Hey, wanna experience PlayStation‘s platforming greats?

Before we dive into the 10 absolute best, let‘s briefly appreciate all that platformers represent. At their core lies precise, responsive control and progressively challenging obstacle navigation. But it‘s how platforming mechanics fuse with themes, stories and gameplay ideas that births unforgettable adventures.

For many PlayStation fans, platformers define gaming nostalgia. Behind groundbreaking graphics and 1080p displays lies the pure tactile joy of directing characters through colorful worlds with pixels perfect timing and little room for error. It takes us back to innocence.

So whether you grew up dominating Crash Bandicoot time trials or came to gaming last week, I‘ll showcase PlayStation platformers that withstand the test of time as genius works.

Ratchet & Clank: Future – Tools of Destruction

Release Year: 2007
Platforms: PS3
Critic Score: 88
Sales: 2.14 million

This remake of the original R&C makes you feel like you‘ve jumped into a playable Pixar film with its lush, colorful alien worlds.

I still get thrilled acquiring wacky weapons like the transformative Morph-O-Ray. But it‘s the new Hoverboots letting you fully explore planets and uncover mysterious ruins that stuck with me. Gliding up mountains or across gaps offers such an empowering sense of freedom.

Future R&C entries expanded these open zone concepts, but Tools of Destruction nails the scope as a focused galactic adventure. It also deepened characters amidst usual explosive setpieces. And unlike 2016‘s duo film flop, Tools captures that signature Ratchet charm perfectly.

Rayman Legends

Release Year: 2013
Platforms: PS3, PS4, PSVita
Critic Score: 93
Sales: 1.69 million

Rayman Legends perfects the momentum-based platforming originated in Origins just two years prior…

Bionic Commando Rearmed

#7. Limbo

Before You Play

Here‘s a quick guide to approaching classic PlayStation platformers if you missed their heyday:

  • Accept you‘ll die frequently: Modern games hold your hand. Old-school platformers have limited lives and checkpoints to ratchet challenge. Learn enemy patterns.

  • Take in the visuals: Whether 2D sprites or early 3D, PlayStation platformers exploded creative expression. Soak in the ambiance.

  • Appreciate innovations once standardized: Features like analog movement, dynamic cameras, context actions we take for granted started with PlayStation innovations.

  • Have patience mastering controls: Direct, tight control remains sacred in platformers. Give time adjusting to PS1/PS2 era schemes before frustration creeps.

Now back our PlayStation platformer countdown!

#6. Fez

Genre Defining Mascots: Spyro, Ratchet & Jak

Beyond singular masterpieces lie PlayStation platformer franchises that redefined expectations. With multiple acclaimed entries per IP lasting over a decade, their creators realized staggering creative visions matched to evolving hardware strengths.

Spyro literally soared across 40 expansive home worlds over three ambitious PS1 adventures. Guiding our hot-headed yet good-natured purple dragon through realms brimming with mini-games, character quests and lore made him Sony‘s kid-friendly counterpart to Nintendo mascots. Developer Insomniac Games (of future Ratchet & Clank fame) programmed proprietary technology to grant Spyro full analog flight control years before other attempts.

With powers ranging from incinerating foes to ramming gates down, exploration felt limitless. Creative level trope inversions (like seas made of lava) kept gameplay intriguing across 120+ levels! Sure, post-Insominac sequels crashed the dragon, but for establishing immersive, evolving 3D platformers, Spyro still glides high.

Contrast mascot potentials evolve dramatically between franchise eras. Where Spyro emphasized youthful charm on PS1, Jak & Daxter matured into edgy, open world sci-fi adventures come PS2. Beyond major genre shifts between games, Jak himself undergoes profound transformations via an alter ego. This nuanced lead, coupled with narratives tackling surprisingly heavy themes like eco-terrorism and tyranny, demonstrated platformers could house deeper stories besides hopping happily along.

#5. LittleBigPlanet 2

The Future of PlayStation Platformers

Horizon Forbidden West shows Sony won‘t abandon ambitious exclusives confronting humanity‘s destiny. Perhaps equally inspiring is Sackboy‘s starring PS5 debut. By offering a grander 3D platforming adventure blending creation tools with deep mod support, it signals Sony‘s continued belief in PlayStation capabilities for renewing genre magic.

Dreams allows anyone to craft epics rivaling Ratchet & Clank scope. Sly Cooper rumors persist. With PS VR2 incoming, Astrobot‘s dimensional hopping squeaks with possibility. And who knows which indie darling gets handpicked for acquisition glory?

PlayStation platformers must balance evolution against foundation legacies. But Sony allowing creators to follow passions pays dividends history proves. Driven by that inventiveness, the future remains brightly aglow for PlayStation platformers. New generations shall inherit the flame so beautifully ignited decades ago.

So to both nostalgic and next-gen gamers, claim your controller and dive into PlayStation‘s platforming pillars. Just mind those ledges…wouldn‘t want you dying over how awesome these classics remain!

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