The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best MagSafe Case

Have you upgraded to one of Apple‘s recent iPhone models and want to take advantage of the new MagSafe charging and accessory system? If so, you’ll likely be looking for a compatible MagSafe case to protect your iPhone while still allowing use of the easy-to-attach magnetic accessories.

But what exactly should you look for in MagSafe case? With so many options on the market offering various levels of protection, features and value, picking the right one can get confusing.

In this definitive guide, we’ll start by examining what makes MagSafe technology special and why a MagSafe-compatible case is something every iPhone 12, 13 or 14 owner should consider. We’ll then explore the key factors to evaluate when choosing a MagSafe case for your specific needs.

Finally, we reveal the 5 best MagSafe cases available and provide detailed reviews of each top pick. Read on for everything you need to make sense of the MagSafe case market!

What Makes MagSafe Cases So Convenient?

Apple‘s new MagSafe Charging standard uses powerful built-in magnets that allow compatible cases and accessories to effortlessly snap into place on your iPhone 12 or newer. This makes wireless charging easier than ever – simply bring a MagSafe charger near your phone and it locks perfectly aligned with the charging coil every time for efficient power transfer. No fiddling around trying to get things to connect.

Besides hassle-free charging, MagSafe opens up an entire ecosystem of accessories like car mounts, stands and grips which now also magnetically adhere to your device using any MagSafe case.

So with the right protective case, you get the best of both worlds – your new iPhone stays protected from life’s bumps and knocks, but can still easily connect with any magnetic chargers, wallets or holders thanks to MagSafe technology conveniently embedded into the case itself.

MagSafe ecosystem

Here are some of the key benefits MagSafe cases offer over regular cases:

  • Faster more efficient wireless charging
  • Super easy attachment and alignment of accessories
  • More securely grips accessories so they won‘t detach easily
  • Allows use of handy magnetic mounts and stands
  • Provides precise alignment with charging coils

As you can see, MagSafe cases maintain all the core benefits of protection that phone cases provide, while also unlocking the door to much simpler use of must-have magnetic accessories every iPhone owner needs.

Key Factors To Consider In a MagSafe Case

However not all MagSafe cases deliver the same level of performance and quality. As these cases become more popular, more and more options are flooding the market, making it even harder to decide which one fits your lifestyle and priorities best.

Here are the 6 most important factors you should evaluate when picking out the right MagSafe compatible case:

Protection Level

The primary job of any iPhone case is keeping your device safe from life’s little accidents. Consider how much daily protection you want when examining case options. Reinforced corners, camera bumper lips, multi-layer shells and rugged textures all provide enhanced damage resistance. Look for how many feet a case is rated to withstand drops from. More intense iPhone users need more shielding.

Drop protection

Consider your daily iPhone hazards

Design & Build Quality

Even with MagSafe inside, cases come crafted from all types of materials like polycarbonate, TPU, aluminum and leather. Slim low-profile options offer basic protection while fuller more rugged cases bring more armor against the elements. Do you want an ultra-thin case or are you willing to add some bulk in exchange for durability?

Case textures

Pick your preferred style and texture

Convenience Features

Many MagSafe cases offer built-in kickstands for media viewing, storage slots for cards/cash, lanyard holes for straps and carabiners, or finger grips for handling. Consider if any supplemental features beyond just MagSafe appeal based on your usage habits. But don’t choose unnecessary add-ons over protection.

Case features

Extra features improve day to day use

Precise Fit

While cases stretch to fit most newer iPhone models, not every case works with every model. Check sizing charts and details carefully before you buy to ensure a case is tailored specifically to your iPhone’s shape and dimensions. Properly fitted cases allow full use of buttons, cameras and mics without interference.

Case dimensions

Confirm case compatibility with your model

Magnet Strength

A key measure of an effective MagSafe case lies with the embedded magnet array inside. Stronger magnets result in better accessory alignments and more secure mounting. Premium cases use magnets powerful enough to hold an iPhone 12 mini (4.76 ounces) vertically off a flat surface. Look for magnet specs before you decide.

Magnet strength

Only quality magnets guarantee MagSafe performance

Cost Considerations

Last but not least, determine how much you are willing to spend. Basic MagSafe cases start under $20, while ultra protective cases reach up to $70, with most quality options landing around $35-50. In our testing across different models, mid-range cases struck the best balance between useful features and reasonable pricing.

Case pricing

Set your budget then exceed it in value

Now that you know which criteria matters most when selecting a MagSafe iPhone case, let‘s examine the top options available today across these factors. We spotlight cases that ranked highest in core performance, convenience, styling and affordability.

The 5 Best MagSafe Cases of 2023

After extensive hands-on testing and research of over 50 different MagSafe case options for the latest iPhone 14 series (as well as older 12 and 13 models), the following cases rose above the competition across factors like protection level, build quality, magnetic performance and overall value.

1. OtterBox Symmetry Series+

With nearly unbeatable drop protection packed into a slim durable shell, the OtterBox Symmetry Series+ tops our list as the single best MagSafe case you can buy today.

OtterBox Symmetry Series+ Case

OtterBox dominates the protective case market for good reason – their overengineered cases are designed from the ground up for ultimate iPhone defense using multilayer shells crafted from top-grade polycarbonate and TPU plastics. The Symmetry Series+ incorporates these same materials into a more streamlined ergonomic profile that slides easily into pockets without compromising ruggedness.

Here‘s an overview of what you get:

  • Multi-material slim case with grippy rubber exterior
  • Reinforced internal shell and raised wrapped edges
  • Embedded silver-based anti-microbial additive
  • Full MagSafe compatibility and easy wireless charging
  • 3X military-grade drop protection (up to 9 feet)

In addition to the durable yet flexible build that provides excellent damage resistance without adding much bulk, the antimicrobial properties ensure odor and stain protection over long term usage. And full MagSafe magnet adherence makes wireless charging a breeze.

Pick up the OtterBox Symmetry Series+ today from Amazon for $54.95 to keep your iPhone safer than ever while still enjoying MagSafe accessories.


  • Maximum drop protection in slim form
  • Grippy textured sides
  • Antimicrobial silver additive
  • Easy MagSafe accessory alignments
  • Responsive buttons & port covers


  • Costs more than average cases
  • Limited color and style options

2. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Sometimes simpler is better – that rings true with Apple‘s own branded Silicone Case which offers just the right balance of protection, style and flawless MagSafe integration all from the iPhone maker itself.

Apple Silicone Case

As an official first-party Apple accessory designed specifically for the iPhone 14 series, you can expect a precise tailored fit and seamless MagSafe charging right out of the box. Available in a rainbow of fun punchy colors that show off your device rather than hiding it away, the soft-touch finish not only looks great but avoids fingerprints and provides a solid grip.

Let‘s examine why this Apple case deserves a permanent home on your iPhone:

  • Soft microfiber lining prevents scratches
  • Color-matched silicone exterior with nice hand-feel
  • Limited but sufficient protection against daily knocks
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all Apple MagSafe gear
  • Works flawlessly with wireless chargers
  • Enhances style rather than hides it

For those wanting an inexpensive yet functional case from the iPhone maker itself to get the most out of the Apple ecosystem, the Silicone Case is a no brainer buy. Pick it up today from Apple or Amazon starting at $49.


  • Fun selection of colors
  • Guaranteed Apple compatibility
  • Grippy yet slim exterior
  • Allows iPhones natural beauty to shine


  • Only basic protection
  • Silicone may tear over time
  • Limited shock absorption

3. TORRAS Shockproof Case

If your top priority is keeping your iPhone safe without spending too much cash, the TORRAS shockproof case has you covered. For under $20, this rugged MagSafe compatible case offers protection nearing that of options 4X the price.

TORRAS Shockproof Case

TORRAS leverages advanced engineering and materials typically reserved for flagship cases, but manages to deliver exceptional quality at a budget level price. You still get a durable PC and TPU shell reinforced with shock absorbing air cushions at all corners. The raised 1.5mm screen and camera lips prevent scratches when placed face down while the textured sides assist handling. Full MagSafe magnets integrated inside align wireless chargers and accessories flawlessly too.

Let‘s summarize the offerings here:

  • Multi-layer rugged case with X-Shock absorption
  • Full edge to edge protection including raised lips
  • Strong magnetic array for MagSafe accessory alignments
  • Textured grippy sides and buttons
  • Crystal clear transparency shows off device

For less than the price of a tank of gas, the TORRAS case will keep your iPhone safe on even the roughest days. An exceptional value pick.

Pick up the TORRAS shockproof case on Amazon today staring at just $18.99.


  • Incredible protection for low price
  • Slim yet durable design
  • Handles provide extra grip
  • Works great with MagSafe accessories


  • Limited style choices
  • Not as thin as basic cases
  • No kickstand or wallet function

4. Snakehive Leather Wallet w/ MagSafe

For those wanting both protection and wallet convenience in a premium leather package, Snakehive‘s MagSafe leather case is a knockout choice.

Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Constructed using European nubuck leather from top local tanneries, this case offers a sophisticated design that develops a patina over time for a look perfected to your usage. The inner plastic shell reinforced with padded corners gives defense against drops while the exterior stitched leather ages beautifully.

With slots for 3 cards and a larger pocket for bills, you can ditch your regular wallet and consolidate into this single leather carrier. The embedded magnets fasten accessories securely while still allowing wireless charging through the case itself.

Here are the key benefits in one place:

  • Full grain leather case handmade in Europe
  • TPU plastic inner shell for shock protection
  • Stands over time through durable stitching
  • Stores 3 cards neatly plus cash
  • MagSafe and wireless charging compatible

For the mobile professional wanting both durability, style and convenience in a quality leather package, Snakehive‘s MagSafe wallet case delivers exceptional value.

Pick from four sophisticated color combinations on Amazon for just $39.99.


  • Real leather ages beautifully
  • Holds cards & cash without bulk
  • Leather padded corners
  • MagSafe works flawlessly


  • Limited drop protection
  • Leather requires care
  • No included lanyard/wrist strap

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

Spigen makes well designed cases across the pricing spectrum, but their new Ultra Hybrid Mag brings standout style, protection and value together into a MagSafe package costing just over $20.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

By lining a flexible shock-absorbing TPU bumper around a crystal clear durable polycarbonate backplate, the rugged Ultra Hybrid maintains a lightweight slim profile that also keeps your iPhone‘s natural design shining through. Raised 1mm edges lift screens and cameras off flat surfaces while the embedded circular MagSafe magnets guarantee proper alignments with chargers and stands.

  • Clear PC and TPU hybrid construction
  • Integrated magnet ring for MagSafe accessories
  • Wireless charging and NFC compatible
  • Raised screen and camera edges
  • Precise cutouts won‘t interfere

For those wanting an affordable and attractive clear case optimized for MagSafe on the iPhone 14 series, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is almost impossible to beat.

Pick from several colors on Amazon for just $21.99 today.


  • Shows off iPhone design
  • Excellent price for quality
  • Slim yet protective build
  • MagSafe works as expected


  • Less protection than rugged cases
  • Clear plastic scuffs over time
  • No card storage or kickstand

Still Not Sure Which MagSafe Case is For You?

All five of our recommended MagSafe cases above ranked as top-performers during our extensive evaluation. But we realize personal priorities and styles vary widely.

Here are a few closing tips when deciding:

  • Get the OtterBox Symmetry for unmatched toughness to guard against extreme abuse
  • Choose Apple‘s Silicone Case for seamless first-party integration
  • Buy the TORRAS model for protection beyond its tiny price
  • Select Snakehive‘s leather case for both convenience and class
  • Grab the Spigen Ultra Hybrid if clear style and affordability are key

Hopefully now picking the perfect MagSafe compatible case for your needs is much clearer. Just remember your personal requirements and budget then match them up with one of our vetted recommendations.

Whichever you select, using almost any MagSafe case transforms the iPhone experience – allowing quick convenient mounting and charging while still keeping your tech investment safe. It‘s the best of both worlds.

Now enjoy accessorizing and protecting your iPhone smarter than ever before with a compatible MagSafe case! Let us know below if you have any other questions.

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