Budget App: FishAngler

The FishAngler app offers an impressive set of free features combined with an affordable $4.99 monthly subscription for upgrading to premium. For budget-minded fishermen, it’s a great fishing app option.

Key Features

  • Saves maps for offline use – handy when no cellular signal
  • Log catches, share photos
  • Weather tracking to plan trips
  • Community boards to exchange tips and tricks
  • Predictions for fish activity hot spots

The premium version adds higher definition maps, more fishing hotspots, ad-free experience.


  • Great free version
  • Inexpensive subscription upgrade
  • Reliable predictions and data


  • Somewhat cluttered interface
  • Community not as large as Fishbrain

For anglers who don’t want to splurge on a fishing app but still want quality features, FishAngler fits the bill. The community intel may not be as abundant, but the app gets all the functionality right.

#3 Best Forecasting: Fishing Points

Serious fishermen know that planning around weather, tidal movements, and other environmental factors is crucial for success. That’s where an app like Fishing Points shines.

Key Features

  • Weather tracking and forecasts
  • Solunar and tidal movement data
  • Save favorite fishing locations
  • Fish activity analysis

Fishing Points makes it easy to monitor all the forecast data that impacts when and where fish are biting. Keeping logs of favorite fishing holes is also a nice perk.


  • Excellent weather and environmental tracking
  • Logs for favorite fishing spots
  • Clean, intuitive interface


  • Fish activity predictions could be more accurate
  • Fewer social features

If you diligently track forecasts to plan your fishing trips, Fishing Points should be in your arsenal. Getting weather right is critical for an enjoyable, productive fishing outing.

#4 Best Fishing Locations: Fishing Spots

As an app devoted entirely to identifying the best fishing locations, Fishing Spots is tough to beat. The crowdsourced data from fellow anglers produces fishing hotspots you can rely on.

Key Features

  • Crowdsourced fishing hotspots
  • Interactive maps with depth contour lines
  • Weather and water temperature data
  • Community feed with catches, tips, photos

Fishing Spots compiles the hard-won fishing hole intelligence from real fishermen saving you time scouting. It also provides helpful weather data layered on intuitive maps.


  • Excellent community-contributed fishing locations
  • Good supplementary weather info
  • Free to use


  • Some inaccurate community data
  • Cluttered social feed

Finding productive fishing spots is fundamentally what most anglers want help with. Fishing Spots taps into collective community knowledge to highlight locations worth trying in your area.

#5 Best Competitions: iAngler Tournament

Avid fishermen like to test their skills against others in tournaments. The iAngler Tournament app makes finding and tracking competitive fishing events a breeze.

Key Features

  • Tournament event schedules and details
  • Manage club memberships
  • Track standings from leaderboards

Getting started in tournament fishing, iAngler Tournament is the go-to app for finding events, signing up to compete, and tracking where you stand against rivals.


  • Simple, focused on tournaments
  • Event schedules and registration
  • Standings leaderboards


  • No supplementary fishing data
  • Some user interface quirks

For anglers bitten by the competitive fishing bug, iAngler Tournament is tailored specifically for tracking tournaments and competitions in your region.

#6 Best Social: Anglr

The social community aspect sets Anglr apart. It’s essentially Facebook for fishermen.

Key Features

  • Robust fishing community feed
  • Groups and private messages
  • Log catches and fishing data
  • Follow top anglers for tips

Anglr makes connecting with fellow local anglers incredibly easy. Tapping into shared intelligence helps all fishermen be more successful.


  • Very active social community
  • Catches logging
  • Groups and private messaging


  • Fewer fishing location finder features
  • Some inaccurate crowd-sourced intel

If the community side appeals to you, Anglr delivers a full-fledged social experience allowing anglers to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

How to Choose: Key Steps for Evaluating Fishing Apps

Hopefully this guide has shed light on what fishing apps have to offer. But how do you decide what’s the best fishing app for your personal needs? Follow these key steps:

Step 1 – Define Needs

First, reflect on what would be most helpful for improving your fishing outings. Do you need forecasts, maps, community tips, or logging for catches? Outline your must-have features.

Step 2 – Compare Apps

Next, with your needs defined, examine fishing apps to see which ones align with the features you’re seeking. Evaluating multiple apps side-by-side makes apparent which excel in certain areas.

Step 3 – Read Reviews

Take time reading user reviews for the apps you’re considering. This provides qualitative insights into reliability, ease of use, where apps could improve. People are candid sharing pros and cons.

Step 4 – Test Free Trials

Many fishing apps offer free trial periods for premium versions. Take advantage of free trials to evaluate features and overall UX before committing. Testing firsthand is invaluable.

Following this methodical process of identifying needs, making side-by-side comparisons, reading reviews, and taking test drives ensures you choose the best fishing app for the way you fish.

Key Takeaways Using Fishing Apps

While features vary across apps, leveraging a fishing app generally improves the fishing experience. Here’s what you gain:

Find New Spots The best apps provide reliable suggestions on fishing hotspots from factors like structure, past catches, and predicted fish activity.

Plan Trips Tracking real-time weather, tidal movements, and other forecasts let you pick prime times to head out.

Log Catches Recording each fishing trip builds helpful data over time on lures, locations, and patterns for future success.

Gain Insider Info Fishing app communities share valuable intelligence on productive techniques, bait, seasons, and more that would take years to learn firsthand.

Take advantage of these benefits by arming yourself with one of the best fishing apps outlined above. They make you a smarter angler.

Summary: Top Fishing Apps Ranked

RankAppBest For
#1FishbrainOverall Fishing
#2FishAnglerBudget Option
#3Fishing PointsForecasting
#4Fishing SpotsFishing Locations
#5iAngler TournamentCompetitions
#6AnglrSocial Platform

Upgrade your fishing game with one of these stellar fishing apps! With the right technology, your next big catch is just around the riverbend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What app shows the best lures and bait to use?

Fishbrain and FishAngler provide reliable predictions on productive lures and bait based on up-to-date catching data, time of year, structure, and weather patterns. Cross-check across both apps.

Can I use fishing apps if I fish from shore rather than a boat?

Yes, absolutely. Apps like Fishing Spots and Anglr have settings to identify hotspots accessible from shore or piers without a boat. Their communities also share bank fishing insights.

Is there an app showing the best fishing times?

Fishing Points offers excellent tracking of weather, tidal movements, and other data to pinpoint prime fishing times. Key is factoring multiple environmental signals that influence fish activity.

Can I keep my favorite fishing spots private while using these apps?

Most fishing apps allow you to keep your personal hotspots hidden on maps viewable only to you. You can still benefit from crowdsourced data without volunteering your secret honey holes.

Do any apps indicate if water is safe for eating caught fish?

Unfortunately no. State fishing & wildlife agencies provide guidance on water body contaminant risks and fish consumption warnings. Best to check official state advisories.

Equipped with the inside scoop on the top fishing apps, you have no excuse to not reel in a monster catch during your next outing. Download a couple apps, explore the features, and discover which one clicks with your fishing style today!

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