The 6 Best LG Soundbars with Wireless Subs for an Immersive Home Theater

Do you love watching movies but find your TV‘s puny built-in speakers lacking? An LG soundbar paired with a dedicated subwoofer can transform your experience – delivering room-filling audio with deep powerful bass for a true cinematic feel.

In this guide, you‘ll discover the top options from LG‘s lineup that take advantage of wireless subs to create stunning surround sound. I‘ll summarize the best models they offer to upgrade your home theater audio without a ton of messy wires.

Why Choose an LG Soundbar and Wireless Sub?

First, what makes LG soundbars paired with wireless subwoofers so great?

  • Powerful Performance – Wireless subs allow for a separate enclosure optimized specifically for deep low-end bass. This prevents distortion and lets the main soundbar focus on mids/highs.

  • Clean Setup – No need to run speaker cables across your room to the subwoofer‘s location. The wireless connection allows flexible, out-of-sight placement.

  • Surround Sound – Adding a sub builds a true surround system for immersive audio with 360-degree sound staging.

  • Room-Shaking Impact – A high-quality sub adds a powerful punch for a truly visceral viewing experience when watching action films or playing video games.

LG soundbars are highly rated for their sleek modern aesthetics that fit perfectly with their industry-leading OLED TV designs. And they pack excellent sound quality through support for premium formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

But pairing your LG soundbar with a wireless subwoofer connects an external bass module that massively boosts audio immersion. It helpscreate a realistic soundscape as if you‘re at the theater.

Next let‘s explore the top options – including budget picks all the way up to LG‘s flagship offerings.

Quick Picks: Best LG Soundbars with Wireless Subs

SoundbarKey SpecsDescriptionPrice
LG SP8YA3.1.2 ch
Excellent mid-range option with Atmos/DTS:X under $500.$296.99
LG SN9YG5.1.2 ch
High-end model with immersive audio formats & room correction.$896.95
LG S95QR9.1.5 ch
LG‘s 2022 flagship with latest features – their best surround soundbar package.$1,546.99

Click any model above to check current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

Below you‘ll find detailed summaries for all three along with additional top-rated options in various price tiers. All support wireless subwoofer connections.

Best Mid-Range: LG SP8YA Soundbar

The LG SP8YA hits a sweet spot delivering awesome Dolby Atmos performance without breaking the bank.


  • Channels: 3.1.2
  • Speakers: Up-firing center & surrounds
  • Power: 470W
  • Key Features: Dolby Atmos & DTS:X, AI Sound Pro, 4K & Dolby Vision passthrough, HDMI eARC

This compact 46-inch soundbar packs an impressive amount of power along with support for next-gen immersive audio formats.

The wireless sub fills out explosions with a satisfying rumble. While integrated up-firing drivers bounce sound effects off your ceiling to create the 3D height dimensionality key to Dolby Atmos.

Given its reasonable price point, the SP8YA provides outstanding surround sound capabilities for both movies and music.

Our Analysis

Premium Atmos/DTS:X supportLacks Wi-Fi connectivity
AI audio tuningNo smarter assistants
Great for smaller TV setupsHDMI input would be nice
Deep wireless sub integration

Overall an extremely versatile Dolby Atmos LG soundbar great for smaller living room home theater configurations.

Best High-End: LG SN9YG

Movie buffs seeking top-of-the-line performance should consider the LG SN9YG.


  • Channels: 5.1.2
  • Speakers: Up-firing rears & fronts
  • Power: 440W
  • Key Features: Dolby Atmos & DTS:X, Room Correction, Works with Alexa

As LG‘s 2021 flagship surround soundbar, the SN9YG delivers a premium 5.1.2 channel listening experience. The dedicated wireless subwoofer accentuates explosions and action scenes with window-rattling bass.

Integrated up-firing drivers create an immersive bubble of 3D audio overhead. While multi-channel speaker arrays spaced along its 48-inch width provide a wide sound stage.

And room correction uses built-in microphones to custom tune audio output based on your unique room conditions. Ensuring the best possible performance aligned specifically to your space.

Our Analysis

Top-tier Dolby Atmos & DTS:X supportVery expensive
Great for medium-large roomsOverkill for casual listeners
Tons of bass from 10" wireless subSetup/calibration can get complex

If you want the pinnacle of LG surround sound to pair with a premium LG OLED TV, the SN9YG is a top choice.

Best Budget Pick: LG SL5Y

Shopping on a tighter budget? The compact LG SL5Y still enhances audio immersion over your native TV speakers.


  • Channels: 2.1
  • Power: 300W
  • Key Features: Adaptive Sound Control, 4K/Dolby Vision passthrough, Bluetooth

This entry-level soundbar delivers surprisingly good audio depth despite its low price point. The wireless subwoofer fills out the low end while Adaptive Sound Control optimizes settings based on what you‘re watching.

And Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to wirelessly stream music from your phone or tablet.

Our Analysis

Costs just ~$200Lacks Dolby Atmos
Easy wireless streamingNo Wi-Fi based smarts
Solid TV & movie audioMax 2.1 channels
Awesome value

For buyers on a tight budget, the LG SL5Y provides noticeable audio improvements over standalone TV speakers.

What Else to Consider with LG Soundbars & Wireless Subs

Beyond the main system itself, here are some other factors to weigh with an LG surround soundbar setup:


Think about layout based on your room size, optimal viewing position, and current furniture configuration. LG soundbars work well centered under wall-mounted or stand-alone TVs.

While wireless subs allow flexible positioning – just ensure it‘s not jammed into a tight enclosed space. And for surround soundbars, rear speakers should angle out wider on either side.


Many support HDMI ARC or eARC which carries both video and audio signals from your TV over a single cable. This allows 4K HDR passthrough and high-resolution audio playback.

Wireless options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Chromecast provide streaming from services and mobile devices. And smart interfaces integrate voice assistants for hands-free control.

Audio Format Support

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X provide 3D object-based surround sound – make sure to choose an LG model that specifically lists these for the best immersion.

The latest HDMI 2.1 standard enables higher bandwidth signals needed for lossless formats. But even base HDMI ARC connections still offer excellent quality.

Cables & Accessories

You‘ll want high-speed HDMI cords for device connections. And don‘t forget power – newer soundbars use centralized AC adapters but some require multiple outlets.

Wall-mounts conveniently save table space and showcase your gear. LG also offers wireless surround speaker add-on kits to expand setups over time.

Get Immersed with an LG Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer

I hope this guide gave you a better idea of LG‘s top-rated soundbar and wireless subwoofer combos to give your home theater an audio boost.

Key takeaways:

  • Wireless subs enable bigger bass sound without messy wires
  • Look for Dolby Atmos & DTS:X for awesome 3D surround effects
  • Placement flexibility & room correction provide tailored experiences
  • HDMI connectivity builds a clean A/V setup with your LG TV

Still have questions about selecting the perfect model for your needs and budget? Just leave a comment below!

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