Overview: Picking the Best Electric Chainsaw in 2023

This comprehensive guide tackles the pros, cons and key considerations when buying an electric chainsaw in 2023. I analyze the top five models on the market right now based on power, features, price and actual customer reviews. My goal is to synthesize the most important data to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an electric chainsaw.

How I Chose the Top Electric Chainsaws

As an experienced reviewer of outdoor power equipment, I selected the top five electric chainsaws using criteria important for both homeowners and professional landscapers, including:

  • Power – Voltage indicating cutting capacity
  • Bar Length – Thickness branches the saw can cut
  • Price – Budget-friendly to premium options
  • Reach – Standard vs. pole saws
  • Brand Reputation – Based on my experience and consumer reviews

I strived to provide a broad picture of the electric chainsaw landscape by naming a best in class option across voltage ranges while keeping budget and use cases top of mind.

Now let’s dive into the top five models selected and what makes each one stand out.

#1 Best Overall: EGO Power+ CS1401

Voltage56V Lithium-ion
Bar Length14 in
Weight11.4 pounds
Run TimeUp to 2 hrs per charge

The EGO Power+ CS1401 strikes the ideal balance of power and portability with a mid-size 14 inch bar powered by EGO’s high-performance 56V Lithium-ion battery.

Ego chainsaw

Why It‘s the Best Overall:

  • Industry-leading battery technology: EGO‘s patented 56V Arc-Lithium battery packs more punch and longer runtime than competitors

  • Durable weather resistant housing: Built to withstand outdoor elements with sealed components and IPX4 water resistance

  • Part of the Power+ ecosystem: Battery works across EGO outdoor power tools for ultimate flexibility

The main downside is the premium price tag over $200. But for homeowners who can invest up front, the combination of power and versatile battery give this saw an edge over competitors.

#2 Best 20V Option: Dewalt 20V Max XR Chainsaw

Voltage20V Max
Bar Length12 in
Weight12 lbs
Run TimeUp to 90 cuts per charge

The Verdict: Our top pick for a 20V electric chainsaw offers impressive efficiency and portability. Though the 12 inch bar limits cutting capacity compared to gas chainsaws, the high-tech brushless motor maximizes runtime — making up to 90 cuts per 5Ah charge. It‘s also backed by the 20V Max system‘s huge portfolio of outdoor tools utilizing the same battery. The main caveat is that this compact limbing saw works best for light-duty cutting closer to ground level.

Dewalt chainsaw

Key Advantages:

  • 🌳 Up to 90 cuts per charge outperforms comparable models

  • ⚙️ Efficient brushless motor maximizes work time per battery

  • 🛠️ Part of the 20V Max platform shared by countless tools

While it can‘t fell large trees, for suburban homeowners tackling routine yard maintenance, the 20V Max XR hits a sweet spot of power and portability.

#3 Best Electric Pole Chainsaw: Sun Joe SWJ806E

Power SourceCorded Electric
Bar Length8 inch
ReachUp to 14 feet
Motor7.5 amp

The Verdict: For overhead cutting flexibility, we recommend the Sun Joe SWJ806E telescoping pole chainsaw. Its meager 7.5 amp motor trades top-end power for excellent 8.5 foot overhead reach and affordable price point. While limited for thick branches, the light-duty capabilities cover most suburban pruning tasks. And the convertible design transitions to a standard corded chainsaw targeting lower limbs. For homeowners needing well-priced versatility, it‘s hard to beat.

Sun joe pole chainsaw

Why We Picked It:

🔼 Reaches up to 14 feet overhead

💰 Less than $100 price tag

⚡️ Electric power without the maintenance

If tree pruning is higher priority than cutting thick wood, the Sun Joe SWJ806E should suit perfectly. Certainty don‘t expect robust strength, but value is clearly this pole saw‘s strong suit.

#4 Best High-End Option: Makita-UC4051A

Power51 cc engine
Bar Length16 inch
Weight14 pounds
Warranty3 years

The Verdict: Makita earns its reputation for superior engineering with this overbuilt pro-grade chainsaw. At 16 inches, the bar length strikes an ideal balance of cutting capacity and handling. Large rubberized grips tackle vibration for comfy all-day use. It‘s not battery powered, so factor in mobility limitations requiring an outlet nearby. But for commercial operators valuing performance over all else, few electric saws are finer built.

makita chainsaw

Why We Recommend It

🏆 The preferred brand of many professional landscapers

⚒️ Over-engineered components stand up to daily abuse

🔉 At just 84 dB, won‘t disturb homeowners or workers

Think of this saw like a high-performance sports car — blazing fast in a straight line with a premium price tag to boot. Casual users should look elsewhere. But for pros cutting long hours, the superb engineering pays back over time.

#5 Most Affordable: Greenworks 10.5 Amp 14-Inch Chainsaw

Motor10.5 amp
Bar Length14 inch
Weight3.7 kg / 8 lbs
Warranty3 years

The Verdict: If your chainsaw use involves occasional suburbia touchups versus daily commercial work, the Greenworks 10.5 Amp pumps surprising value. At barely over $60, you’d expect something straight from the clearance shelf of discontinued items. Instead, previous buyers praise its ability to power through branches while lightweight enough for anyone to maneuver. Sure, it‘s not built to last decades. But occasional users on a tight budget can absolutely justify this bargain buy.

Greenworks chainsaw

Why It‘s Our Budget Pick:

💵 Less than $100 still grabs a 14" bar

⚖️ Weighs only 8 lbs for easy handling

👍 1,700+ 4+ star customer reviews

Lack of power limits cutting capacity. But with tempered expectations, first-time chainsaw buyers save huge money without completely sacrificing performance.

How to Choose: 3 Key Considerations

Now that we‘ve covered the top electric chainsaw options currently available, let‘s discuss how you should evaluate your specific needs. Answering these three questions will guide you to the right product:

1. What Will You Be Cutting?

Think branches versus trunks — electric chainsaws generally tackle lighter pruning tasks better than taking down mature trees. Consider the typical diameter wood you expect to cut to match with bar lengths that can handle it. Also factor in whether you need standard or pole saw reach.

2. How Often Will You Use It?

Occasional users on modest budgets may find a value bargain sufficient instead of overbuying pro capabilities rarely utilized. But frequent cutters should consider more durable build quality and battery power supporting longer run times.

3. What Existing Outdoor Tool Batteries Do You Own?

If already invested in a brand‘s battery platform like EGO Power+ or Dewalt 20V Max, choosing a chainsaw utilizing that battery opens flexibility in consolidating tools sharing the same power source. So factor compatibility with other tools you own.


Electric chainsaws provide an eco-friendly, low maintenance alternative to gas chainsaws while packing enough cutting force for most homeowners.

Advances in lithium-ion batteries also narrow the gap to fossil-fueled models with some electric saws holding their own outside of commercial-level demands.

Across the spectrum — from bargain basic to premium professional — battery and corded electric chainsaws featured here showcase the versatility securing your place among the neighborhood tree-trimming elite without breaking your budget.

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