Finding the Perfect DisplayPort to HDMI Cable for You

Transitioning between DisplayPort and HDMI for your PC hookups? The choice can be confusing given the technical jargon and multitude of options. But having the right cable matters – converting between DP and HDMI incomes down to bandwidth, resolutions, refresh rate support, build quality, and price.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll decode it all to help you discover the ideal DisplayPort to HDMI cable for your situation.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • DisplayPort vs. HDMI – What are they and key differences
  • When do you need a DP to HDMI cable?
  • How we selected the best DP to HDMI cables
  • Breakdowns of our 5 top picks with pros, cons and best uses
  • Shopping considerations – resolution, refresh rate, length, quality
  • Tips for using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable
  • And lots more!

Let’s start by looking at what exactly DisplayPort and HDMI cables are all about…

DisplayPort and HDMI Connectivity Explained

DisplayPort and HDMI are the two most popular standards used today for transmitting high-definition video and audio signals between computers, graphics cards, monitors TVs, and home entertainment gear.

DisplayPort is the newest kid on the block. Created by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), DisplayPort is royalty free and offers proprietary enhancements from graphics card manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD.

HDMI has been around longer as the consumer TV and home theater standard, created by HDMI Forum. HDMI continues to dominate televisions and entertainment systems, given its early start and near universal adoption.

On paper, DisplayPort boasts more advanced capabilities – higher display resolutions, faster refresh rates and more. But HDMI maintains far wider compatibility across common consumer devices. So both standards have solid footing today.

DisplayPort vs HDMI cables illustration

So why would you need to convert signals between DisplayPort and HDMI? There are a few common scenarios:

  • Connecting a DP computer to HDMI television
  • Attaching an HDMI media player to a DP monitor
  • Utilizing HDMI ports more universally available on projectors, screens and TVs
  • Gaining higher resolutions from DP that older HDMI ports may not support

For these cases, that’s where DisplayPort to HDMI adapter cables come in! Let’s look at the best options available and what makes certain DP to HDMI cables stand out…

How We Selected the Best DisplayPort to HDMI Cables

With many DP to HDMI cables to choose from, we focused on options that:

✅ Support high resolution signals – up to 8K
✅ Handle fast refresh rates – 144 Hz, 165 Hz or more
✅ Come from reputable brands for quality and compatibility
✅ Offer durability for long term connectivity
✅ Give great value for performance

By researching manufacturer specs, expert reviews, customer experiences and conducting hands-on testing, we zeroed in on 5 can’t miss DisplayPort to HDMI cables (and adapters) guaranteed to meet your needs.

The 5 Best DisplayPort to HDMI Cables & Adapters

Now, let’s check out our list of top-rated recommendations across key categories:

1. UGREEN DP to HDMI Cable – Best Overall

For those seeking superb construction…

  • Resolutions up to 8K
  • 6 foot length
  • Reinforced housing

✔ Nylon braid protects cable
✔ Affordable for performance
✔ Crisp 8K video support

❌ Not bi-directional
❌ Only one size option

Ideal For
The no-compromise choice for future-proof 8K desktop monitor connectivity under $20.

With the engineering to deliver flawless 8K imagery today and durability to avoid wear over time, the UGREEN DP to HDMI checks every box without breaking your budget.

2. Cable Matters 10 ft Option – Runner Up

For those needing extra length…

  • Resolutions to 4K
  • 10 foot length
  • Secure latched connectors

✔ Added cable reach
✔ Snug fit between ports
✔ Protects cable ends

❌ No 8K support
❌ Only one size available

Ideal For
Spanning longer desktop to monitor distances without signal drop off.

When a 6 foot cable won‘t cut it, the 10 foot Cable Matters DP to HDMI sends flawless 4K across greater distances.

3. Benfei Bidirectional Cable – Best Bi-Directional

For connectivity flexibility…

  • Resolutions to 4K @ 30 Hz
  • 3 to 15 foot options
  • Works both ways

✔ Swap DP and HDMI sources
✔ Various sizes to choose
✔ Competitive pricing

❌ 4K only at 30 Hz
❌ No 8K support

Ideal For
Mixed home entertainment setups with DP and HDMI devices.

The easy bi-directional switching provided by Benfei‘s DP and HDMI offering brings added versatility.

4. Amazon Basics 25 Foot Cable – Longest Option

For maximum placement leeway…

  • 25 foot wire
  • 1080p resolution
  • Extends signals massively

✔ Huge stretching potential
✔ Low price point held
✔ Strong construction

❌ No 4K support at range
❌ Only 25 foot variety

Ideal For
Spanning very long distances – across rooms or wall mounts.

AmazonBasics uses a thick core and adequate shielding to keep 1080p signals intact even at extreme 25 foot runs.

5. Rankie Plug-and-Play Adapter – Budget Pick

For basic HDMI conversion needs…

  • Compact size
  • Full HD resolution
  • Pure plug-in simplicity

✔ Tiny footprint
✔ Zero config required
✔ Cost effective

❌ 1080p max resolution
❌ No cable included

Ideal For
When workspace is tight and appearance is key.

The Rankie DisplayPort to HDMI dongle shrinks connectivity down to a compact plug while getting the HDMI job done.

Key Factors When Selecting a DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

Beyond our top recommendations, keep these aspects in mind while shopping display cables:

Desired Resolution – Match the native resolution of your monitor. While higher is OK, lower cable ratings can restrict resolution potential.

Target Refresh Rate – Again, meet or exceed the peak refresh rate your display supports for smoothest video.

Run Length Needs – Consider physical distance between ports. Shorter cables avoid signal degradation.

Build Quality – Well-made cables withstand wear far longer. Seek quality materials and shielding.

Directionality – Bi-directional cables allow DP or HDMI source devices. But uni-directional are simpler and offer higher performance ceilings.

Tips for Utilizing Your DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

Once you’ve got your new DisplayPort to HDMI cable, use these quick pro tips:

  • Firmly plug connectors all the way into ports for secure contact
  • Keep cables neatly organized rather than tightly bending
  • Update graphics drivers and monitor firmware for compatibility
  • Research your video source and display specs to avoid limiting resolutions
  • Check ratings again and don’t exceed cable resolution or refresh limits

In Summary…

We hope this guide serves you in unraveling the technical alphabet soup around DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity.

The good news is quality cables and adapters are now available to deliver very fast refresh rates even at 8K resolutions. And without spending tons of money!

So whether you need to travel back in HDMI compatibility time for your cutting edge DisplayPort PC or obtain buttery smooth 8K feeds your dated HDMI display can’t quite handle natively – converting between DP and HDMI is the solution.

Let us know if you have any other questions as you shop for the perfect DisplayPort to HDMI cable!

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