Should You Buy an Asurion Protection Plan for Amazon Purchases? An In-Depth Guide

When you spend good money on that shiny new tablet, laptop, or big screen TV from Amazon, accidents happen that can bring your excitement to an abrupt halt. Damage. Defects. Disasters. Asurion protection plans promise comprehensive coverage and financial peace of mind when the inevitable occurs. But are they really worth the money for savvy Amazon shoppers?

In this detailed guide, we’ll demystify Asurion’s plans to help you make the smartest choice. You’ll learn:

  • Exactly how protection plans shield devices from costly repairs
  • Which Asurion plan options are available from basic to premium
  • Key benefits and drawbacks compared to warranties and insurance
  • Real-life examples of plan costs and claim payouts
  • Expert advice on the best times to invest in a plan

Let’s dig in and determine once and for all if Asurion coverage belongs in your Amazon cart alongside that shiny new tech!

What is Asurion and What Do Their Protection Plans Cover?

Asurion is an extended warranty service company that offers additional coverage beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty and return periods included with electronics and appliance purchases. This gives consumers extra peace of mind to cover accidents and mechanical issues down the road.

According to Asurion‘s website, their protection plans currently come in three distinct flavors:

Mobile Device Protection

Covers phones, tablets and other portable tech against:

  • Cracked screens
  • Accidental damage from drops or spills
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • Loss or theft
  • Battery issues

Home Technology Protection

Protects home theater equipment, computers, smart home tech and wearables against:

  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical or electrical failures
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage from power surges or natural elements
  • Cosmetic defects like scratches

Appliance Protection

Shields major home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machines and more from:

  • Breakdowns from normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic defects
  • Damage from power issues and Acts of God
  • Food spoilage reimbursement

Asurion protection plans shield all types of electronics and appliances

For all plans, Asurion charges an upfront fee or monthly subscription cost to maintain coverage. Then, if your device experiences a mishap down the road, you pay a deductible ranging from $50 to a couple hundred dollars based on the type of issue and plan selected. Asurion handles coordinating needed repairs or shipping you a replacement device to get you back up and running.

Now let’s analyze the biggest potential pros and cons of coverage so you know what you’re getting into…

Pros of Adding Protection Plans to Amazon Purchases

Comprehensive, End-to-End Coverage

The top benefit Asurion touts is keeping you covered for both manufactured defects and accidental damage during normal use. Most regular Amazon and manufacturer warranties specifically EXCLUDE spills, cracks, drops, and other incidents caused by the owner.

Asurion saltues this gap beautifully. Rather than leaving you stuck paying hefty bills to repair or replace expensive gear after accidents, their protection kicks in.

For example, conditions covered may include:

  • Cracked screen from dropping your phone
  • Coffee spills fried the laptop keyboard
  • Power surges that damage your new smart fridge
  • Your toddler dumping their milk onto your brand new iPad

Accidents happen all the time around the house. It’s not realistic to baby expensive electronics endlessly. Asurion lets you breath easier during normal daily use knowing minor mishaps won’t lead to expensive setbacks.

Additional Benefits Sweeten the Deal

In addition to robust device coverage, some Asurion plans go the extra mile by bundling in extra perks complementary to your Amazon tech purchases without added fees.

A Mobile Device Protection plan could offer cloud storage and backup for irreplaceable phone photos and videos. Home Tech plans may include unlimited technical support via phone and online chat to help configure and troubleshoot connected devices.

Even basic protection plans often contribute towards replacement costs if your device can’t be repaired, helping cushion the financial hit.

These ancillary benefits enhance the overall value proposition, saving you money on useful services beyond just protection for your gear.

Saves Hundreds on Costly Repairs or Replacements

At its core, protection plans aim to save end consumers money over the long run by avoiding pricey repair bills or being forced to buy full-price replacements down the road.

Let‘s run some numbers to estimate potential savings:

New iPhone Repair/Replacement Costs

| Issue | Repair Cost | Asurion Deductible | Approx. Savings |
| Cracked Screen | $200 | $99 | $101
| Liquid Damage | $500 | $149 | $351
| Lost Device | $1,199 (replacement cost) | $149 | $1,050

You can see even one or two incidents puts money back in your pocket versus no protection plan!

Now imagine dropping a new $2000 touchscreen smart refrigerator or having a herniated disk in your back give out trying to lift a massive 70-inch television! Protection against minor and major mishaps is invaluable.

Key Drawbacks to Factor Into Your Decision

However, Asurion protection does come with some notable downsides to weigh before pulling the trigger. These “catches" apply to most extended warranty offerings on the market today.

Limited Policy Terms – 1-3 Years Typ.

One common consumer complaint is confusion around how long plans actually last. Unlike lifetime warranties of old, most Asurion protection extends 1 to 3 years from your item’s Amazon purchase date.

Once an item hits the end of the covered term, consumers report canceled renewals leaving their items totally unprotected. This timeframe limit catches some shoppers by surprise counting on longer coverage.

Rising Deductibles Can Quickly Add Up

While Asurion plans cushion against astronomical repair bills down the road, you typically must pay deductibles ranging from $50 to $200 per claim. At a minimum, your first claim is never “free”.

For frequent filers, these costs compound quickly:

  • $600 TV + $400 2-Year Plan = $1,000 Total Spent
  • Year 1 Claim: $200 screen repair deductible
  • Year 2 Claim: $200 power surge deductible
  • Total repair charges = $400
  • Effective protection cost = $800

Suddenly that $400 plan cost $800 out of pocket with multiple claims. And any further issues are still on your dime.

Potentially Overlapping Existing Coverage

Many Amazon Visa and other premium credit cards extend initial purchase protection and warranties which cover new products for limited periods:

Credit card coverage often overlaps with Asurion protection plans

Similarly, some household insurance policies and specialty tech insurance companies like Safeware offer coverage for a flat yearly fee.

Before purchasing redundant plans, research what protections you already have via existing accounts and memberships!

Exclusions and Eligibility Restrictions

Like any insurance product, Asurion applies extensive exclusions and eligibility requirements which can limit claims. Especially with pricey jewelry, custom computers, prototypes, and niche electronics.

Amazon Renewed/refurbished products also often fall outside normal coverage terms.

Asurion protection applies extensive eligibility rules

Carefully vet which specific items qualify before paying your first premium to avoid nasty surprises down the road!

Cost-Benefit Analysis: When Are Protection Plans Worth Buying?

With so many pros, cons and caveats to Asurion protection plans, when do they move the needle enough to warrant the extra up-front investment?

Let‘s run some sample cost-benefit calculations to find price points and scenarios where coverage makes financial sense.

We‘ll analyze phones, laptops, televisions, and smart home tech using real-world repair costs and Asurion plan rates.

Mobile Phone Protection

Coverage costs approximately $7-15 per month for modern iPhones and Samsung devices. This includes up to two claims per year for damaged and lost devices.

Over a typical two-year mobile plan cycle, you would invest $168-$360 into protection. Deductibles for screen repairs and replacements range from $99-$199 per claim.

Here’s a cost example with an iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB ($1,599 MSRP):

Estimated 2 Year Cost

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB = $1,599
  • Phone Protection Plan Premium = $360 ($15 x 24 months)
  • Total Paid = $1,959

Claim #1: Cracked Screen Repair

  • Repair Cost Without Plan = $329+
  • With Plan = $99 deductible

Claim #2: Lost Device Replacement

  • Replacement Without Plan = $1,599
  • With Plan = $149 deductible

Total Paid Over 2 Years WITH Protection = $2,207

For heavy smartphone users, especially with newer expensive models, the numbers demonstrate big protection upside even accounting for deductibles.

Verdict: Worthwhile for moderate to high risk phone owners

Laptop Protection

Laptop repairs like replacing screens and motherboards can quickly hit $500+. Costs escalate further for gaming laptops and mobile workstations.

Home tech protection runs $9-$15 monthly, covering full replacements if repairs exceed current value.

Let‘s price an Asus ROG Strix G15 Advantage laptop + 2 years coverage:

Cost Breakdown

  • Asus ROG Strix G15 Laptop = $1,649
  • 2 Year Home Tech Plan = $360 ($15 x 24 months)
  • Total Investment = $2,009

Claim: Cracked Screen Replacement

  • Repair sans coverage: $450+
  • With plan deductible: $200

This demonstrates over $250 value from a single claim. For frequent travelers who rely on their laptop, the extra insurance gives peace of mind.

However, many credit cards provide extended purchase protection and warranty coverage for computers and other electronics for limited periods. For light household use, relying on credit card benefits first before buying Asurion can save money.

Verdict: Best for mobile professionals; unnecessary for homebodies with premium credit cards

Big Screen TV Protection

For mega appliances like high-end televisions where repairs get very expensive, protection plans look extremely enticing. Costs often exceed $100/hour with multi-hour minimums.

Let‘s price out an LG 65" 4K Smart OLED TV + 2 year Asurion home tech coverage:


  • LG 65” C2 OLED 4K TV = $1,797
  • 2 Year Home Tech Plan = $360
  • Grand Total = $2,157

Claim: Multi-Board Repair

  • Repair Cost Without Plan = $300+ in labor + parts
  • With Plan Deductible = $100

Even budget TV repairs quickly hit $600+ for materials and hourly labor fees. This makes set protection very advisable for living room centerpieces seeing years of kids and guests.

Verdict: Strong value despite higher plan pricing

Smart Home Tech Protection

For festooned smart homes decked out with networked cameras, video doorbells, lighting, and voice assistants, Asurion presents a flexible option covering all these connected devices in one bucket.

The expense of smart home tech bundles adds up quickly:

Sample Bundle Costs

  • Echo Show 15: $249
  • Echo Dot x 2: $80
  • Blink Outdoor Cameras x 2: $189
  • Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch x 2: TK
  • Total Tech Cost = $850+

Rather than buying multiple plans, one $15/month Asurion policy blankets everything. With outdoor camera water damage, frequent Echo replacements as family adds devices, and general technical troubleshooting, coverage helps cap downside risk.

Verdict: Peace of mind for complex smart home ecosystems


Final Verdict: Who Does Asurion Protection Serve Best?

So when all‘s said and done, is Asurion protection worth it?

The short answer: It depends on your appetite for risk, capacity for cash outlays, and specific electronic vulnerabilities.

For parents with restless kids prone to spills, travelers crossing continents with fragile gadgets stuffed in packs, or simply folks who upgrade tech so often manufacturer warranty periods become meaningless – Asurion can provide invaluable financial protection.

Especially for costly phones, watches, televisions and appliances seeing multi-year daily use and accidental bumps.

However, savvier shoppers often find better value relying on premium credit cards‘ extended warranty protections during initial ownership periods. Asurion truly shines 2-3+ years into ownership as factory coverage expires.

Responsible owners of minimally “at risk” devices are better served pocketing the extra plan costs for maximum savings. But regularly replace more accident-prone gear with the latest innovations annually before reliability becomes an issue anyway.

Questions to Determine If You Need Protection

🤔 How accident/damage prone are you and your family?
🤔 Are your devices critical for work or health?
🤔 How old are your current devices? Still under factory warranty?
🤔 What existing protections do your credit cards provide?

Weigh these factors against Asurion costs to make the best financial decision for your situation. An incremental $200 plan fee sure hits different for a student on a budget versus busy parents juggling little ones while cooking dinner!

Choose wisely grasshopper.

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