6 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Samsung S95B OLED TV Today

Samsung‘s brand new S95B series TV has been making waves since its launch earlier this year as the company‘s first-ever OLED television. But it‘s much more than just Samsung‘s maiden voyage into OLED waters – the S95B brings together the best display advancements from Samsung and marries them to OLED panel technology for a television that delivers unparalleled image quality and must-have features.

As Samsung‘s new 2022 flagship 4K smart TV, expectations were sky-high for the S95B. And by all accounts, Samsung has exceeded those lofty expectations with a television that sets a new standard for flagship-level performance and innovation.

Let‘s examine the 6 most compelling reasons why tech enthusiasts and home theater shoppers should choose the Samsung S95B as their next television purchase.

1. Best-in-Class Picture Quality Powered by Quantum Dot OLED

The crown jewel feature of the S95B is without a doubt its Quantum Dot OLED display. This isn‘t your typical OLED panel – Samsung has managed to combine its highly-refined and color-rich Quantum Dot layer technology with an OLED screen.

The result is a level of color vibrancy, brightness, and contrast that puts the S95B in a class of its own against every other consumer television on the planet.

Renowned TV reviewers Vincent Teoh and Adam Fairclough from the YouTube channel HDTVTest summed up the S95B‘s Quantum Dot OLED display performance succinctly in their hands-on review:

"This is the best TV we have ever tested, bar none"

So what makes the S95B‘s picture quality so spectacular? A few key strengths stand out:

Incredible Brightness

With a measured peak brightness over 1,300 nits, the S95B Quantum Dot OLED panel shatters expectations of what OLED televisions are capable of. Scenes with bright, sunny environments or glistening water showcase the Samsung S95B‘s dazzling luminosity.

The added brightness headroom also gives HDR content plenty of room to shine. Explosions spark off the screen and specular highlights in movies and games gleam with intensity.

Limitless Contrast

A hallmark strength of OLED panels is their infinite contrast since each pixel can switch on and off independently. When combined with Samsung‘s color layering know-how, the S95B renders the deepest blacks right alongside intensely bright highlights for images that leap off the screen.

Shadow detail is also phenomenal – you can make out all the nuances in night scenes and dimly-lit sequences.

Cinematic Color

According to Samsung, the expanded range of colors from the Quantum Dot enhancements allow the S95B to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut used in cinema mastering.

That translates to exceptionally realistic and vibrant colors that seem to pop out of the screen. The wider range of accurate colors displayed by the S95B also minimizes color banding that cheaper panels struggle with in color gradients.

So whether you are watching the latest Marvel movie, catching up on Stranger Things, or getting immersed in story-driven video games like The Last of Us, the S95B‘s cinematic visuals will make it seem like you have a movie theater display right at home.

2. Impossibly Slim, Bezel-less Design That Stuns

Beyond just outstanding picture quality, the S95B turns heads with its sleek, futuristic physical design as well. The S95B‘s panel measures just 3.9mm at its thinnest point, making it seem to hover in mid-air once wall mounted. Samsung calls it their new LaserSlim design aesthetic, and it cuts an ultra-modern silhouette.

Borders around the screen have also been shaved down to become nearly bezel-less. Paired with an angular stand, it gives off the vibe of a futuristic video wall rather than a traditional TV form factor.

Dimensionally, the 55-inch model with the stand attached measures only:

  • 48.1 x 28.0 x 1.6 inches
  • Without stand: 48.1 x 27.7 x 0.1 inches

So you get incredible screen real estate coverage within a compact overall footprint. This allows the S95B to seamlessly fit into any contemporary living space.

For a TV that packs so much innovation under the hood, Samsung has wrapped it all up beautifully with a design that screams sophistication. The S95B is a true showpiece display sure to draw admiration from family and friends.

3. Cinematic Dolby Atmos Sound Baked-In

You expect top-notch visuals from a flagship Samsung TV. But audio has traditionally been an afterthought even on premium televisions. The S95B bucks that trend by incorporating powerful sound right into the hardware.

The S95B comes equipped with built-in woofers and acoustic beam technology to output rich Dolby Atmos sound. And we aren‘t talking about lackluster sound either – the S95B pumps out a full 60W of total audio power spread across a 4.2.2 channel orientation.

Voices come through with pristine clarity and sound effects erupt with throaty bass you can feel. The integrated speakers even produce phantom center channel audio so that dialogue seems to emanate straight from characters mouths‘ accurately on-screen.

While a full surround sound system is still recommended for a complete cinematic experience, the S95B‘s onboard speakers blow away the tinny built-in audio you normally get from even expensive 4K smart TVs. For everyday TV watching and streaming, you can get immersive, room-filling sound without needing added speakers.

4. Packed With Cutting-Edge Gaming Goodies

The S95B‘s stellar picture and sound already make it a phenomenal television for watching movies and TV. But Samsung takes things even further by decking out the S95B with a bevy of gaming features that make it an absolute powerhouse display for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S gameplay.

For next-generation gaming systems, four HDMI 2.1 ports allow 4K gaming at up to 120FPS. Instant response is ensured by the S95B‘s low input lag and high 120Hz panel refresh rate. Variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM) further reduce lag and screen tearing.

There‘s even a built-in Xbox Game Pass app so you can enjoy hundreds of titles on-demand without a console. Cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are also supported natively by the Tizen smart platform.

And speaking of smart features, dedicated gaming dashboard menus let you optimize settings like HDR tone mapping and FreeSync Premium on a per-game basis. So every game plays and looks its absolute best on the S95B with minimal input delay.

Essentially, the S95B checks off every box gamers could ask for and then some. So whether you live for fast-paced Call of Duty matches or want to immerse yourself in a vast RPG world, the S95B transforms into the ultimate gaming display at the push of a button.

5. Packed With Features and Convenience

As you would expect from a flagship Samsung television, the S95B overflows with smart features and creature comforts.

The Tizen operating system brings together an uncluttered home screen with every major streaming service baked-in like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more. Sleek menus make navigating between inputs, apps, and settings intuitive through either the included SolarCell remote or via voice commands.

Speaking of the remote – it is a work of art unto itself. The S95B‘s remote integrate a solar panel to passively recharge itself indoors or outdoors without ever needing battery swaps. It lasts for months between charges and never has to be manually plugged in.

Other handy features include ambient light-based screen dimming, OneConnect breakout box to keep wired connections organized and out of sight, and the ability to use your phone screen as a touchpad remote.

You also have access to cloud gaming apps, Samsung Health fitness tracking, screen mirroring, built-in Alexa/Bixby voice assistants, and an NFC tap-to-connect function for compatible devices. The breadth of features baked into the S95B adds up a complete smart TV experience enveloped in convenience.

6. Future-Proof Support for Next-Generation Technologies

As if the laundry list so far wasn‘t enough, the S95B has one more ace up its sleeve – support for cutting-edge future display standards.

Being HDMI 2.1-compliant means the S95B can handle next-gen gaming consoles and graphics cards without breaking a sweat. But Samsung has gone further by ensuring the S95B is equipped for technologies that are just starting to gain traction.

The big one is HDR10+ Adaptive. This new flavor of high dynamic range adjusts picture settings automatically scene-by-scene for optimal contrast and color – no tuning required. As more movies and streaming series release with HDR10+ Adaptive mastering, you‘ll benefit right away with the S95B.

Enhanced audio return channel (eARC) compatibility allows lossless audio passthrough to compatible sound systems, receivers, and soundbars as well. So you can take full advantage of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround formats.

Simply put, the S95B gives you a level of future-proofing that keeps it at the bleeding edge of display tech advancements well into the years ahead.

We‘ve just scratched the surface of why Samsung‘s first-ever Quantum Dot OLED television manages to leapfrog flagship competitors with performance and innovation to spare. By bringing OLED panel improvements together with refinements like Quantum Dot color, anti-glare coating, and a Neural Quantum image processor, the S95B achieves picture quality heights no other consumer display can match.

Of course, stunning visuals are just the start. With powerful integrated sound, gorgeous slim-bezel styling, enhanced gaming connectivity, and a robust smart TV feature set all wrapped up into the S95B package, Samsung has assembled its most compelling and complete television to date.

From brightness to black levels that obliterate industry standards, the S95B‘s across-the-board display domination combined with premium design and audio make this an easy recommendation. If you desire the pinnacle of home entertainment thrills, the S95B should absolutely be on your shortlist.

So while the S95B commands a premium price befitting flagship status, Samsung throws in innovation after innovation to justify every dollar. For discerning home theater aficionados or even casual viewers wanting the very best 4K TV technology can offer, the Samsung S95B delivers – and then some.

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