The 6 Best Corsair Keyboards Available Today

Corsair is a leading brand when it comes to gaming keyboards and PC peripherals. Founded in 1994, the company has built a reputation for high-performance products catered specifically to gamers and power users. This guide will provide an in-depth look at Corsair‘s keyboard lineup and help you choose the best model for your needs and budget.

An Overview of Corsair Gaming Keyboards

All Corsair gaming keyboards share some common traits:

  • Durable construction – Aircraft-grade aluminum frames and thick keycaps built to withstand heavy daily use. Many feature spill/dust resistance as well.

  • Per-key RGB lighting – Fully customizable colored backlighting controlled through Corsair‘s iCUE software. Reacts dynamically to in-game events.

  • Mechanical key switches – Usually Cherry MX Red linear switches prized for fast, smooth key presses suited to gaming. Others offer MX Speed, Silent, or low-profile switches.

  • Anti-ghosting – Technology ensuring every keypress is registered correctly, even when pressing multiple keys simultaneously.

  • Media controls – Dedicated buttons to control volume, playback, etc without alt-tabbing from your game.

Corsair keyboards range from budget-friendly models around $70 up to high-end flagship keyboards costing over $200. Higher prices bring features like:

  • Macro keys – Programmable buttons for executing complex keystroke sequences or shortcuts with one press.

  • Wrist rests – Foam or magnetic wrist rests to support your hands during long gaming sessions.

  • Advanced polling rates – Up to 8K Hz polling for incredibly fast response times between key presses and actions happening on screen.

Now let‘s take a closer look at 6 of the best Corsair keyboards available in 2023 across various price points.

#1 Best Overall: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is widely regarded as one of the best high-end gaming keyboards money can buy. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame, per-key RGB lighting, and Cherry MX Speed key switches give it a premium feel and response suited for competitive gaming.

Standout features include:

  • 6 programmable macro keys – Execute complex commands or keystrokes with one button press. Useful for MMOs, MOBAs, simulations and more.

  • 8MB profile storage – Save macros, RGB lighting schemes, and settings directly to the keyboard for use on any PC without installing software.

  • USB passthrough – Connect USB devices like gaming mice directly to the keyboard‘s powered USB 2.0 port for less cable clutter.

  • Contoured, detachable wrist rest – Provides exceptional comfort over long gaming sessions. The magnetic connection makes it easy to remove when not needed.

  • Dedicated media controls – Brushed metal buttons to control volume, playback, mute, etc. Allows easy music or video control without interrupting games.

The K95 impresses with stunning aesthetics including a black anodized brushed aluminum frame paired with dynamic RGB effects across 19 zones. For a no-compromise gaming experience, it‘s hard to top the complete feature set of the Corsair K95.


  • Aircraft-grade durable construction
  • Smooth, fast key presses
  • Fully programmable macros
  • Detachable wrist rest included


  • Expensive
  • No wireless connectivity

Bottom Line

The perfect keyboard for competitive FPS and MOBA gamers wanting every advantage thanks to macros, top-notch response times, and flawless reliability.

Runner Up: Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical

Corsair‘s K100 RGB flagship keyboard pushes boundaries with a unique optical-mechanical switch design along with new hyper-processing technology enabling incredible 8K Hz polling rates.

It shares the durable aluminum body, per-key lighting, and extra features found on the K95 Platinum but adds:

  • Optical-mechanical key switches – Blends the tactile feel of mechanical switches with the hyper-responsive speed of optical sensors. Still gives tactile feedback but with a greatly reduced actuation distance.

  • 8K Hz hyper polling – Cuts response times to under 1ms for a practically real-time typing experience. Movements and actions translate to screen faster than ever.

  • Adjustable keyboard angle – Three step angle adjustment to dial in your ideal typing position. Better ergonomics reduce hand and wrist strain.

  • iCUE control wheel – Handy control wheel with toggle and press functionality for quickly controlling RGB lighting, media playback or executing macros on the fly.

If you want the absolute fastest keyboard money can buy today for competitive esports and twitch gaming, the technology inside the K100 RGB pushes performance farther than any previous Corsair keyboard. Just be prepared to pay a premium for this level of speed and customization potential.


  • Innovative optical-mechanical key switches
  • 8K Hz polling for lightning quick response
  • Programmable iCUE control wheel


  • Extremely expensive
  • Key feel takes adjustment from traditional mechanical

Best Budget: Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT trims some bells and whistles found on pricier models but retains excellent essential functionality at a very attractive budget price point.

Given the affordable cost, concessions are made with a membrane rather than mechanical build. But it still delivers on RGB lighting and programmability:

  • Per-key RGB backlighting – Vibrant and lively lighting with dozens of animation presets. Syncs dynamically with games for immersive effects.

  • 6 dedicated macro keys – Record and assign complex keystroke routines to 6 dedicated G keys along the left side of the keyboard.

  • Dust and spill resistance – Tested to withstand up to 60ml of liquid splashes. Gives peace of mind during intense gaming moments.

  • Anti-ghosting technology – Guarantees accurate input when pressing multiple gaming keys simultaneously. Crucial for games requiring combos or multiple abilities used in quick succession.

  • Dedicated media keys – Control music and videos at the touch of a button without interrupting games.

  • Wrist rest – Provides cushy support for greater comfort over extended gaming sessions. Easily snaps on/off the keyboard.

For those wanting to illuminate their desktop with vibrant RGB effects on a tight budget, the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is a perfect entry point into PC gaming peripherals without sacrificing must-have functionality.


  • Very affordable price
  • RGB backlighting
  • 6 dedicated macro G-keys
  • Ip42 splash and dust resistance


  • Membrane keys less durable than mechanical
  • Large footprint due to wrist rest

Best Wireless: Corsair K100 AIR Wireless

Corsair‘s K100 AIR Wireless retains all the advanced features of the wired K100 RGB flagship while cutting the cord for a cleaner, portable desktop setup.

It shares identical optical-mechanical key switches, aluminum body, RGB effects and hyper-polling technology but adds:

  • Bluetooth and SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS – Connect via low latency Bluetooth for basic desktop use or ultra responsive 1ms SLIPSTREAM connectivity for gaming. Automatically swaps connections when launching games.

  • 30 hour battery life – RGB lighting enabled. Up to 200 hours with lighting disabled. Easily recharge via USB-C.

  • Aluminum and plastic construction – Weighs just 2.2 pounds with aircraft grade aluminum top frame and plastic bottom to trim weight for portability. Still feels extremely rigid with no keyboard flex.

The K100 AIR Wireless is ideal for gamers wanting the cutting edge performance of Corsair‘s latest hyper-polling keyboards without cables cluttering their desktop. Just note the very steep $250 price is a tough barrier to entry.


  • Slipstream wireless technology
  • 30+ hour battery life
  • Identical performance to wired K100


  • Extremely expensive
  • Non-removable wrist rest may put off some users

Best Compact: Corsair K65 RGB Mini

The Corsair K65 RGB Mini packs full RGB lighting customization and fast linear mechanical keys into a compact 60% form factor stripping away the number pad and navigation keys.

Standouts for on-the-go gamers include:

  • 60% form factor – Ultra compact layout but still fits arrow keys in a compressed layout. Ideal for travel while retaining essential functions.

  • Detachable USB-C cable – Further aids portability. Easy to toss in a bag to bring to LAN parties and tournaments.

  • Onboard shortcuts – Despite small size, combo key presses grant quick access to brightness, volume, media controls, lighting effects and more.

  • 8,000 Hz hyper-polling – Cutting edge polling rate translates key presses into on-screen actions faster than ever. Gives a supremely responsive feel.

  • Tournament switch – Disables macros and lighting effects for fair tournament play in competitions prohibiting such functionality.

If you want the most compact Corsair keyboard possible for gaming on the go, the K65 RGB Mini is the obvious pick. Just be ready to adapt to the condensed layout requiring some combo key presses to access secondary functions.


  • Extremely portable 60% design
  • Quick access onboard shortcuts
  • 1000 Hz polling rate


  • Condensed layout has learning curve
  • No macro keys

Best Value: Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion

The K70 RGB TKL Champion Series removes the number pad for a more compact design while retaining 100% core functionality. It‘s the best value for money compared to full-size Corsair decks.

Compared to compact 60% keyboards, the K70 RGB TKL retains:

  • Full arrow keys, navigation cluster, function keys – Condensed but doesn‘t require combo presses like 60% boards.

  • Cherry MX Speed mechanical switches – Deliver smooth, linear travel with short 1.2mm actuation ideal for fast reflex gaming.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum build – Lightweight yet supremely rigid body that will withstand years of intensive use.

  • Detachable braided USB cable – Further aids travel to tournaments and friend‘s houses.

  • Tournament ready hardware controls – Instantly toggle macro and lighting functionality to adhere to competitive rules.

If you want a futureproof Corsair gaming keyboard without paying extra for a number pad you‘ll never use, the rugged and responsive K70 RGB TKL is arguably the best intersection of value, performance and features available today.


  • Feature complete without wasted space
  • Aircraft grade aluminium build
  • Smooth MX Speed key switches


  • Lacks macro and media keys
  • No wrist rest included

What to Consider When Buying a Corsair Keyboard

With a wide range of models spanning in price from $70 to $250, keep these factors in mind when choosing your Corsair keyboard:

Wired vs Wireless

Most Corsair gaming keyboards use wired USB connections for unlimited polling speeds and never having to worry about battery life. But wireless models like the K100 AIR offer more placement flexibility free of cable clutter.

Full Size vs Compact (TKL vs 60%)

Consider whether you need a number pad and ancillary keys daily or would prefer a more condensed layout for travel. 60% keyboards offer extreme portability but require combo key presses to access some functions.

Macro Keys

Several Corsair models feature dedicated macro keys for automating complex routines, combos or chat responses with a single press. Useful for MMOs and MOBAs.

Form vs Features

Higher priced Corsair keyboards add premium materials and niche features like control dials and OLED info screens. Decide what‘s most important for your usage – lightweight portability or max functionality.

Switch Type

Nearly all Corsair mechanical keyboards now use some variety of Cherry MX switches whether linear, tactile or clicky. Know whether you prefer smooth, ultra responsive keys for gaming or more tactile feedback for daily typing.

Software Integration

Higher end Corsair keyboards store profiles and settings on the keyboard itself. But integration with iCUE software allows even better customization of lighting, macros and shortcuts. Especially useful for syncing keyboard RGB effects with other Corsair products.

The Corsair Keyboard Experience

No matter your budget or preferred size, Corsair‘s gaming keyboard lineup provides a thoroughly satisfying experience for most users.

Their keyboards are renowned for:

Build Quality – Lightweight aluminum frames lend a premium, durable feel built to handle thousands of gaming sessions. These keyboards will easily outlive cheaper plastic alternatives.

Responsiveness – Models like the K100 RGB and K65 Mini achieve incredibly fast response times thanks to 8000+ Hz polling rates. Hyper-processing technology registering key presses in under 1 ms.

Customization – Per key RGB backlighting controllable through iCUE software lets you match lighting effects perfectly with other Corsair gear. Programmable macros automate intricate key sequences.

Features – Conveniences like onboard media controls, USB passthrough ports and magnetic wrist rests improve quality of life without impacting performance.

While pricier than budget brands, Corsair gaming keyboards provide a complete package of unmatched performance, personalization and innovative features you‘ll struggle finding elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Corsair keyboard overall?

For most gamers, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum hits the sweet spot with aircraft-grade durability, smooth key presses via Cherry MX Speed switches, 6 macro keys and vibrant customizable per-key lighting.

How much do Corsair keyboards cost?

Entry-level Corsair keyboards with RGB lighting start around $70. Mid-range models with added features cost $120-150. Top-tier flagship keyboards reach $200+.

What‘s better – wireless or wired keyboards?

Wired keyboards offer slightly faster response times but wireless models provide more flexibility. Wireless Corsair options like the K100 AIR maintain extremely low latency while freeing up desktop space.

Why choose Corsair over other brands?

Corsair keyboards are favored by enthusiasts for their rugged aluminum construction, choice of mechanical switch types, and deep integration with Corsair‘s iCUE software for customization.

Can you use any Corsair keyboard for gaming tournaments?

Most tournaments prohibit programmable macro keys and RGB lighting effects. Several Corsair keyboards like the K70 TKL Champion feature tournament switches disabling these features instantly to comply with rules.

Final Thoughts

Corsair gaming keyboards lead the market across high-end, mid-range and budget categories. Whether you‘re an aspiring esports professional wanting bleeding edge performance or a casual gamer wanting to splash your desktop with RGB lighting, Corsair delivers excellent options.

The K95 RGB Platinum satisfies most with aircraft-grade durability, Cherry MX mechanical keys, macro keys and stunning RGB effects controlled through powerful iCUE software. Or the 60% K65 Mini saves space for traveling between tournaments.

Just decide your must-have features and Corsair likely offers a keyboard tailor made for your needs and budget. Thanks to rugged aluminum materials and hyper-polling technology driving insane 8K+ Hz responsiveness, you can be confident a Corsair keyboard will withstand years of gaming at any skill level.

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