7 Best Boxing Games for PC (2023 Edition)

Since the early days of gaming, sports titles have always been crowd-pleasers, letting armchair athletes live out their dreams of hitting homeruns, scoring goals, or winning championships. And throughout gaming history, one of the most beloved sports to virtually participate in has been boxing. Classics like Punch-Out!! and Fight Night have allowed gamers to experience the thrill of the ring, battling opponents with a flurry of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

However, in recent years the boxing video game genre has seen a steep decline, as publishers have moved on to other sports and fighting formats. Major studios like EA Sports no longer release new installments in fan-favorite franchises like Fight Night, leaving a void for boxing enthusiasts.

Fortunately, a handful of newer games are carrying the mantle, while classic titles still hold up surprisingly well years later. And with the rise of VR and motion controls, developers are finding new ways to capture the rush of boxing with an added layer of realism.

Here are 7 of the best boxing video games you can play right now on PC, ranging from cutting-edge releases to retro favorites. Lace up your gloves and step into the ring with these pugilistic titles!

1. Undisputed

Released as an early access Steam title in 2023, Undisputed aims to be the spiritual successor to EA‘s abandoned Fight Night series. Developer Steel City Interactive is comprised of dedicated boxing fans and experts who strove to create the most realistic representation of the sweet science ever seen in a video game.

The gameplay itself has an incredible amount of depth, with a control scheme that emulates actual boxing moves from bobbing and weaving to clinching. Undisputed‘s physics system brings the action to life, making fights feel unpredictable and completely responsive to your reflexes and strategy.

Adding to the realism is a roster of over 50 licensed boxers, including legends like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, and more. Graphically the game is gorgeous, using cutting-edge motion capture to ensure every fighter has smooth, lifelike movement.

As an early access game, Undisputed is still expanding, but already delivers an unparalleled virtual boxing experience. If you want to experience the hype of a real championship prize fight, Undisputed is a knockout.


  • Incredibly realistic and responsive boxing mechanics
  • Large roster of licensed legendary fighters
  • Stunning motion-captured graphics


  • Still in active development with occasional bugs
  • Some planned features and modes not yet implemented

2. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

The Rocky boxing movie series has inspired countless fans to get in fighting shape, pound slabs of meat, and adopt a loveable underdog attitude. Now with Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, gamers can finally step into the ring as Sylvester Stallone‘s iconic character.

Published as a tie-in with the more recent Creed films, Big Rumble Boxing lets you play as a roster of characters spanning the entire Rocky universe. Go toe-to-toe with Clubber Lang, knock out Ivan Drago, or clash with Adonis Creed himself! Matches are fast and arcade-like, with special moves and power ups adding to the over-the-top action.

While obviously not the most realistic boxing simulation, Big Rumble expertly captures the motivating spirit of the beloved film franchise. The controls are simple enough for casual players to have fun immediately, while offering enough combo variety and unlockables for some extended replayability. If you want a pick-up-and-play boxing game bursting with Rocky‘s signature heart and drama, this is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


  • Satisfyingly simple arcade-style boxing gameplay
  • Includes a roster of iconic Rocky characters
  • Lighthearted tone and spectacular special moves


  • Visuals and audio could be more polished
  • Dialogue conveyed through text instead of voice acting

3. Fight Night Champion

Released in 2011, Fight Night Champion still stands as the last truly great boxing video game made by publisher EA Sports. For over a decade, ardent pugilism fans have continued playing this excellent entry in the Fight Night series, while yearning for a modern sequel.

Fight Night Champion was ahead of its time technologically, but also excelled at capturing the varied culture surrounding professional and amateur boxing. Alongside standard exhibition and online versus modes, the game features an extensive career mode, letting you bring customized created boxers up the ranks across several story chapters.

The gameplay feels great, finding the right balance between simulating genuine boxing strategy, while still being accessible and arcadey enough for exciting back-and-forth exchanges. Landing a perfect counterpunch has immensely satisfying impact thanks to the über realistic graphics and animation.

While dated in certain aspects, Fight Night Champion remains phenomenally fun and is still populated with some dedicated online players. For as long as EA stubbornly refuses to release a sequel, this last-gen classic endures as a must-play for diehard fight fans.


  • Excellent and intuitive boxing gameplay
  • Deep career mode with compelling story
  • Jaw-dropping (for its time) visual presentation


  • Being a decade old, graphics and features feel dated now
  • Low online population makes multiplayer matches unlikely

4. Creed: Rise to Glory

As virtual reality continues maturing into its own as a gaming platform, developers are leveraging the immersive capabilities of VR for more physically intense genres. Boxing seems especially well-suited for VR translation, with Creed: Rise to Glory standing as one of the best examples currently available.

Rise to Glory puts VR headset owners directly into the boxing ring, facing off against opponents from the iconic Rocky spin-off series in first person. Instead of relying on controller inputs, you‘ll be swiping, jabbing, and uppercutting with your own two fists. Matches require real stamina and cardio as you bob and weave while working to tactically wear down foes.

Landing hits provides immense satisfaction thanks to great sound design, visual feedback, and even slight controller rumble. Outside of hour-plus long matches, there is a training mode, online PvP, and multiple difficulties to conquer. While the VR space still needs its defining boxing masterpiece, Creed: Rise to Glory currently hangs the best virtual haymakers.


  • Thrilling first-person VR boxing experience
  • Gets you really moving and burning calories
  • Great roster of Creed characters to spar


  • Can feel like a genuine workout leaving you exhausted
  • Multiplayer matches can have connection issues

5. Victory Road

Most boxing video games naturally put you right in the ring, controlling fighters throwing fists. But a creative indie release called Victory Road approaches the sport from an entirely different angle. Instead of a participating boxer, you take on the role of manager and trainer.

Your job in Victory Road is to recruit and cultivate upstart pugilists, scheduling rigorous training sessions to build skills, improve attributes, and learn new combinations. In your down time, you‘ll book matches against computer-controlled opponents, forming intense rivalries throughout a long career.

During exhibitions, you‘re resigned to shouting directions from the corner, hoping your instruction and pre-fight prep leads your boxer to glory. The core loop of coaching and improving talent over many in-game decades offers an addictive experience similar to football manager sims.

If you think you‘ve got an eye for scouting talent or fancy yourself an armchair Cus D‘Amato, guiding promising fighters from unknowns to GOAT status in Victory Road will certainly appeal.


  • Fun, more strategic approach as a boxing manager
  • Identifying and growing fighters over full careers
  • Addictive progression reminiscent of management sims


  • Players hoping to directly control boxers may be disappointed
  • Presentation and pixel visuals feel too simple

6. Punch A Bunch

Sometimes you‘re just in the mood for some good ol‘ fashioned arcade-style fisticuffs without the simulation seriousness. Enter Punch A Bunch, a lighthearted indie boxing game focused purely on over-the-top action and goofy fun.

Characters consists of blobby boxing glove-wearing creatures with names like Bobo Balboa and Moe Money Mayweather. Matches take place in vibrant, colorful arenas strewn with power-ups and environmental objects to pummel opponents against. Punches also generate zany visual effects, setting the cartoonish tone.

The gameplay itself has depth, requiring players to read telegraphs and recognize patterns to counterpunch successfully. Comical elements like trampolines to leap from and head-inflating taunt moves balance straightforward old-school boxing action. Punch A Bunch won‘t provide the hair-raising simulation realism boxing nuts need. But as an amusing change of pace or a quick-fix fight fix, it hits nicely below the belt.


  • Charming Saturday morning cartoon charm
  • Accessible boxing mechanics still offer technique depth
  • Fun fighter designs and zany power-ups


  • Purposefully exaggerated instead of realistic
  • Visuals are simple by design but sometimes too basic

7. Real Boxing

Originally releasing in 2012 with little marketing fanfare, the mobile-ported Real Boxing still holds up as a hidden gem boxing title for PC players. Offering a variety of modes matching the depth of full-priced releases, Real Boxing continues representing a complete package.

Career mode spans many years building up a customized fighter, rivalries, skills, fame level, and much more across over 70 matches. Alongside standard multiplayer and tournament options, Real Boxing features a unique asynchronous versus mode where players take turns controlling boxers for single round bursts in extended boxing matches.

The simulation-based gameplay requires learning genuine boxing strategy with combinations, blocks, dodges, clinches and expert timing playing pivotal roles. Landing SATISFYING haymakers feels tremendously rewarding. Visuals are starting to show signs of age, but slick animations and great sound design still immerse. For a fantastic modern boxing game experience minus the Fight Night pedigree, seek out Real Boxing.


  • Surprisingly strong legacy boxing title with rich career mode
  • Unique asynchronous multiplayer battles
  • Authentic boxing strategy highly factors in fights


  • Being over a decade old now, visuals are behind modern games
  • Lacks licensing and real boxer names

Wrapping Up

While boxing games are unfortunately not the dominant gaming category they once were in decades past, passionate developers and hungry fans continue carrying the torch for this perennially thrilling sport. With a mix of spiritual successors, film/TV licenses, VR innovation, and surprises from indie creators, there are plenty of awesome virtual ring experiences available right now across PC platforms.

Whether you crave photorealistic graphics and accurate fighting physics or zany arcade action with over-the-top sound effects, these games capture distinct elements we love while duking it out digitally as sweet scientists. So slip on your TBE rob, hit start on any these titles, and relive the iconic words: "Let‘s get ready to rumble!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use motion controls for PC boxing games?

The only PC boxing games that openly support motion controls currently are VR titles. Ambitious players have managed to jerry-rig motion control peripherals to work with non-VR games with mixed results. But to guarantee ideal motion tracking, a VR headset is recommended.

Does EA still make boxing video games?

Unfortunately EA Sports has not released a new Fight Night boxing game since 2011‘s Fight Night Champion. They seem focused exclusively now on their UFC fighting series to scratch that combat sports itch. But many Fight Night fans remain hopeful they might return to boxing someday.

What VR headsets are compatible with Creed: Rise to Glory?

Creed: Rise to Glory is compatible with most major VR headsets, including the Meta Quest 2, Valve Index, HTC Vive line, Windows Mixed Reality headsets like HP Reverb G2, and PSVR. Some features may differ slightly across platforms, but core experience remains solid.

Where is the best place to purchase boxing games for PC?

The majority of boxing video games featured in this article can be purchased digitally through Valve‘s Steam marketplace. Steam frequently discounts titles and houses both newer releases alongside old classics. Certain older generation games may need to bought physically or through limited digital storefronts.

Can you play PC boxing games on the Steam Deck?

Most games available on Steam for PC gaming are verified to also run well on Valve‘s Steam Deck portable system. Individual store pages will confirm if the game is fully supported, playable, or unsupported on Steam Deck specifically. Just ensure the compatibility before purchasing a game to play on mobile.

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