Mastering Your Apple Devices with the Top 10 Apple Tech YouTube Channels

Have you ever struggled to understand a complex setting on your iPhone or wanted to try advanced editing techniques on your Mac? Or perhaps you just bought a new iPad Pro and feel overwhelmed with possibilities? As one of over 1 billion active iPhone users worldwide, you‘re not alone!

The good news is there‘s a thriving community of Apple experts on YouTube creating invaluable video tutorials, tips and buying advice dedicated to helping Apple users unleash the full potential of their devices.

This article will guide you through the 10 best Apple tech YouTube channels worth subscribing to based on number of subscribers, frequency of quality content and uniqueness of offerings. For each channel, I highlight key focus areas and metrics so you can quickly prioritize channels that best match your learning style and Apple tech interests.

Let‘s dive in!

Overview of Featured Apple Tech YouTube Channels

These recommended channels from long-time Apple specialists will shortcut your learning curve with tutorials for essential skills like iPhone photography and Accessibility settings while also keeping you informed on the latest rumors and product announcements from Apple.

Here‘s a sneak peek at some of the content themes covered across the channels:

  • Camera app tutorials – professional mobile photography tips
  • Reviews and comparisons – deciding between iPhone, iPad and Mac model
  • Tech news updates – announcements from Apple events and rumors
  • iOS, iPadOS and MacOS – software how-to‘s and hidden feature guides
  • Productivity tips – email, calendar, Notes app tricks
  • Creative workflows – video editing, graphic design tutorials
  • Shopping advice – accessory recommendations

And below is a comparison table summarizing key details on the top 10 channels:

ChannelSubscribersUpload FrequencyBeginner ContentAdvanced Content
Apple16.7 millionQuarterly
MacRumors2.4 millionDaily
iGeeksBlog1 millionWeekly
Tech Talk America782kWeekly
iJustine7.09 millionMultiple/week
Marques Brownlee16.2 millionWeekly
Cult of Mac546kMultiple/week
Unbox Therapy8.5 millionMultiple/week

Now let‘s explore what makes each channel worth hitting subscribe and how they‘ll help you master your Apple devices!

1. Apple (Official YouTube Channel)

As the official source straight from the mothership, the Apple YouTube channel offers the most authoritative tutorials for core device usage as well as exciting first looks at the latest product unveils.

With 16.7 million subscribers and over 911 million views, you‘ll gain early access to those groundbreaking Apple Event announcements. Recent highlights include demo‘s of the game-changing Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro or multi-tasking updates coming to iPadOS 16.

For new users, Apple‘s channel fills crucial knowledge gaps on Camera, Health, Maps and other built-in apps through practical tips. The rhythm is more quarterly so turn notifications on.

Notable Stats:

  • 16.7 million subscribers
  • 911 million lifetime views

Content Types:

  • Product launches
  • App tutorials
  • Apple Event coverage

2. MacRumors

As the web‘s top source for Apple news with over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, MacRumors delivers essential gadget intel like iPhone buying guides or the best iPad keyboard cases.

I especially appreciate the detailed comparison videos when evaluating two iPhone models or accessories. Their disciplined daily upload schedule also ensures you stay updated on the latest Apple gossip.

Notable Stats:

  • 2.4 million subscribers
  • 8,500+ videos uploaded
  • Daily video releases

Content Types:

  • Buying advice
  • iOS tips
  • Accessory reviews

3. iGeeksBlog

Simply put, iGeeksBlog is a must-subscribe for Apple power users looking to maximize their devices‘ capabilities thanks to comprehensive libraries of in-depth how-to’s and tips.

While their weekly tutorials cover basics like organizing your iPad home screen, iGeeksBlog also spotlights insider techniques normally only known by advanced pros. A few examples include landscape mode on iPhone or pro camera tricks for capturing motion.

I notice they draw upon years of experience as longtime Apple users when explaining concepts in an easily digestible way. With almost 1 million subscribers, you‘ll uncover hidden gems that make you rethink what your Apple gadgets can accomplish.

Notable Stats:

  • 967,000 subscribers
  • 5 posts per week

Content Types:

  • iOS and iPadOS guides
  • Accessibility tips
  • Camera tutorials

4. MacMost

If I had to recommend one channel for mastering Mac skills ranging from organizing photos to automating workflows, Gary Rosenzweig of MacMost would top that list thanks to over 1,500 tutorials and how-to videos.

What sticks out about MacMost is the relaxed, friendly style adopted by Gary as if learning cool Mac tips from a helpful colleague rather than dry technical instructor. Recent videos detail iOS 16 upgrades or demonstrate Mac window management shortcuts.

For both new Mac owners and seasoned veterans, MacMost likely holds skills still left untapped in your Apple ecosystem. Hit subscribe and expand your Mac capabilities today!

Notable Stats:

  • 884,000 subscribers
  • 1,500+ tutorial videos

Content Types:

  • MacOS how-to’s
  • App tutorials
  • Mac set-up guides

5. Tech Talk America

Former Apple Creative Education trainer David A. Cox condenses years of insights on leveraging Apple devices into creative workflows through the Tech Talk America channel.

Areas of specialty span photography, videos, graphics and even using iPad as a powerful music creation tool. Iconic interviews with famous music producers give a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of Apple‘s influence on creative industries.

For artistic Mac and iPad users, David‘s engaging approach to complex topics like video editing or Garageband tutorials will surely take your production skills to the next level.

Notable Stats:

  • 782,000 subscribers
  • 5-10 videos monthly

Content Types:

  • Photography tutorials
  • Apple interviews
  • Video editing guides

6. iJustine

Delivering perky tech commentary with her trademark bubbly personality since 2009, Justine Ezarik (better known as iJustine) conveys infectious excitement over the Apple ecosystem.

While her 7.09 million subscribers tune in for everything from BTS iPhone event coverage to testing viral iPhone tricks, I especially enjoy her experimental challenge videos. Can iPad Pro replace your laptop full-time? What about using the latest iPhone to shoot an entire music video? iJustine pushes Apple devices into uncharted territory for our amusement.

Beyond hardcore Apple fans, iJustine offers mainstream tech commentary everybody can understand. Her reactions to FaceID fails or Apple Pay fumbles voices everyday frustrations we all experience!

Notable Stats:

  • 7.09 million subscribers
  • 1.7 billion lifetime views

Content Types:

  • First impressions
  • iPhone camera tests
  • Tech challenge videos

7. Marques Brownlee

As a bonafide tech celebrity thanks to over 16 million faithful subscribers, Marques Brownlee takes an expert analyst approach to evaluating Apple‘s latest phones, tablets and software through concise 5-7 minute videos.

His slickly produced reviews and commentaries attract millions of views within days of new product launches thanks to detailed design and feature analysis. I also admire how Brownlee incorporates smartphone industry context like how the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island displays Apple‘s software innovation amidst hardware refinements.

For those seeking trusted verdicts on Apple gadgets from a power user perspective before making upgrades, Marques Brownlee remains the gold standard.

Notable Stats:

  • 16.2 million subscribers
  • 615 million monthly views

Content Types:

  • iPhone reviews
  • iOS updates critiques
  • Tech industry commentary

8. Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac fully embraces Apple fanaticism from news roundups to accessibility guides and everything in between with a fun-loving attitude.

Host Leander Kahney delivers updates in his signature quirky fashion often with pop culture references mixed into smartphone tips. Recent videos range from using iOS 16 Lockdown Mode for activists to ranking the most durable iPad model ever released.

For Apple users seeking community around shared device experiences plus some comic relief, Cult of Mac hits the mark through several weekly shows and their catalog of over 1,325 videos so far!

Notable Stats:

  • 546,000 subscribers
  • 1,325+ videos

Content Types:

  • Apple news updates
  • iOS tutorials
  • Ranking/comparison videos

9. 9to5Mac

As their name suggests, 9to5Mac carries the authority of an old school computing trade publication but through speedy video dispatches analyzing the Apple ecosystem.

I admire their diligence in publishing detailed first looks and reviews across newly announced software like iPadOS 16 to the iPhone 14 series literally within days of Apple events. Benjamin Mayo clearly boasts years of insight into Apple strategy which he translates into understandable analysis of how changes impact end users.

For those desiring rapid reactions plus helpful explainers as Apple rolls out updates, 9to5Mac is likely already queued up in your subscriptions tab. If not, fix that right away!

Notable Stats:

  • 767,000 subscribers
  • Daily videos

Content Types:

  • iOS/iPadOS changes
  • iPhone reviews
  • Mac buying advice

10. Unbox Therapy

No YouTube collection profiling the Apple sphere feels complete without shoutouts to Unbox Therapy hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger.

While the channel covers technology of all kinds, his iPhone, AirPods and official Apple accessory unboxings and reviews earn millions of views thanks to slick productions and Lewis‘ infectious zeal. Watching his childlike awe tearing into the latest iPhone never gets old!

Beyond unboxings, you‘ll gain accessory recommendations and interesting Apple subculture spotlights like customizing MacBook appearance with skins. Basically mandatory viewing for the Apple obsessed!

Notable Stats:

  • 8.78 million subscribers
  • 2.2 billion lifetime views

Content Types:

  • iPhone unboxings
  • Apple event reactions
  • Accessory reviews

So there you have it – the 10 best Apple tech channels on YouTube to help you upgrade your mastery over Apple hardware and software! We covered official Apple guidance, rumors, reviews, tutorials and even entertainment focused exclusively on the Apple ecosystem.

Visit the Resources section next to find additional channels for specific interests like iPhone photography and accessibility guidance. Then start watching videos from your favorite creators!

FAQs About Apple Technology

Why is Apple expensive?

High costs stem from heavy R&D investments, custom components like the A-series chips, unmatched privacy measures, premium build quality and brand appeal allowing for premium pricing.

How long do iPhones last?

iPhones typically last 2-3 years on average based on battery lifespan though many users hold onto them for longer. Factors affecting longevity include processing speeds, iOS update support and physical wear.

When should you buy a new iPhone?

Buying a new iPhone makes sense once your current device has considerable performance slowdowns, poor battery health (under 80% capacity) or physical damage preventing full use of device capabilities.

I hope this guide to expert Apple tech YouTube channels helps unlock amazing new skills with your Apple gadgets! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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