Top 15 Best EV YouTube Channels

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly rising in popularity as more affordable and practical options come to market. With growth projected to skyrocket over the next decade, interest in learning about EVs along with it. That‘s where YouTube comes in.

YouTube has become an indispensable resource for learning about EVs, connecting curious newcomers with experts and enthusiasts eager to share their knowledge. The platform‘s visual format is perfectly suited for showing how EVs work, comparing different models, and test driving the latest offerings.

In this guide, we‘ll tour 15 of the top YouTube channels covering all-things electric vehicles. From detailed technical breakdowns, to the latest EV news and reviews, to conversion tutorials, these channels offer expert insight from long-time EV fans and professionals. Read on for the key themes, popular series, and unique approaches of each channel.

fullychargedshow – The Leading EV Video Channel

Fully Charged has earned its place as the internet‘s most popular and far-reaching electric vehicle channel after over a decade of quality content. Hosted by actor and sustainability advocate Robert Llewellyn, fullychargedshow publishes multiple weekly videos on the latest EV headlines along with lively test drives and interviews.

The channel‘s relaxed style and real-world focus make even complex technical topics engaging and easy to understand. Can‘t-miss playlists like "Beginners Guide to EVs" and "Electric Vehicles Compared" have introduced countless viewers to the world of electric transport. Other Fully Charged highlights include inside looks at emerging EV companies and their technologies, commentary on EV adoption challenges, and public charging experiments.

With over 2 million subscribers and published in 7 languages, fullychargedshow has sparked the imagination of EV fans worldwide.

Transport Evolved – Explaining the EV Revolution

Transport Evolved takes viewers behind the scenes of the electric vehicle revolution, focusing on the latest developments in the auto industry as traditional carmakers join startups in racing toward an all-electric future.

Long-time host Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield applies her experience as an EV expert to decode the trends, tech, and news shaping the next generation of zero-emissions transport. Whether it‘s test driving pre-production EVs, touring cutting-edge battery labs, or interviewing industry insiders, Transport Evolved gives context to the flood of news around EVs.

For prospective buyers overwhelmed with choices, the channel‘s model comparison videos, real-world range and charging experiments, and cost saving tips simplify the transition to electric. Transport Evolved brings clarity and expertise to the rapidly changing EV landscape.

BenjaminNelson – Rapid Fire EV Updates

BenjaminNelson packs each short 5-10 minute video with the latest EV headlines, product unveilings, and company updates to keep viewers on the pulse of the industry. Published up to 7 days a week with enthusiastic narration, the channel is perfect for EV enthusiasts hungry for fresh perspectives.

While other YouTubers dedicate videos to single topics, Benjamin Nelson combines multiple news stories blended with insightful and often humorous commentary. Popular uploads analyze survey and sales data on consumer preferences to identify rising and falling fortunes in the EV market.

For those strapped for time but unwilling to miss the ever-evolving EV news cycle, BenjaminNelson serves information in easily digestible rapid fire format.

E for Electric – Demystifying EV Technology

E for Electric lives up to its name with an extensive video catalog decoding electric vehicle technology for beginners while satisfying EV nerds. Host Alex Guberman‘s contagious passion for sustainable transport matches his technical expertise, earned from years of hands-on experience.

The channel shines brightest when tackling specific EV myths and misconceptions. In popular uploads like "How Much Does it Actually Cost to Charge an EV?" and "Are EVs Worse For the Environment?" Alex confronts skeptic arguments head on, walking through real-world evidence on operating costs, electricity sources, battery production, and more using graphics and on-location demonstration.

For viewers seeking to better understand the environmental and economic realities of switching to electric, E for Electric provides myth-busting analysis with engaging production value.

Portable Electric Vehicle – EV Spotlight Shorts

Don‘t be fooled by the name. While Portable Electric Vehicle began by featuring electric bicycles and mobility devices, today the channel primarily publishes EV explainers ranging from 2-20 minutes on everything from charging essentials to tax incentives to model comparisons.

Host Clint Gibbs delivers detail-rich summaries on topics like battery chemistry, driving range variables, and charging levels in an approachable question and answer style. For those overwhelmed diving straight into the world of EVs, Portable Electric Vehicle serves as the perfect introductory crash course.

While production value is fairly simple, the tightly focused videos get right to the point on must-know EV basics. Consider starting here before expanding one‘s electric knowledge. – EV News and Comedy adds some humor to the EV conversation alongside industry news, vehicle reviews, and occasional explainers. While other channels lean formal, host Fred Lambert injects plenty of fun into updates on the latest EV companies, technologies, and buying considerations.

Recent popular uploads include a parody advertisement for an electric Hummer packed with myth-debunking facts as well comedic takes on new model unveils. For those turned off by overwhelmingly technical or dry coverage of EVs, makes staying informed entertaining.

Electric Vehicle Man – The EV Enthusiast Lifestyle

Electric Vehicle Man chronicles host Edward Espinosa‘s passion for electric transport through product reviews, EV meetups, and sustainability perspectives. Videos range from tour‘s of EV enthusiast garages to highlight reels of group test drives.

While the channel debuted fairly recently in 2015, Electric Vehicle Man‘s vlog-style videos offer an engaging look inside the growing community of EV fans. For those desiring a more personal connection to the shifting auto landscape, consider diving into the channel‘s uploads showcasing how early adopters are incorporating EVs into their lifestyles.

electric tricycles universe – DIY Electric Transport

Rob Dayka of electric tricycles universe shares years of first-hand experience building and modifying electric tricycles on his small but mighty YouTube channel. Through detailed tutorial videos, Rob walks viewers through complex DIY upgrades like adding solar panels and custom batteries to personal EVs.

His easy-going demonstration style blends humor with hard-earned technical wisdom. Beyond tricycles, you can also find tutorials covering electric motorcycle and boat conversions along with reviews of various EV products and parts. For the aspiring DIY EV builder, Rob provides both inspiration and instruction.

Arcimoto – Inside the Manufacturing Revolution

Arcimoto peels back the curtain on their EV manufacturing process from initial vehicle design sketches all the way through test driving final products. While most channels focus on evaluating EVs from the consumer perspective, Arcimoto‘s insider videos offer an invaluable glimpse inside the production floor.

Recent popular uploads feature behind-the-scenes looks at the company‘s unique tilt chassis design allowing drivers to easily access internal components for repairs and upgrades. Viewers can even ride along with founder Mark Frohnmayer as he pushes prototype vehicles to handle tough terrain.

For those curious how next generation EVs transition from idea to reality, the Arcimoto team documents each step.

DrivingElectric – Simplifying the EV Buying Process

DrivingElectric lives up to its name by distilling need-to-know details for consumers considering an electric vehicle purchase. Through comparisons of competing models, analysis of real-world range testing, and cut through the hype test drives, host Vicky Parrott eliminates confusion helping viewers find their perfect match.

In addition to new vehicle reviews, Vicky creates tutorials demystifying EV ownership from installing home charging stations to maximizing battery health. Catering to EV newcomers, DrivingElectric videos blend reachable production value with accessible explanations.

While other channels delve deep into the weeds on technical specs, DrivingElectric focuses on the consumer angle so buyers feel empowered in transitioning to electric.

The EV Puzzle – Creative Perspectives on EVs

For a fresh take, The EV Puzzle serves imaginative videos spanning animation explainers to parody songs to mockumentary comedy about the triumphs and tribulations of electric vehicle ownership. The offbeat approach sheds the dryness from topics like charging basics and range anxiety.

Beyond humor, the channel offers concise summaries of the latest EV models and insider interview with leading automotive designers. Recent popular uploads include an original rap song tackling EV misconceptions to an explainer on how regenerative braking works using creatively tweaked movie clips.

The EV Puzzle keeps the excitement for electric transport alive by reinventing stale themes through an entertainment lens. Consider subscribing for fun factor alone.

EvNerds Magazine – Animated EV Engineering

EvNerds Magazine produces beautifully animated, highly-detailed explanations diving deep into the technology powering electric vehicles. Videos tackle topics ranging from lithium ion battery advancements to hydrogen fuel cell chemistry basics and virtual test drives of high-performance EVs still under development.

While lacking the frequent upload schedule of news-focused channels, EvNerds video quality and rigorously researched analysis justify longer production times. Complex topics like torque vectoring and one-pedal driving that mystify EV beginners become visually comprehensible thanks the channel‘s slick motion graphics and rapid-fire narration style.

For viewers seeking expert-level engineering perspective on EVs, EvNerds Magazine offers an unparalled resource.

EV News Daily – Mythbusting the Skeptics

EV News Daily stands out from the pack by directly confronting major electric vehicle myths interfering with mass adoption. Rather than focusing solely on the positives, host Matt Beard tackles sticky questions like battery recycling challenges, lithium sourcing issues, and EV emissions accounting head on.

Matt‘s matter-of-fact presentation paired with interviews of experts across the electric mobility supply chain add unique value. Recent uploads include a deep dive into reports arguing EVs worsen environmental impact as well as the raw material limitations preventing exponential EV growth.

By getting to the bottom of hard truths rather than simply cheerleading, EV News Daily provides clear-eyed reality checks preparing viewers for speedbumps on the road to an electric future.

Marshell Electric Vehicle – Concise EV Essentials

Marshell Electric Vehicle delivers quick essential explainers on all-things electric mobility. Videos condense topics ranging from EV tax incentives to charging levels to battery chemistry into 5-10 digestible minutes using bullet points and simple animations rather than flashy effects.

Host Marshall Labarr‘s calm delivery distills information to key takeaways so viewers walk away with baseline EV literacy. While the no-frills production focuses mainly on on-screen text and narration rather than B-roll footage, tight editing keeps pacing brisk.

For those seeking a Cliff Notes-style overview of core EV concepts, Marshell Electric Vehicle provides fast access to baseline knowledge.

The PlugSeeker – Nuts and Bolts of Owning an EV

While most channels concentrate on evaluating the latest EV models or changes in the manufacturing landscape, The PlugSeeker stands out by chronicling creator Misha‘s personal experiences becoming an early electric vehicle owner. Videos document everything from installing his first home charger to rattling off energy efficiency tips learned from daily driving.

Beyond DIY tutorials, The PlugSeeker also features rapid fire "ask me anything" style videos responding to subscriber questions on topics like charging time variables to best EV models for tall drivers. The casual, conversational style makes absorbing granular details on living with an EV enjoyable rather than overwhelming.

For a boots on the ground angle, The PlugSeeker offers an essential reality check for prospective buyers curious what happens after driving the EV off the lot.

Accelerating Toward An Electric Future

One common theme across all the channels is unbridled enthusiasm for electric vehicle technology‘s potential. While hosts acknowledge legitimate hurdles to surpassing gas-powered cars as the default choice, optimism resonates from each video focused on spreading sustainable transportation solutions.

For every new viewer initially intimidated by the flood of complex mechanical and scientific concepts fundamental to EVs, these channels remove barriers to engagement through approachable delivery and compelling visuals. Within a single video, a newcomer goes from puzzled to empowered ready to join the EV revolution.

So whether you are casually curious or seriously considering an electric upgrade, subscribe to one or all of these top YouTube channels to stay charged up on the innovations driving us into the future. The EV community welcomes you!

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