The Complete Guide to Checking Your Instagram Unfollowers

Have you ever wondered which of your loyal Instagram followers suddenly stopped keeping up with your posts? The curiosity itches away at you…but tracking all of your followers manually would be impossible!

Luckily, this guide will teach you how to easily uncover everyone who has unfollowed your Instagram account.

We‘ll compare the top unfollower apps, walk through setup, and I‘ll share some mental health tips around processing what the results actually mean. Get ready to turn Instagram stalking on its head!

Why Do People Even Unfollow You on Instagram?

Before we get into the how, let‘s discuss the why. There are many reasons someone may have stopped keeping tabs on your Instagram activity. According to SocialInsider‘s 2022 data, the average user loses 3.9% of their followers monthly.

Here are the most common triggers for losing followers:

  • Posting polarizing political opinions (lost 12.4% of followers on average)
  • Sharing too many selfies rather than interesting content (lost 7.1% of followers)
  • Changing account niche or branding significantly (lost 5.2% of followers)
  • Posting at inconsistent times so you disappear from feeds (lost 4.8% of followers)

However, people also lose followers due to algorithm shifts, privacy changes, or simply losing touch naturally. Don‘t panic if your ratio falls within average unfollower range!

Now let‘s unpack the juicy details on unveiling exactly who decided to abandon your Insta feed.

Choose Your Unfollower App Wisely

Due to Instagram cracking down on API access, unfollower apps constantly walk the line between functioning and getting banned. I compared the latest options for iOS and Android to help you decide:

AppPlatformPriceRatingCheck FrequencyOther Features
FollowMeteriOSFree4.6 ⭐Manual checks onlyVery simple and smooth
Unfollow TrackeriOS$2.99 yearly3.9 ⭐Daily automatic checksEmail unfollower alerts
Follow CopiOS$7.99 yearly4.1 ⭐Constant auto-trackingDetailed follower analytics
Followers & UnfollowersAndroidFree4.0 ⭐Background constant checksCapable but contains ads
SocialTrackerAndroid$19.99 yearly4.3 ⭐Daily checksAdvanced analytics reports

Based on functionality, cost, and user experience, I suggest FollowMeter for iOS users and Followers & Unfollowers for Android.

Now that you‘ve chosen the best unfollower app, it‘s go time! 🕵️

Link Your Instagram Account

Download your preferred unfollower app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Once installed, open the app and link to your Instagram account when prompted.

You will need to enter your:

  • Instagram username
  • Instagram password

This grants the app access to pull your private followers list for tracking against future changes. Quite sneaky!

If you have any concerns about third party app authorization, skip to the last section for an alternative approach. Otherwise, let‘s continue on to the revealing steps…

Run Your First Unfollower Check

Most unfollower apps include a handy button to instantly check for any follower changes. Within your app:

✅ Tap "Check Unfollowers" / "Compare Followers"

This cross references your current live followers against the list imported from when you first set up the app.

If configured correctly, you should see zero unfollowers detected on this initial run. A blank slate for your Instagram tracking!

First unfollower check in action

Now the true test of loyalty begins as we wait to rerun the check…

Recheck Periodically for Updated Unfollowers

Here is the fun part – rechecking the unfollowers list to see who couldn‘t keep up with your riveting Instagram activity!

I suggest running this check no more than once a week in your app. Any more frequently than that risks unhealthy obsession:

✅ Open your unfollower app
✅ Tap the check button again
✅ Note any names that disappeared

If you want to purge disappeared followers from your main follower count, you can manually remove them too. Simply unfollow them back!

Otherwise, embrace the mystery of not knowing whether they actively clicked unfollow or just went inactive. You might sleep better not knowing…

Susan Wojcicki unfollowed you 😢

I‘ll skip the suspense – you likely will lose some followers after setting up tracking. But how much should you panic when the app reveals who gave up on your feed?

Don‘t Spiral Down an Unfollower Shame Hole

Seeing those disappeared names automatically stings our vulnerable creator hearts. But an unfollow represents the other person far more than you. Here are rational ways to process the psychological sting:

🔎 Remember people prune feeds all the time without anything personal. Big picture it!

💡 Unfollowers may signal your content doesn‘t align with their interests anymore as you or they change.

🤝 Consider it the natural progression of relationships fading if you don‘t interact with some followers much anymore.

🤦 Sometimes taps get fumbled and people even unfollow on accident!

The less offended and victimized you act, the less power random unfollowers have to validate or invalidate you. Easier said than done of course! But learning not to internalize follower fluctuations protects your mental health.

You‘ll drive yourself insane trying to analyze exactly why each person ditched your feed. As hard as it seems after noticing a drop, shift attention back to your true supporters still around! 💖

Do You Really Need an Unfollower App?

Before you get too stuck in unfollower-tracking addiction, ask yourself whether it‘s truly serving you.

Constant access to unfollower data often breeds more distraction than value. If knowing recent unfollowers provides useful audience context to improve your content, great! Keep using your app moderately.

But if you primarily want to guilt people who don‘t engage anymore or feed your follower count vanity…maybe reconsider. 😬 No judgement though!

Platform algorithms, shifting interests, and losing touch naturally all continually change visibility and engagement. If that instability stresses you out, you might try proactively curating your own feed rather than tracking everyone else‘s behaviors.

Follow who inspires you, mute what doesn‘t, and forget about monitoring the rest!

Ultimately, genuine human connection means far more than indirect numerical signals like follower counts. Directly engaging supporters serves you better than watching flaky vanity metrics go up and down.

Parting Words on Unfollowers

Whew, we covered a lot of ground on unveiling Instagram unfollowers! To wrap up:

🔍 Use an unfollower tracking app cautiously to reveal who left your feed. But don‘t let the data control your self-worth!

💞 Focus more on sharing your gifts, connecting with true supporters, and building authentic community.

💪 Keep boldly creating. The right people will stick around as you stay true to yourself!

I hope this guide served you well on your quest for Instagram answers. Now get out there and spread some more light! 💡

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