The 5 Best EPUB Readers Today: Ranked and Reviewed

EPUB is one of the most popular e-book formats, used by a wide range of e-readers and supported by thousands of online libraries and stores. With so many EPUB-compatible devices available, it can be tricky deciding which e-reader is right for you.

In this comprehensive buyer‘s guide, we analyze the top five EPUB readers across key criteria like price, screen quality, storage, special features, and more. Our goal is to help you find your perfect EPUB reading companion based on your needs and budget.

What to Look for in an EPUB Reader

Before jumping into the top EPUB reader rankings, let‘s overview the key factors to evaluate:

Display Quality: An EPUB reader lives and dies by its screen. Prioritize ones with glare-free, high resolution e-ink displays that mimic real paper. Adjustable brightness, blue light reduction, and dark mode are also useful.

Storage Capacity: With robust bookshelves in your pocket, storage space directly correlates to the size of your digital library. Aim for at least 16GB, with expandable micro SD card slots offering virtually unlimited room for EPUBs and more.

Format Support: While all top readers support base EPUB files, maximum versatility comes from broader format compatibility like PDF, DOC/DOCX, image files, and sometimes audiobook support.

Syncing and Sharing: The convenience of picking up exactly where you left off across devices is clutch. Cloud syncing and companion reading apps help enable this.

Special Features: From waterproof designs you can safely read in the bath with to stylus pens for highlighting passages and adding margin notes, bonus capabilities make a good EPUB reader great.

Keeping those key criteria in mind, below are 2023‘s top five EPUB reading devices across budgets and needs.

#1 Best Overall: PocketBook InkPad Lite

With its expansive 9.7” anti-glare e-ink display, robust format support, and light weight form factor, the PocketBook InkPad Lite is our pick for 2023’s best overall EPUB reader.

Despite starting under $250, the InkPad Lite punches well above its class with a high resolution 1600×1200 screen that looks impressively print-like and reduces eye strain. SmartLight tech automatically adjusts warmth and brightness basd on ambient lighting for optimized visibility.

On the memory front, 8GB of onboard storage couples with a microSD slot to enable virtually unlimited expansion. Further flexibility comes from native handling of EPUB files alongside PDF, DOC, images, and 19 other formats. Books sync seamlessly across devices thanks to DropBox integration.

Weighting under half a pound, the InkPad Lite is easy to hold and take anywhere. One hand operation is feasible thanks to the intuitively placed page turn buttons and motion sensor that flips orientation for lefties. The battery lasts weeks on a single full charge.

For EPUB lovers seeking an immersive reading experience that won’t break the bank or shoulder muscles, the PocketBook InkPad Lite is a superb self-contained portable library.


  • Large 9.7” e-ink display with print-quality visuals
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for extended reading
  • Robust format support from EPUB to PDF and more
  • 8GB storage plus virtually unlimited MicroSD expansion


  • Lacks waterproofing and note taking abilities
  • Mediocre speakers limit audiobook experience
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#2 Best EPUB Reader with Pen: Kindle Scribe

Book lovers who highlight memorable passages and scribble margin notes rejoice – the Kindle Scribe pairs a superb 10.2” reading experience with a free included Premium Pen for capturing ideas as fast as they flow.

At $340 for the entry level model, the Scribe sits firmly in premium territory but brings performance to match. A high DPI anti-glare display looks and feels remarkably like paper, while the bundled Basic Pen never needs charging or bonding. Simply pick it up and start writing.

Notes seamlessly sync to the cloud to export or review later. When it‘s time to kick back and read, adjustable brightness and warmth cater to varied lighting environments. WhisperSync support enables effortless audiobook/ebook transitions.

On the format front, the Scribe handles EPUBs beautifully while also supporting PDFs, DOCs, TXTs and more. Choose from 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of onboard capacity. Combined with Kindle‘s robust cloud syncing and backup capabilities, your entire digital library can live here.

For EPUB enthusiasts who mark up their reading material or want to effortlessly shift between text and audio versions of books, the Kindle Scribe delivers an exceptional experience worth the premium.


  • Bundled Premium Pen for seamless note taking
  • High resolution, paper-like 10.2” touch display
  • Robust format support from EPUB to PDFs and DOCs
  • Audiobook support via Bluetooth headphones/speakers


  • Most expensive option featured
  • Fingerprint prone glass screen overlay
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#3 Best Mini EPUB Reader: Moaan InkPalm 5

If portability trumps all, meet your perfect pocket-sized EPUB companion in the Moaan InkPalm 5. This adorably compact reader fits big power in a 5.2 inch frame.

Weighing under 5 ounces, the InkPalm 5 slips into any bag or generous pocket for true grab ‘n go functionality. Despite the petite chassis, a high resolution e-Ink display provides glare and strain-free reading indoors or out. Adjust font sizes up to your preferred eye comfort.

On the format front, EPUB compatibility joins forces with TXT, HTML, RTF, and PDF support. The 32GB memory houses approximately 30,000 EPUB files with room to spare. Or offload onto a Micro SD card for limitless library expansion.

One handed use is no problem thanks to the intuitive page turn buttons and compact profile. Wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling web browsing plus audio book streaming to headphones. For EPUB fans wanting maximum portability without sacrificing experience, the Moaan InkPalm 5 delivers.


  • Extremely portable 5.2” design weighs under 5oz
  • Long battery life up to several weeks per charge
  • Generous 32GB internal storage plus SD expansion
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enable robust connectivity


  • Small screen not ideal for PDFs
  • Many preinstalled apps only support Chinese
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#4 Best EPUB Reader with Page Turn Buttons: Kobo Libra 2

Avid readers know the frustration of fumbly touchscreens, but Kobo’s Libra 2 comes equipped with handy manual page turn buttons to effortlessly move through EPUBs and more.

This versatile 7” e-reader also introduces an IPX8 waterproof design able to withstand complete submersion, plus a Night Mode to avoid sleep-disrupting blue light. Enjoy your books anywhere from the bathtub to bed.

Under the hood, a zippy quad core processor drives system responsiveness while 32GB of onboard memory houses thousands of titles. Expand further via SD card up to 2TB if desired. No matter your genres, the Libra 2’s got capacity covered.

On the format front, crisp EPUB handling joins forces with PDF, JPEG, and other popular options. Support for 14 file types means you’ll seldom encounter incompatibility issues. Bolstered by manual page turn functionality plus OverDrive borrowing powers, Kobo’s Libra 2 satisfies.


  • Page turn buttons facilitate tactile operation
  • Waterproof IPX8 rating enables bath time reading
  • 14 supported file formats including EPUB and PDF
  • 32GB internal storage plus up to 2TB SD expansion


  • Occasional syncing issues
  • Lacks note taking capabilities
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#5 Best Budget EPUB Reader: 2022 Amazon Kindle

You don’t have to spend big bucks to unlock excellent EPUB support thanks to Amazon’s basic Kindle model. For under $100, enjoy seamless integration into the expansive Kindle ecosystem alongside versatile format handling in a highly portable package.

At just 6” across, the 2022 Kindle is easy to stow yet still large enough for comfortable immersive reading via its anti-glare e-ink screen. 16GB of onboard storage holds thousands of titles. Or leverage Amazon’s free cloud storage for unlimited capacity.

Whispersync technology helps you effortlessly switch from reading to listening during your daily commute or workout. The intuitive Kindle interface makes buying, borrowing, and managing your digital library a cinch.

Although the cheapest option featured, the tried and true 2022 Kindle still delivers an excellent EPUB and well-rounded reading experience for frugal bibliophiles.


  • Most affordable premium EPUB reader option
  • Compact 6” size perfect for travel
  • Whispersync support conveniently switches between text and audiobook versions
  • 16GB onboard storage plus unlimited free cloud


  • No waterproofing, SD slot, or page turn buttons
  • Display not as crisp as pricier alternatives
  • Ads appear on lock screen with this model
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How to Pick the Best EPUB Reader

Now that you’re familiar with the top ranked options across needs, below are some key pointers for picking your perfect EPUB reader:

Step 1 – Screen Size: Consider your typical reading posture and environments. Compact 5” screens enable true mobility at the cost of PDF versatility, while larger 8”+ displays provide an immersive experience anywhere thanks to anti-glare e-Ink.

Step 2 – Special Features: Do you read in the bath and need waterproofing? Wish to highlight memorable passages or take digital notes? Make sure to get capabilities that best match your reading style.

Step 3 – Storage: Digital bookworms need lots of capacity. Opt for at least 16GB internally, with MicroSD expansion capabilities delivering virtually unlimited space for monster EPUB collections.

Step 4 – Format Support: Although technically supporting the EPUB standard, subtle format variations and handling can still cause display issues on some readers. Broad file compatibility avoids frustrations.

Step 5 – Syncing: The option to pick up exactly where you left off regardless of device brings serious convenience. Weigh integrations like Amazon’s WhisperSync or Dropbox implementations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What e-book readers support EPUB formats?

Most major e-readers support standard EPUB files including Amazon Kindle devices, Kobo readers, Barnes & Noble Nook series, and PocketBook e-readers. Generally speaking, if a reader handles e-books at all, EPUB support is included.

Can Kindles read EPUBs?

Yes. While sold by Amazon and optimized for native AZW formats, modern Kindles also handle reliable EPUB loading and display with the ability to adjust sizing options if needed. Transfer EPUBs to your device via USB or using your Send to Kindle email address.

What is the best e-reader for library ebooks?

For easy public library ebook borrowing, Kobo devices currently provide the most hassle-free experience. Kobo readers integrate directly with OverDrive to find, check out, and download ebook titles seamlessly. This includes EPUB files.

How do I put an EPUB book on my Kindle Paperwhite?

Sending an EPUB file to your designated Send to Kindle email address will automatically deliver it to your Kindle Paperwhite. Connect your Paperwhite to Wi-Fi, then sync to retrieve the queued EPUB title from Amazon‘s servers onto your device.

Can I read EPUB books on my phone?

Yes, most modern smartphones are capable of installing a variety of ereader apps to display imported EPUB files. Popular options like Google Play Books, Apple Books, and Kobo offer reliable mobile EPUB reading experiences. For more book-focused UI, try Moon+ Reader or Bookari.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide has helped showcase 2023’s top EPUB reading devices across budgets and needs. With their book-like e-Ink screens, huge format support, and portable frames, these premium readers transform your digital library into a comfortable take-anywhere experience.

Opting for increased storage space ensures you’ll never run out of reading material while extras like bundled styli, page turn buttons, and waterproof designs demonstrate e-readers moving far beyond their basic roots. There’s an EPUB companion here for every bibliophile.

Happy (digital) reading!

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