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Hey there! Do you ever get hand and neck strain from constantly looking down at your phone? Or maybe have trouble reading recipes in the kitchen because propping up your device is such a pain? Trust me, I‘ve been there too. But a quality phone stand makes a world of difference regarding comfort and usability.

These clever contraptions lift your smartphone to eye level, freeing up your hands. You can consume content, chat with friends, and so much more without sacrificing posture. Let me show you the key things to evaluate when picking a stand. I‘ll also share expert recommendations on the absolute best options worth your money.

What Exactly is a Phone Stand?

Simply put, a phone stand is device that props up your smartphone. It acts like an extra set of hands so you don‘t have to physically hold your phone for long stretches. Stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. Smaller portable versions nicely fit compact travel bags. While fuller-featured stationary stands equip things like ring lights and wireless chargers for photography and content creation.

No matter what design you choose, a quality stand shares some common traits:

  • Adjustability – Tilt and swivel motions allow you to reduce glare and customize viewing angles
  • Compatibility – Accommodates your specific smartphone or protective case measurements
  • Sturdiness – Keeps your device firmly upright and avoids tipping
  • Added perks – Features like grips, lights or chargers improve utility

Now let‘s explore why phone stands prove so useful in daily life.

Top Reasons to Use a Phone Stand

Beyond just creating a hands-free viewing experience, phone stands impart some great supplementary benefits:

Prevent neck strain. Staring downward at a phone held in your hands forces an unnatural spine curvature shown to contribute to painful tech neck. Elevating your screen keeps things ergonomic.

Enable multi-tasking. With your phone propped on a stand you‘re free to reference a recipe while cooking, respond to emails during video conferences, and more.

Reduce finger fatigue. Constantly clenching your phone takes a surprising toll on hand muscles over time. Give those digits a break!

Customize viewing angle. Eliminate screen glare by adjusting a stand‘s arms and mounts to find your preferred head-on viewing position.

Record better content. Aspiring influencers use stands to properly frame vlogging clips and social shots. The camera stability also improves video quality.

Hopefully that gives you a good sense of why phone stands rank as must-have items. Now let‘s get to the fun part – picking the right one!

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Phone Stand

While the overarching purpose is consistent across models, not all stands are created equal regarding quality and features. As you evaluate options, keep these factors in mind:

Device Compatibility

Of course you‘ll want to verify your intended smartphone or tablet fits within the stand‘s stated size capacity. Measure your device‘s dimensions and match them against a product‘s specs for assurance. Stands built to be universally compatible with both Androids and iPhones are most convenient.

Additionally, if you keep a protective case on your phone, ensure it‘s thin enough to still be accommodated while mounted. Bulkier cases can sometimes obstruct a stand‘s cradle design.


The ability to tilt and swivel your mounted phone to your preferred angle is hugely valuable. Adjustable gooseneck arms in particular allow you to fluidly reposition a device hands-free to reduce glare or dial-in ergonomics. They also facilitate using phones while cooking, working on cars, crafting and endless other applications.

If portability isn‘t a concern, weighted stands with adjustable desktop clamps offer another flexible, personalized option for desks and tabletops.


Think about when and where you plan to use a phone stand as you evaluate options. If solely for home or office use, compactness may not be a pressing concern. However if you intend to transport a stand for use on-the-go, then low weight and clever folding mechanisms are hugely beneficial. After all, tossing a bulky stand into your work bag or suitcase each day grows annoying quickly!


A wobbly phone stand that tips over constantly totally defeats the purpose. When mounting an expensive smartphone you want confidence it can handle the weight and remain stable.

  • Anti-slip padding on bottom surfaces helps tremendously, as do wider weighted bases.
  • Premium builds utilizing steel, aluminum and durable plastics withstand daily handling better than cheap plastic.
  • Spring-loaded arms or molded cradles securely clasp devices of varying sizes without falling out.

Extra Features

Secondary features that enhance convenience and functionality deserve consideration as well. For instance:

  • Built-in chargers allow directly powering devices while mounted – very convenient!
  • External storage bins organizing ancillary items like charging bricks, cleaning cloths and photography lenses prove useful.
  • Optional tripod feet for placement flexibility suits users wanting maximum configurability.
  • Devices with linkable design allow attaching things like external ring lights when required.

Now that you know what aspects and traits make a stellar phone stand, let‘s look at the top models highly rated by experts and consumers.

The Best Phone Stands – Expert Picks

Given dozens of options on the market, here are my top stand recommendations across 5 key categories:

Best Overall: UBeesize Cell Phone Tripod Stand

Best phone stand overall

Standout Features:

:heavy_check_mark: Built-in ring light with variable color tones
:heavy_check_mark: Extendable tripod base spans 15” – 50” in height
:heavy_check_mark: Secure phone cradle with non-slip grip

If I had to choose just ONE all-purpose phone stand with no limitations, the UBeesize Cell Phone Tripod Stand takes the prize. What sets it apart is the incredibly versatile weighted tripod base you can finely adjust to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Collapse it down for portability on-the-go, or extend the legs up to 50 inches when stationary at home. Wherever life takes you and whatever smartphone you own, this stand offers reliable mounting. The built-in ring light is just the cherry on top, ensuring well-lit photography and selfies.

For less than $30, UBeesize brings stellar quality and executions for everyday users and aspiring influencers alike.

Ideal For: Content creators, photographers, casual users

Buy the UBeesize tripod stand on Amazon here.

Best for Vlogging: DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal

DJI OM5 Phone Gimbal

Standout Features:

:heavy_check_mark: Motorized gimbal for stabilized filming
:heavy_check_mark: Built-in telescoping tripod and grip handle
:heavy_check_mark: Preset camera movement modes

Vloggers and video content creators seeking silky smooth footage should grab the DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal to instantly step up production value. This compact yet capable stand uses an advanced motorized gimbal to actively stabilize footage.

You benefit from handy shooting presets allowing you to capture cinematic movements at the touch of a button. Plus built-in accessories like an extendable tripod and grip handle maximize filming flexibility. Aspiring social media stars…meet your new video sidekick!

Ideal For: Vloggers, video bloggers

Get the game-changing DJI OM 5 gimbal on Amazon now.

Best for Video Calls: LISEN Adjustable Phone Stand

LISEN phone stand on desk

Standout Features:

:heavy_check_mark: Ergonomic mount reduces neck strain
:heavy_check_mark: Cable catch prevents cord clutter
:heavy_check_mark: Grippy bottom & smooth edges protect devices

Office workers and students constantly on video calls need the ergonomic LISEN Adjustable Phone Stand. Its tilting arm places your screen at eye level to alleviate neck soreness during long virtual meetings.

Though compact, the sturdy base stays firmly planted on desks thanks to rubberized pads. Another nice perk is the built-in cable catch allowing you to route power cords neatly underneath. For an affordable video call upgrade, LISEN delivers.

Ideal For: Office professionals, remote workers, students

Improve your video call setup with the LISEN stand here.

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