11 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model 3 Today

The Tesla Model 3 has earned its spot as one of the most popular electric vehicles (EVs) ever made, with over 3 million sold worldwide since its 2017 debut. It offers an enticing combination of sleek design, high-tech features and accessible pricing that has supercharged EV adoption.

If you’re considering joining the EV revolution, the versatile, award-winning Tesla Model 3 presents a very convincing option. Here are 11 great reasons buying one today is a savvy move.

1. Save Big By Ditching Gas

Operating an EV is significantly cheaper than fueling a gas vehicle, especially with today‘s high gas prices. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, electricity prices are equal to a "gallon of gas" cost of only $1.22 on average, compared to $3.41 per gallon for regular gasoline as of December 2022.

Over 15,000 miles per year – the average annual mileage – a Tesla Model 3 owner would save about $800 yearly on fuel costs compared to a gas sedan getting 30 MPG combined. With gas prices expected to remain elevated amid tight global supply, these savings will continue piling up. The average lifetime savings for a 250-mile EV over an equivalent gas car is a whopping $6,000+.

Going electric also eliminates the hassle of trips to the pump. Just plug in at home each night and wake up to a "full tank" daily.

2. Slashed Maintenance Requirements

Another area where EVs excel over internal combustion cars is reduced maintenance needs – and thus lower costs. The Tesla Model 3 requires no oil changes, belt replacements, spark plug changes or emission checks. Brake pad replacements are also less frequent thanks to regenerative braking recharging the battery while slowing the vehicle.

Tesla estimates maintenance costs to be half that of gas sedans. Savvy Tesla owners plan for about $600 in scheduled maintenance every 50,000 miles or 4 years. That compares very favorably to the industry average for gas vehicles of $3,000 over the same period.

Fewer mechanical components equals fewer things to service or break down. Tesla battery packs and motors are proven to have long, reliable lifespans as well, with most still operating well after 200,000+ miles.

3. Ace All Safety Tests

Safety should be everyone‘s top priority in vehicle purchases, and Tesla sets the industry standard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Tesla Model 3 a 5-star rating in all crash test categories – an accomplishment matched by very few vehicles.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also gave the Model 3 its highest honor of TOP SAFETY PICK+ after stellar performances across a battery of rigorous crash simulations. The Model 3 has one of the lowest probabilities of injury among all vehicles tested by regulators – confirmation of its excellent protective qualities.

These results validate Tesla‘s sophisticated approach to safety, which hinges on its strong aluminum structure minimizing intrusion into the cabin in a crash. The low center of gravity from the underfloor battery pack also enhances stability and handling. And naturally, the absence of an engine up front creates valuable front crumple zone space as well.

4. Cross Countries With Ease

Range anxiety persists as a top concern curbing EV adoption for many drivers. But that worry fades away behind the wheel of a Long Range Tesla Model 3, which travels over 300 miles between charges. This makes road trips just as feasible in a Model 3 as most gas sedans.

Further boosting travel flexibility is Tesla‘s industry-leading Supercharger network. Over 45,000 Superchargers are available globally as of April 2023, with 17,000+ in the U.S. alone. A Model 3 adds up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes at a Supercharger. That equates to about a 75% charge in the time it takes to grab lunch or use the restroom.

Tesla trip planning tools make routing stops for Supercharging a breeze. Just enter a destination and the car maps out recommended charging stops along the way. Supercharging costs 25-50 cents per kWh in most regions – very reasonable for the exceptional convenience it provides.

5. Cutting-Edge Tech At Your Fingertips

The Model 3’s stunning glass cockpit sets a new infotainment benchmark. Its sprawling 15-inch touchscreen display with integrated apps and streaming services makes vehicles from Mercedes, BMW and Audi suddenly feel outdated. Frequently refined via over-the-air software updates, the interface remains responsive, intuitive and visually appealing years after the Model 3‘s launch.

You can sync your phone, cue up Spotify playlists, binge Netflix shows and browse YouTube hands-free thanks to the snappy center screen. Games, web browsers and other apps help transform idle charging stops into productive personal time. The software rethinks not just entertainment but most vehicle controls, from climate settings to lighting preferences.

Speaking of lighting, colorful ambient interior lighting offers a lounge-like atmosphere absent from most cars. You can personalize the hue and brightness to suit any mood. It‘s a small but meaningful detail highlighting the Model 3‘s mission of improving fundamental aspects of driving.

6. Hardware Primed For Autonomy

Today‘s cutting-edge Model 3 will be ready for full autonomous driving through a software update once the technology proves road-ready. That‘s because every Model 3 already has the necessary hardware to support full self-driving mode.

While we await full autonomy, Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving (FSD) Capability (available separately) already enable amazing assisted driving functionality. Navigate on Autopilot guides the car from on-ramp to off-ramp on most freeways. Smart Summon lets you "call" your Model 3 from a parking spot right to where you‘re standing nearby.

Autopilot features continue advancing rapidly, with recent updates allowing automatic lane changes and better traffic light/stop sign recognition. As regulations and infrastructure catch up, Tesla owners can expect revolutionary improvements via over-the-air upgrades. That unprecedented capability brings additional long-term value.

7. Set Ideal Cabin Conditions

Tesla‘s phone app integration provides owners remote climate control of their vehicle‘s interior. Turn on the A/C or heat from afar so your Model 3 reaches perfect comfort by the time you get in. Climate settings also remain active for up to 12 hours after parking with Cabin Overheat Protection, preventing dangerously hot interior temperatures.

You can also use the app to set maximum battery charge levels. This helps reduce strain on the battery if you don‘t require a full charge for shorter commutes. There are even apps that can schedule charging sessions to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates for additional savings. That‘s an especially useful tool for EV owners in states with tiered pricing plans.

These and many other app functions enhance both convenience and capability. Tesla vehicles only become more functional and personalized over time absent pesky model year changeovers.

8. Feel Secure With Sentry Mode

With 8 exterior cameras constantly monitoring the space around a parked Model 3, suspicious activity triggers an alarm and recording. Video and alerts get saved to a flash drive, providing evidence that could prove useful for authorities and insurance claims. It‘s a built-in security system lacking in most vehicles.

Cabin cameras also deter and document vehicle break-ins or vandalization when in Sentry Mode. And new Safety Features provide collision warnings for surrounding vehicles and pedestrians in drive modes, adding protection beyond the cameras alone.

9. Efficiency & Range Reign Supreme

The Tesla Model 3 platform prioritizes maximizing miles out of every kWh its battery stores. Carefully engineered aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tires and a lightweight design (heavily aluminum) minimize energy lost through drag and friction. So even while delivering blistering 3.1-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration times in Performance models, the efficient engineering still returns 300+ miles range.

Tesla continues finding impactful efficiency improvements too. A recent heat pump upgrade boosted cold weather range 6-11% by reducing battery power diverted for interior heating. Over-the-air updates allow refinements like these long after purchase as part of Tesla’s commitment to optimizing fleet performance.

No rival automaker matches Tesla‘s obsessive focus on squeezing every last mile out of batteries. That diligence pays dividends for owners in the form of lower charging costs and expanded travel radius.

10. Value Leader Among Luxury Brands

The Model 3 holds value better than any vehicle in its class while costing less upfront. The Model 3 depreciates just 5% on average annually according to Recurrent Auto research, compared to over 15% for most luxury sedans. Strong demand supported by Tesla‘s industry-leading technology keeps resale values high.

Yet remarkably, the 2023 Long Range Model 3 stickers for just $48,190 – thousands below comparable BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 models. Not only is the TCO advantage enormous for the Model 3, but resale value strength sweetens eventual trade-in or private sale potential.

Plus, a $7,500 federal tax credit along with state incentives where eligible slashes purchase costs even further. Considering everything that‘s included, the Model 3 presents an exceptional value unlikely to be matched by rivals anytime soon.

11. Exhilarating Everyday Performance

In the standard Rear-Wheel Drive layout, the Model 3 delivers 0-60 mph acceleration of under 6 seconds accompanied by the signature instant electric torque. Opting for the $2,000 Acceleration Boost upgrade slashes that to just 4.2 seconds – firmly in sport sedan territory.

But the pinnacle arrives in the form of the Model 3 Performance. Its carbon-sleeved rotors, performance wheels/tires and finely tuned suspension generate 1.02 G’s of cornering force while rocketing to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. No other vehicle close to its $63,190 MSRP matches that combination of grip, control and blistering acceleration. Like all Model 3s, the Performance motors and battery retain peak performance metrics far longer than combustion engines as well.

So not only is the Model 3 vastly more efficient, tech-focused and convenient than internal combustion counterparts, it also outhandles and outraces them. No other sedan on the market so comprehensively outperforms gas-powered rivals while offering game-changing advantages beyond performance.

The Tesla Model 3 stands out as today‘s top electric vehicle, and a compelling choice even among all cars. Its smart cabin design, superlative engineering and obsessive optimization set it apart from rivals. Add the considerable benefits inherent to EV ownership, and it becomes very difficult for any shopper to make a case against getting a Model 3.

Tesla continues leading the acceleration of sustainable transportation worldwide. Selecting a class-defining Model 3 supports that worthwhile mission while putting a fantastic car in your own garage. So if you have been deliberating between sticking with gas or going electric, the Model 3 presents a stellar opportunity. Take a test drive and experience the future today – you likely won’t regret it.

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